Letters 01/18/12

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Thank you

    The faculty and staff of Otter River Elementary School would like to sincerely thank the Bedford Area Educational Foundation for their extremely generous donation of $950 in order to purchase a SMARTBoard in the ORES Library Media Center.
    Students and staff alike will thoroughly enjoy meeting the Virginia Standards of Learning and accomplishing the goals of the American Association of School Libraries with 21st century technology!

Maggie Marsh

A new, New Year’s resolution

    Every time I contemplate a new year, I think of January 22, the date of the Roe vs. Wade ruling. Since that day there have been more than 50 million induced abortions performed in America alone.  This would be as if a great genocide wiped out every man, woman, and child in the giant state of Texas—twice! 
    I am aware that the issue of abortion is a highly debated one, but the truth of abortion transcends the “feelings” of everyone.  It’s about time we stop attacking one another about personal feelings and biases and look at the facts. 
Fact: The continuum of human life begins at conception. Embryologists, biologists, pathologists, obstetricians, pediatricians have unequivocally conceded the fact that at the moment of conception a new human life begins. No credible scientist can undermine this fact, and neither can any amount of catchy, minimalizing bumper stickers.  
    Fact: The pre-born is not just a part of the mother’s body.  The baby possesses a completely unique genetic code, distinct from the mother’s and the father’s.  At no stage of the pregnancy do the mother’s and the baby’s bloods co-mingle.  The mother’s womb is simply the baby’s sanctuary, its safe place.  So, at the time of conception there is a brand new, individual person maturing. 
    Fact: It is a fact that every abortion preformed has the intent to “terminate” a pregnancy.  To terminate something means to put an end to it.  A pregnancy cannot be terminated without the innocent, little human life inside the womb also being terminated.  Now, what is it called when someone terminates an innocent human life? 
    Will this next year change for me?  What can I do to help myself this year?  Me, me, me!  My future is of the greatest importance; or is it?  How can I be so self-absorbed about the coming year when I know—and now you know—that in this coming year alone over one million innocent lives will lose their future only weeks after it has begun?  Go to www.abort73.com to learn more about what we can do to end the ignorance. 

Israel Stevenson
Big Island

A vision for America
    Ron Paul’s vision for America:
    He will (1) audit the Fed, (2) cut the budget $1 trillion, and (3) balanc the budget in three years.
    Others will leave us $25 trillion in debt in four years. When we give Ron Paul victory, the fence sitters in Congress will vote for his platform to get reelected. Military spending would be cut in half, leaving us four times stronger than China.  Closing most of 900 bases in 130 countries will tell other countries to pay their own way. America’s youth will no longer fight wars without Congress declaring war.  Foreign aid stops.  Israel gains.
    Arabs now get five times more aid. Besides, we are broke! We are broke, broke, broke, and broke!
    He supported Israel’s take out of Libya’s Nuke Plant. Israel should negotiate treaties without America’s dictates. Ron Paul’s Christian faith demands his support of Israel. He will kill five federal departments, cutting business regulations and strengthening states. He’ll reverse Executive Orders, restoring our freedoms. 
    Paul is not too old. Moses and Caleb were 80 when God chose them. Senator Rand Paul will help get Dad’s ideas passed.

Frank E. Landrey

Premeditated poverty

    It is hard to believe people would do things that have a high probability of producing poverty, but many people take unreasonable risks and then expect society/government to cure the problems produced.
    One of the most devastating things that people do to produce poverty is to produce children they cannot afford, or that will have genetic medical problems. 
    Responsible people limit the size of their families to what they can afford and would never knowingly impose a genetic medical problem on their children.  It is the irresponsible people that represent the problem because they don’t really love their children.  A man that fails to provide for his children is irresponsible.   This is stated in the Bible as: I Timothy 5:8, “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”
    I do not like the idea of society/government taking action to prevent the child abuse of premeditated poverty but the Socialism needed to care for Premeditated Poverty is economically impossible.
    Another devastating thing people do is to participate in risky behavior that leads to poverty.   People that participate in homosexual activity and/or adultery run a high risk of poverty.  The homosexual disease of AIDS is instant poverty and an illegitimate child is instant poverty. 
    Excessive eating, drinking, drugs, etc are risky behavior that lead to medical problems that lead to poverty.   If you want advance warning of sin/evil/risky behavior, read the Bible, or just wait around until the disease, death, destruction and poverty sits in.
    Democrats, Progressives, Liberals and Atheists try to solve the problem of poverty by Socialism, but the real problem is the bad choices that produce premeditated poverty.  The Bible defines the right choices but Democrats, Progressives, Liberals and Atheists ignore God and the Bible.
    Capitalism produces unequal prosperity, but Socialism produces equal poverty.
    America must phase out Socialism or there will be economic disaster as is occurring in Europe.  The only way to phase out Socialism in America is to phase out Democrats from public offices. 

Clifford D. Russell

Preserving liberty and freedom

    How can we the people preserve Liberty and Freedom that our founding fathers legally gave to us in their four founding documents?
    Representatives upholding our state and federal governments all are, upon their oath, servants of the people. The President, Representative or Judiciary shall not exceed their oath beyond the constitution. Today there is evidence of exceeding one’s oath once in office!
    The oath upholds the constitution as stated and to decide beyond it is unconstitutional. One might campaign as a Democrat or Republican but once elected, only the constitution prevails—not political parties or something foreign or the United Nations.
    Nowhere in our founding documents is found: we the Democrats, Republicans, Socialists, U.N. or European Union—but we the people!  I present for consideration a possible amendment to the state of Virginia and/or our U.S. Constitution—it is to fortify the oaths taken by the President, Congress and Judiciary.
    “An act or decision by any elected person, judicial or  law making body, exceeding their competence to the constitution pf 1791 is simply void.” This could also shut the door to assigned Czars.

Walter F. Heydt