Letters 02/27/13

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Sequestration: Let’s take a
closer look

    You would think that the world is going to come to an end if we allow Sequestration to happen, right? … This big idea of President Obama called Sequestration was supposed to show his commitment to making cuts in spending someplace down the road if the loyal opposition  Republicans did not join him in making the hard choices in the “right” spending cuts and revenue increases on the ugly rich folks who make over $250,000.
    … Republicans are neither loyal to the truth of wanting to cut “real” spending nor are they a dependable opposition to the tyranny we face coming from the White House, the Public Union lobby and from the compromising politicians promising public union pensions they know government will not fulfill just to get their vote. To their credit, some state governors have stood up. Many “big” business cronies are on the government take too. We citizens are their fools and lackeys.
    The privately owned Federal Reserve Banking system will print money until the day that you need $500 to fill your car’s tank with gas. Think about it, in 1950 gas cost  36 cents per gallon. On February 21, 2013, I paid $3.60.
    …  Republicans don’t confess enough times in loud enough voices that the sequestration cuts of $1.6 trillions is to be done over the next 10 years. It is not near enough to fix our problems. That means that we will average around $160 billion a year in cuts.
    Of course, we must factor in the automatic increases built into our budget process to see that these are not real cuts to our yearly $3.6 trillion dollar national spending binge.  So, if we let these sequestration cuts take place, the nation’s deficits will still grow $1 trillion or more every year as far as the eye can see.  
    The Titanic is sinking right before our eyes. I am sick of the games these politicians are playing to keep their jobs. … At 72, I refuse to go along to get along acting like it is going to be okay. It is not going to be okay.

Frank Landrey
The top

    Mr. Barnhart states that a delegation from the teachers' union went to the Board of Supervisors to whine about their pay of $35,000 to $40,000 per year. He goes on to say the teachers' union makes him want to throw up.
    I agree that this does sound like good pay, but when I think of the conditions teachers work under it sheds a different light.
    First, they work more than eight hours, are not allowed to discipline properly, and many times use their money to buy necessities for their classrooms.
    Also, it's hard for teachers to understand why they haven't gotten a raise for years and the school superintendent gets them regularly. It amazes me that Bedford Co. spends millions every year on the school system and yet never produces anyone qualified for superintendent. Let's not forget that other county employees haven't had a raise either.
    Mr. Barnhart should be fair and mention any other whiners who come before the board. The #1 whiner in the county is Sheriff Mike Brown. He's always whining for something;. ...
    I'll give some topics to write about:
    • How Sheriff Brown always gets part or all that he asks for, even though the Board of Supervisors stated after the recession started that there would be no raises or hiring unless absolutely necessary;
    • Why few if any break-ins were solved prior to 2007 and probably the same since;
    • Why he doesn't work in Bedford Co.;
    • The truth on the Alicia Kozakiewics case;
    • The two deputies who wrecked the week of Centerfest, but no news source reported it;
    • How he controls the media in Lynchburg and Roanoke;
    • Details of a captain at the Sheriff's Office who was given a summons for hunting from a vehicle, said to be a county vehicle, but kept hush-hush;
    • How Sheriff Brown received over $20 million from the county for the years 2009-2012 yet claimed to get only $5,429,212; and
    • Where the multi-millions are being spent, in-detail.
    If Mr. Barnhart will address these issues in full, maybe Bedford Co. citizens will start asking their elected officials some questions.

Billy Hackworth