Letters 01/26/11

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    It saddens me deeply of the blatant disrespect being shown our veterans and the D-Day Memorial. If boosting tourism is the reason for turning it into a cheap sideshow, then we truly are in a pitiful state of mind. This is degrading to all of us.
    The disrespect to our veterans became evident not only by the ugly appearance of Stalin, but of the firing of a veteran who tirelessly volunteered at the Memorial. This is shameful and un-American in my opinion. An apology to the veteran is definitely in order, to say the least. Whoever is responsible for this mess and those still pushing it, should indeed be embarrassed, because their hearts and minds are not serving the veterans or the people of Bedford.
    We’ve got to do better than this. If the National Park Service takes this over, I hope and pray it will honor our veterans and keep the D-Day Memorial as it was meant to be. The world is still watching.

Lynda Moses

End the

    Often, the reaction we have is to conjure up what we believe is the terms correct definition, which is too often based on cheap slogans and bumper stickers.  We have been culturally conditioned to believe that abortion is merely a carefree and modern way to terminate a pregnancy; saving a child from a pain-filled life, growing up with a single parent, poor education, or any other number of arbitrary reasons. 
    Good motives, right?  Additionally, who wants the possibility of  getting kicked out of their home, losing their boyfriend, not being able to finish school, or being responsible for someone other than themselves?  No one.  And, hey, for less than $300, you can be free of all these worries!  Sounds great!  But, let’s not rush into anything.  Don’t you want to know what you’re paying for? 
    Understanding what abortion is, especially since it is the most frequently performed surgical procedure in America, should be important to all of us, not just the teenage girls who are facing this question.  That’s not to say that teens are the only ones having abortions.   However, because girls under 15 years old have the highest abortion ratio in the country, there is a great need to give special consideration to them.  The ratio for adolescents in this age group is for every 1000 pregnancies, 773 are aborted.  That is, nearly 75 percent of all pregnancies for mothers 15 years and under are aborted. 
    If abortion is the termination of a pregnancy, and termination is the end in time or existence of something, in this case, a fetus, then an abortion is the end of a fetus.  What, then, is the fetus?  If it is only something like a wart, just another part of a girl’s body, then we shouldn’t make a big deal about it.  It’s a part of her; she can terminate its existence if she wants to. 
    However, consider this: If a child were to walk up behind you and ask “Can I kill this?” wouldn’t you first turn to see what it is before you answer the question?  So again, what is the fetus?  Well, it’s a given that every living thing reproduces after its own kind.  A dog can’t produce a litter of cats.  A calf’s mother cannot be a horse.  Human beings can only produce other human beings.
      Additionally, at conception, the fetus’ DNA proves that it’s distinct from both parents.  According to C. Christopher Hook, a director at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, “When fertilization is complete, a unique genetic human entity exists.” It follows, then, that at conception, the living thing growing inside the womb is a completely distinct and unique human life.  And what do we call a young and newly developing human?  That’s right; a baby.  The fetus is a baby human being, not just a pregnancy; and the baby is certainly not part of the mother’s body. 
    As I said earlier, we are culturally conditioned to believe that abortion is something that it’s not. If the procedure is merely a carefree and painless way to be done with an unwanted pregnancy, then there would be no such thing as Post-Abortion Syndrome.  Many girls who have an abortion go through this phase, which can last a lifetime; they feel an enormous sense of loss, they have nightmares, and feel like a part of them is missing. Post-Abortion Syndrome is a reality.  It is grounded in the crushing guilt that would-be mothers feel when they end the life of their own baby.
    However, for those who are suffering these consequences, or who are now struggling with the question of their own pregnancy, and all of us who knows someone who has, is, or will be facing this crisis, the good news is two-fold.  First, God the Father sent his only Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to die in such a way that he bore the guilt we carry and the punishment we deserve for all who will trust in his work on their behalf, by faith.  Second, we don’t have to blindly follow the bumper sticker sloganeering.  Educate yourself and your world; visit www.abort73.com.

Israel Stevenson
Big Island
Thanks for
    On behalf of the Bedford Parish Nurse Ministry I want to thank the Bedford Public Library and Carillion Bedford Memorial Hospital for letting us use their facilities to enroll seniors in Medicare Part D. Thanks to these fine institutions we were able to have over 400 sessions with seniors and enroll 124 new people into Medicare Part D. That is a whole lot of seniors who are going to be paying less for their medication this year, some of whom are actually going to see their prescription costs go down from 2010.
    We were able to find one lady a plan that saved her over $2000 from what she would have paid had she remained in her 2010 plan. When her old plan called her and she informed them of her upcoming switch, the salesman told her “Oh you can’t switch. You’d have to take a medical exam and with all your health problems a new company would turn you down and you’d have no coverage at all.”
    That was a lie. And unfortunately there are some (thankfully not all) salespeople like that who will do or say anything in order to get a commission. Bedford Parish Nurse Ministry is not like that. We exist on donations, not commissions, and we are here year round to help as many people as we can.
    Next fall we are looking into the possibility of expanding into more branches of the public libraries to be more available to more seniors. In order to do this we need people who are willing to be trained to do this work. If you are good at numbers, not afraid of computers, and willing to donate one day a week during the 6 week open enrollment period in the fall, we’d love to hear from you.
    And if you are interested in our work but only have about an hour a month to help out, we’d love to have you on our Board. If either possibility is something you’d like to explore, please call Parish Nurse Pam Willoughby at (540) 875-8655 for more information.
    Donations are always appreciated at 1710 Whitfield Dr, Bedford VA 24523.
    We look forward to serving you this fall. And again thank you Carillion Bedford Memorial Hospital and Bedford Public Library. Without your help we couldn’t offer this service to the community.

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    Stepping out of my role with Bedford Parish Nurse Ministry and speaking only for myself: in this season of enrollment in Medicare Advantage I urge anyone considering this to proceed with care and with the help of a professional whom you trust. Some of these plans are excellent and could eliminate the need for a Medicare Supplement. Others are not. The true horror story of the lady who broke her hip and found her Medicare Advantage plan only paid for three days in skilled care instead of the 28 Traditional Medicare pays for is still something to beware of.
    A trained professional has books that compare each Medicare Advantage plan to Traditional Medicare side by side benefit by benefit. I strongly urge anyone considering Medicare Advantage to go through this comparison before signing up.
Rev. Geoff Hubbard, Chair
Board of Directors
Bedford Parish Nurse Ministry

Sheep to
    Quietly, we go like sheep to slaughter.   Think, my fellow Americans!  Think!  Take the time to slowly let the following Sink In.
    Does anyone remember the reason given for the establishment of the Department of Energy...during the Carter Administration?  Anyone? Know anything about it? No?  I didn’t think so!  Bottom line:  We’ve spent several hundred billion dollars in support of an Agency, the reason for which, not one person who reads this can remember!
    Ready?  It was very simple ... and, at the time, everybody thought it very appropriate.  The Department of Energy was instituted on August 4, 1977, to lessen our dependence on foreign oil.  Hey, pretty efficient, huh?
    It is now 2011, almost 34 years later, and the budget for this “Necessary” Department is at 24.+ billion a year.  It has 16,000 federal employees and approximately 100,000 contract employees, and look at the job it has done.
    This is where you slap your forehead and say: “What were they thinking?”  A little over 33 years ago, 30 percent of our oil consumption was foreign imports.  Today, 70 percent of our oil consumption is foreign imports.  Ah, yes -- the good old federal bureaucracy.
    And, now, we have turned the banking system, health care and the auto industry over to the same government? 
George Kelly