Letters 01/22/14

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terribly wrong

    Something has gone terribly wrong in this country of ours, correct me if I’m wrong. Wasn’t it at one time this country was supposed to have a government of the people, by the people and for the people?
    Why is it that government officials, both elected and appointed, at the local, state and federal level are now able to decide on their own, based on their sole opinion that they have the right to determine which laws are enforced and on whom, who gets an exemption from the law, or whether or not they will defend a law in court.
    I that’s the way the system is now set up to work, why doesn’t it apply equally to each of us as American citizens? Granted each of us may not be multimillionaires, nor have advanced degrees in law, economics, politics, etc, maybe we haven’t run a huge corporation or worked for a mega bank or Wall Street Brokerage, the majority of us definitely haven’t financially ruined a company only to receive a multi-million dollar bonus, or been a political bigwig for so long that we are corrupted to the core.
    But most of us have what it seems is severely lacking in our political, judicial and financial leaders and that is common sense. We the people of this country and we the people alone are the ones that should determine the enforcement or lack thereof, of laws that are passed in our names!
    I’m tired of seeing laws, statues, codes and all manner of rules passed supposedly to protect me from myself and or others by a minority number of politicians that are supposed to be representing my best interests, and then having those same politicians bend, break, tweak and or alter those regulations to suit their personal or collective opinions of the regs to go along with their will at the time.
    Wouldn’t it be total chaos if we all had this same power? And people actually wonder why this country is going down hill at break neck speed. When the government says what the government does is legal with no regard to the constitution, then why doesn’t the same apply to each of us as citizens?

Donald Barlow

20 more years

    I write with gratitude and love for the most precious gift on my 91st birthday, 20 more years of life.
    On my 71st birthday, Dr. John Kerr of Bedford informed me that I had rectal cancer. He told me that he would have to operate. I survived this first cancer and then a few years later, I found out that I had another kind of cancer. He knew just what to say when he told me not to “sweat it” and the cancer in my breast was removed. Nineteen years later, after my routine colonoscopy, another doctor told me not to “dare come back.” I realized that what he was telling me and the others in the waiting room, is that there is hope for remission with rectal cancer.
    I have witnessed grandchildren graduate from college. My four children have happy marriages and successful professions. I have seven gorgeous, healthy and extremely bright great-grandchildren and an adopted great-granddaughter.
    My cup runneth over. I thank Dr. Kerr, again and again.

Beatrice C. Berle
Faber, VA