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Wet and Wine Noses

Wine and Wet Noses did go together quite well at Savoy-Lee Winery!

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who came out in support ofAll-American Mutt Rescue and the animals of Bedford County and Central Virginia that have a need to be rescued, rehomed, and loved forever.

It turned out to be a beautiful day weather-wise and it was a very heartwarming day to see so many pets participating in the day with their families. It was wonderful to see so many of our former fosters with their new forever families.

A very special and heartfelt thank you goes out to Dave and Vicky Wood, owners of Savoy-Lee Winery, and hosts for the Wine and Wet Noses event. Without their support and encouragement, this event would never have happened. We are grateful for their support and their friendship. Dave was kind enough to set up a tasting table outside with the 'wet noses' so all the pet parents had an opportunity to taste without having to leave their 'fur kids' in the care of others.

Thanks to Jeff East, a local photographer, who came out to do professional photos of pets and their families, wereceived severalbags of dog food and treats, as familiesdonated thefoodas their sitting fee. Jeff and his family also honored us by adopting one of our little fosters! Ella is now enjoying her new life as the newest member of the East family.

Joan Griffith was kind enough to come out and thrill the kids by doing some spectacular face painting!

Rick Dellinger joined usand we were lucky enough to have himentertain us with his music. He alsoled a most amazing and inspiringBlessing of the Animals service. For a good ole Southern Baptist boy who said he didn't know much about what to do to bless animals, I think he uplifted all of us in our efforts and dedication to the welfare of our animals.

Deputy Reynolds with the Bedford County Sheriff's Department stopped by with his very handsome K-9 partner and gave us a very interesting overview of how dogs are used in police work. Then he and his partner did a demonstration of how these K-9 officers work when searching a vehicle.

And what adorable contestants we had for our Pet Halloween Costume Contest! Brooke Patterson's 4-year-old blue tick mix, named Blue, was the First Place winner dressed as a scarecrow. Blue is a rescue from Lynchburg Humane Society and is a therapy dog. Second place went to Terri Nguyen's little basset-beagle girl, Maby, who was dressed as a bumblebee. Maby is a rescue that Terri adopted from All-American Mutt Rescue. And third place went to Alex Nguyen's mini schnauzer puppy, Ella, who was an adorable little ladybug!

Dee Finch came out and brought her Peoplefood for Dogs! Boy, were there some happy pups as their parents were buying this yummy, healthy food. They contain no chemicals, preservatives, or additives, and all five varieties are made fresh and then frozen in one-pound containers. Our dogs all absolutely love it. If they even see one of the containers, they will follow you everywhere in hopes of getting just a bite! To find out more about these wonderful, healthy foods, go to www.peoplefood4dogs.com.

Monica Rife, one of our favorite groomers and owner of Monica's Pet Grooming Parlor, joined us for the day, and had some great, special grooming offers for those attending the event. Monica has been a tremendous partner for us as she has groomed many of our fosters and also our personal pets. She also donated a full grooming, including bathing, trimming, ear cleaning and nail cut, as one of our door prizes.

South Central Spay/Neuter Clinic in Evington is such a strong partner with our rescue, and the Director, Susan Arrington came out to spend the day at Wine and Wet Noses. We are so grateful to Susan and her staff for all they do every day - not only for our pups, but for rescues and families throughout the region.

We were also pleased to have our partners-in-rescue from Bedford Humane Society join us for the day. They graciously donated several treat jars as door prizes and they brought some of their wonderful, adoptable pups and kitties!

The generosity of our community partners who donated prizes for the day was just overwhelming! Many businesses showed their support by donating wonderful prizes including gift certificates from Mexico Viejo, Bedford Restaurant, Blue Ridge Bagels, OIP (Original Italian Pizza), Daddy Bim’s Barbeque and Poofy Pets and K-9 Academy. Betty, with Farmers Insurance on Westake Road in Hardy, donated another gift certificate to Poofy Pets. Southern States, Coffey & Saunders, Holdrens Country Store in Vinton and Westside Food Mart donated dog food, treats and toys. Kroger in Vinton, Kroger in Daleville, and our Bedford Wal-Mart donated gift cards, Boo's Custom Detailing has donated a car wash, and Down Home Pharmacy in Blue Ridge donated some really cute gift items! Sandy Crumrine/Ladies With Leashes and Men With Mutts donated three, eight-week doggy classes for either agility or obedience classes.

We had a wonderful time. We had five adoptions and we hope to have more Days of Wine and Wet Noses in the future.

Danny and Cindy Torrence

All-American Mutt Rescue, Inc.

Bedford County

Thanks to our dedicated election officials

Not enough praise can be given to the extraordinary service of those persons manning our voting precincts during the recent General Election.

Alerted to expect the largest turnout in the history of Bedford County for this election, 233 election officials prepared themselves for an onslaught of voters by attending one or more of several training sessions prior to Tuesday’s big day. By utilizing the full inventory of voting machines, waiting times were held to a minimum, considering the massive turnout. The longest lines in Bedford County were reported during the first two hours of voting but even these were nothing compared to the one hour wait periods reported by many other jurisdictions.

Minimal, or no waiting was evident at most of the 29 precincts during the mid-day period and the expected repeat crush of voters during the late evening hours never materialized. All those election officials put in exceptional service, having reported to their precinct by 5 a.m. and were not able to leave their post until after all paper work was completed, at the earliest, 8 p.m. Thanks are also extended to those local businesses realizing the "captive" duty of the officials and who delivered gifts of food for the poll workers. Two such examples were Hawk’s Country Store and Deli in Downtown Moneta and Ranch Road BBQ of Bedford.

Charles T. Walker

Secretary, Bedford County Electoral Board

APCO tries again

In hopes a final decision has not been made on granting another rate increase to all APCO customers at this worst time financially for so many Virginians – for all Americans – I add my protest to such action. I objected to that last unconscionable increase they sought of 48 percent. It is evident that APCO, as so many giant corporations, act upon “Pass costs on to customers at every turn.” That assures their profits will hold firm and their stockholders and corporate executives will be well rewarded. It also assures most people (I’d guess few of APCO’s customers even own stocks) will just have to suck it up and cut back further on everyday necessities in this inflationary time.

APCO’s last story about their need to pass along their increased operations costs to their customers was wisely denies. I ask this: Who among us can pass along the exorbitant inflated gas prices (and all living costs that have simultaneously skyrocketed) to their employers? Who paid for converting our automobiles to meet safer emission standards? John Q. Public took all these hits yet they represented our operations costs.

Just imagine what a wonderful public relations opportunity it would provide APCO were they to withdraw this latest unrelenting push to rake in the profits. They might be viewed, for once, as an exemplary company rendering true public service at this financial worst of times.

Anita Virgil Garner


Sickened by advertisemenet

When the News & Advance arrived in our paper box the day of the election we were sickened by the plastic bag cover.

It read Defend Freedom (NRA) Defeat Obama. Being subscribers of the Lynchburg paper all of our adult lives, we have never had to put up with such a negative, bias derogatory statement.

The News & Advance should remember they have subscribers who do not support their partial political rhetoric.

Harold and Ann Reid


Look at at the research

I don’t read Rick Howell’s column much but glanced at it this past week- 11/5/08- and noticed an error typical of non-Muslims. However, in my opinion it is not acceptable for a serious newspaper editor to ignore. Mr. Howell writes, “eeanyone inclined to accept the ridiculous notion that Barack Obama was, or ever had been, a Muslim, only had to do a tiny bit of research to find out the falsehood of that assertion.” Unfortunately, Mr. Howell’s “tiny bit of research” should be expanded.

About a billion Muslims around the world would disagree with him because Barack was born of a Muslim father. According to Islamic doctrine, this makes him a Muslim. We have his school record in Indonesia which states his religion as Islam. That means he was a Muslim as a youth. Although his religion is now Christian, that doesn’t justify saying that he was never a Muslim. May Mr. Howell accept his own advice “Ignorance may be bliss for the holder of it, but it’s not good for the republic.”

Unless we understand the beliefs and convictions of Muslims and people of other cultures and religions, we are never going to be able to relate to them in a way that is reasonable to them. Americans should be tolerant of all religions but not ignorant of them.

Roger L. Dixon


Deserving of recognition

There is a wonderful lady who works for the Bedford County Recreation and Parks Department and deserves recognition.

She is Program Coordinator, Lana Obenchain. She plans trips and events for the people of Bedford County and she puts a lot of thought and effort into her job. When asked about all that she does, she will probably say, "Oh, it's part of the job." But she puts so much more into her job.

She plans very thoroughly and then makes sure everyone involved is taken care of to the best of her ability. I don't know all of the parts of her job. The ones that I do know about, I know that if she is involved, it will be a well thought through and organized item. She just puts herself into everything that she does. Bedford County is so very fortunate to have Lana caring for us.

Gail St. Clair


Not all of America

As we all now know, Senator Obama has been elected President of the United States. President Elect Obama won 52 percent of America and 51 percent of Virginia.

Having 50 + 1 may win the election, but that doesn’t mean that he won all of America. Nearly half of Virginia and America as a whole did not vote for him. This is a divided nation and state. In this area, Obama lost in most central Virginia counties. As an American and a Virginian, I can only hope that Obama will govern with the knowledge that he must represent all of America and just the half that voted for him.

Many of President Elect Obama’s proposed plans threaten rights of the individual states, as provided for in the Constitution of the United States. Virginia is the birth place of America and its constitution. The rights of the states to govern the areas as put forth in the U S Constitution, must be protected. It is imperative that Virginia elect persons to local and state offices over the next few years, which understand and will protect the rights of the states.

I personally am seriously considering running for office again, and I encourage others who believe in the rights of the states to do likewise. At this time I have not decided what office I will seek, but have mentioned my interest recently to Delegate Lacy Putney. He will be deciding in early next spring if he is running again or retiring.

The call to action is now. States rights must be protected from an over reaching Federal government. Our forefathers never intended for the Federal government to be this large, or to intruded on the rights of that which was given to the states to handle in the Constitution. Be inspired, run for office to defend the rights of Virginia.

Eric D. Thompson


Fuel for the future

At this time, consumers may be enjoying some relief at the gas pump, but another energy shock is more than likely around the corner.

Because of America’s dependence on unpredictable foreign oil, no one knows what the price to fill up our gas tank will be tomorrow. So why not end this current erratic state and invest in a more reliable and clean way to fuel our cars here at home? The answer is in the use of biofuels.

Conventional biofuels like ethanol can help put money back in consumers’ pockets. Today, car manufacturers are producing fuel-flex vehicles which run on 85 percent ethanol mixed with gasoline, saving consumers up to 35 cents a gallon, according to the United States Department of Energy. That is a $300 yearly savings for the average household. Nevertheless, there are fewer than one in 10 of these fuel-flex cars on the road, because they require a special gas station to refuel that is not always available to everyone. Therefore, these vehicles are not popular due to their current lack of gas stations that provide their special fuel.

But if our government invested more in the research and availability of biofuels, we could end our dependence on foreign oil. We could save money and have a cleaner environment. So, be sure to contact your politician of choice and make sure he or she pushes for a cheaper alternative to oil by investing in the availability and research of biofuels.

Kelsey Shelton