Letters 01/18/17

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    I picked up a Bedford Paper last week and the headline read,  “The Valve is Turned: and the Water is Flowing.”
    I couldn’t find anything in the article about the cost or the original source of the water other than it came out of Smith Mountain Lake. According to Ruby Dooley the water from SML is recycled sewage coming from the Roanoke Valley, which has a population of over 200,000.  But I was always taught that dilution is a solution to pollution.
    Smith Mountain Lake is huge & the water is discharged into Leesville Lake and a small portion is pumped back at night so maybe it’s not too polluted. But then there have been cases of E-coli reported at the SML Park. The other important thing that wasn’t explained in the article, is the water treated or raw coming to Bedford and on to Forest? If it is raw where will it be cleaned up?
     Why wasn’t the cost of $30 million covered in the article? Is this just the cost of the pipeline or does that include the $14 million treatment plant between Moneta and SML? What will happen to the filtration plant on Turkey Mt or the reservoir in Wheat’s Valley? Will they be abandoned to justify the cost of the new system? Are all of the taxpayers of Bedford County footing the bill or will it be paid for by the users? Will you be able to drill a well if you live along Rt. 122 or Rt. 460 or be forced to drink recycled sewage?
    The drought of 2002 was mentioned in the article, but the reservoir was only 2 feet below the spillway when Big Otter quit flowing in early Sept. 2002. It was almost dry in 1963 when Bedford was alive & thriving, but Big Otter never stopped that year and was used to supplement the flow in Stoney Creek. The taxpayers just spent a fortune rebuilding the current reservoir which was still over flowing after the drought this fall.
     I’d rather be a cow drinking out of one of my 23 earth mover tires fed with spring or well water than be forced to drink recycled sewage from Metropolitan Roanoke! If you’re on town water, you need to make sure that the valve from SML is never opened to pollute your clean mountain water coming from Wheat’s valley.

Richard H. Ruff
8 weeks to better health

    I’m here to bring good news again.
     For the tenth year 8 Weeks to Better Health will be gifted to the community free of charge from the Seventh Day Adventists of Moneta. If you are like many of us you have said 2017 will be the year I get in shape. Perfect! If you are serious or want to be get serious and want free, powerful support on your journey, please mark your calendar with an “8 SDA 6:00” every Monday, February 6 through March 27.
    I know people who have let go of the concept that “For the rest of my life I will take care of my needs.” I personally did when Lyme disease robbed me of my energy and desire to keep going. Now I realize that if I don’t take charge, it will take charge of me. I’ve lived all my many years with God in charge. My choice is to continue.
    You have a beautiful body, solid mind and pure soul. Jesus came to teach you this. I personally think I’m showing Him a disservice when I allow the world to dictate disability to me. Man is not in charge but our God is.
    What else might be helpful: The pastor is Danny Poff; his wife is Rhonda. The church building is at 10802 Moneta Road; Moneta, VA 24121, Bedford side of Moneta on 122N. The contact person is Rhonda; her phone number is 1-540-352-2702 or you can register on line at smithmountainadventistschurch.org.
    Each week local health professionals will share information to help you reach your goal. You will be blessed and set free if you choose. Exercise is a vital part of the program. There will also be food tasting, games, give aways, and always a spiritual nugget. What I know for sure you will meet many happy people who think outside the box. The program serves you mentally, physically and spiritually
    John 3:1 and John 10:10 will help you understand why they feel the need to gift this to you. See you there for eight sessions or six or four etc. This is my ninth year.

Barbara Scott