Letters 02/20/13

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    I was personally puzzled and perplexed with the “Guest Editorial” in your paper dated Feb. 13, 2013, when I read that the Pope was “the most peripatetic prelate in recent history” due to the pace he maintained. 
    What happened to the time when newspaper articles were written on the sixth grade reader level?  Did that perish? Or, maybe common sense parsing does not apply to guest editors; or most likely the maxim: “you get what you pay for” is more apropos.

Randl J. Spear Ed.D.

Grant helps!

    I would like to take the opportunity to thank the community who donates time and money to the Bedford Area Education Foundation.
    I was awarded a grant this school year to purchase iPads for my classroom at New London. We have used them for reading in small groups, for the spur of the moment research to help with comprehension and for math.
    They have been extremely helpful to all of my students but especially some with special needs in the classroom. Fortunately, our grade level and school work well together and we can “pool” our technological resources for larger groups.
    This would not be possible without the grants provided by BAEF and the people who support the foundation through monetary donations. Learning, as well as, testing is becoming more and more enhanced by technology. These grants allow us to help prepare the students for the world in which they will inherit. Thank you!

Amy Kauffman
2nd grade teacher
New London Academy

RE: Editorial - Will you please stop whining
    My mother was a teacher for 36 years. At the end of her career she earned 53K. And she earned her masters while working.
    She also bought, on the average $1000 of clothing, shoes, blankets, and winter coats and school supplies for her kids every year of her teaching career.
    She also brought home her work every night and graded papers and tests. The time was not paid for. It also took time away from her family.
    I’d like to know if the $40K is the starting salary of a teacher here in Bedford or if this is the median average salary. This was not stated in the editorial.
    $40K per year can barely cover a mortgage, bills, kids, insurance and normal every day expenses.

Eric LaBorie

Failing the ‘Whole Truth Test’

    To George Aznavorian’s claim in the Feb. 11, 2013, Supervisor/Planning Com-mission public hearing, echoed on 105.9 ”The Morning Line” that rezoning opponents refused to meet with the Board of Supervisors;
    A. In late February 2012 Jody Lyons and Asznavorian met with D. Lowry, J. Lane, Doug Rideout, Bill Piatt and Shelley Starr [“the citizen group”].
    B. Developer Aznavorian and Realtor Lyons had asked for this meeting. Both seemed sincere and friendly. Many issues in Bedford County were discussed chiefly relating to business friendliness to new business. Consensus among the citizen group, Lyons and Aznavorian was that zoning problems and the Board’s rezoning attempts did not address the real problem of business friendliness, which lay more in planning department new business application procedures which were perceived as very cumbersome and could be greatly improved.
    C. Lyons and Aznavorian discussed rezoning issues and the controversy surrounding the Board’s first rezoning ordinance presentation which was the subject of two public hearings in November 2011. Aznavorian anxiously spoke about the “public food fight” surrounding from Board’s 2011 rezoning attempt and how this was damaging his business prospects in Bedford Co.
    D. Aznavorian then suggested that this citizen group hold a private meeting with a few board members which would be mediated by Jerry Falwell Jr. [Mr. Aznavorian may not have been aware that meetings among more than two members without full public notice are illegal under state FOIA law.] The citizen group favored instead a public meeting with the entire board in public session and indicated that a less than full supervisor public meeting was not allowed under law.
    Over the next several weeks dialogue continued among Aznavorian, Piatt, Lowry and Lane, the citizen group wanting to conduct a public and open issues meeting with the full board to discuss, Mr. Aznavorian wanting a small group meeting privately. Ultimately Mr. Aznavorian was unable to convince the full Board to meet with the citizen group in an open public meeting.

John E. Lane III and David Lowry
Bedford County property owners