Letters 03/26/14

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Funding preschool education

    I would like to respond to the letter from Susan Stanley, which was published in the March 19 edition of the Bedford Bulletin, regarding the preschool funding “woes” in Bedford County.
    It saddens me to hear people in our community readily pass off the children, our future leaders, to whatever is easier and more convenient for the taxpayers. Children are required to know much more upon entering kindergarten than most of today’s adults knew when exiting their kindergarten class or even first grade.
    This program is so vital to preparing students for kindergarten, who otherwise may not have the opportunity to have a good start. Classrooms are full, aides are limited and teachers are stretched to their limits and beyond, so one-on-one time with struggling students in elementary school may not always be a possibility. Not to mention the additional stress on students and teachers with SOL requirements.
    This is where a strong, positive start with preschool is so important. I acknowledge that other private preschools can teach these subject matters; however that misses the entire point of the Virginia Preschool Initiate program, which provides preschool education to children who may not be financially able to attend private preschool.
     I would really hope that our community, state and country would stop chopping away at educational funding. Once this starts happening it then leads to a snowball effect, since research has proved that a lack of education can lead to increase in crime and poverty. Please, let us give every child in our community the same opportunity for education.

Rhonda Ellis
A new association

    The Bedford Central Recreation Association would like to take an opportunity to thank everyone for taking time out of their busy schedule to attend the public meeting held on March 15, 2014. We do appreciate all of the constructive criticism given and will take suggestions into consideration as we move forward.
    We are a new entity and association. Details of what is the association’s responsibility are still being ironed out. We are still discovering duties that will be our obligation. Bear with us as we work to get the association to a point where it will be smooth running.
    Also, keep in mind that no one in the association nor on the board is paid, our time is strictly volunteer, we are working as diligently on this task as well as balancing our careers and home life.
    There will be some changes made due to the new structure and new guidelines we are required to follow. While we understand that there will be some resistance to change, we feel that the change will in the long run be for the betterment of the association and the programs we will be able to provide for the  youth of the community.
    We do need the community support, however, to make the program work. We are having a clean up day at Liberty Lake Park on March 29. We hope that people will volunteer and help us with this endeavor to beautify the park and create a place the children will be proud to call their home field.
    Again, we thank you for your time by your attendance at the meeting. We do hope that we can come to a resolve to be able to work together to create a great environment for the community.

Brian Bennett
Bedford Central Recreation Association Inc. Board of Directors