Letters 04/06/11

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We did it! We lost more in Season 4

    Season 4 came and went with 26 participants, some of who were in previous “Biggest Loser in Bedford” sessions. It all is due to this wonderful idea of a healthier life style, versus just a “diet.” Diets come and go but those who attended this year’s “Biggest Loser” can attest to its success, especially those who have attended in the past three seasons.
    There was no “counting” points or calories, just knowledge given out by our weekly speakers from our community such as Dr. John Kelly who has been involved in the past seasons. The weekly sessions included games, spiritual “nuggets,” cooking demonstrations and best of all, the tasting of the items that were cooked and served at the end of two-hour sessions. Kathy Angier did a knock down job of leading all of those gathered there in simple but efficient exercises for all to do without having fancy equipment. By the end of the eight-week series, we were delighted to have another demonstration of exercises by our “youngest” attendee (in her 90s) in some exercises she does every day at home. She (Miss Ruth) wore ankle weights every week and stated she wears them at home always.
    Weekly prizes were given out for the biggest percentage of weight loss as well as attendance prizes. A few remarks heard during the eight weeks were: “My wife just loves this program!” by Shawn Marsh who attended with his wife most of the sessions and she ended up being our overall Biggest Loser, Alison Marsh … congrats! (Alison lost a little over 10 percent of her body weight).
    “This program really works,” Ernie; Debra stated she was grateful for the spiritual aspects of healthy living; Tim bragged on Russ’ games that were played; Kimber loved the exercise program from Kathy. Then there was Kathy remarking about reading all the goal sheets each week, watching people lose and learn new ways of life styles, even if no one was looking.
    Each week when attendees arrived, they weighed in, got a health screening and had beginning pictures and ending pictures taken. If you missed this year, do watch for our fifth season next January. We are now in the follow-up eight-week series of the Connection to the Bible and how it relates to our healthy life styles.
    All in all, Season 4 has been a resounding success. If you watch TV or read newspapers you will see the trend going to learning healthier ways to live our lives, so join us next year!
    We would like to extend a heart felt thank you to those in our community who gave prizes to be awarded … Thank You So Very Much: Arthur’s Jewelry of Bedford, Bedford Bulletin, Jane and John Ryder, Nancy Tomsic, Peking Chinese Restaurant of Moneta, Shirley Kemmerer, SML YMCA, Subway of Moneta in the Shop Rite Grocery, Sun and Style of Bedford (tanning sessions), The General Store of Bedford, The Well of Bedford, and VitaZen. If we have missed anyone, I do apologize but thank you also.

Nancy Tomsic
SML SDA Church

National Volunteer Month

    “It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself” - Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Medi Home Health and Hospice honors National Volunteer Month in appreciation of the many volunteers who have dedicated their time and compassion to serve hospice patients and their families in the New River Valley and counties of Bath, Craig, Botetourt, Roanoke, Bedford and Franklin.
    You often hear that volunteers make a difference, but here is a hospice volunteer story that shows what making a difference means.
    Before the first visit, I learned that the hospice patient had lost any form of communication for the previous six months.  The only meaningful way this individual had to “speak” was to move the index finger for a yes or no.  The trained volunteer hoped to improve the quality of life for this patient and decided to try by taking a magnetic board along with a box of magnetic alphabet.  At first it seemed futile as the patient, hunched over in the wheelchair, repeatedly scratched the board in one spot.  But slowly, the patient began to inch some of the alphabet around on the board.  Hopes were high and excitement increased as a word began to take shape.  Then, a pointed finger directed the volunteer to hand the box of letters over.  The patient then reached in and pulled out an “O” and turned to place it on the board on their lap.  What was their first word going to be after all this time?  What profound comment or statement were we going to be witnessing?  What would you think to say to everyone after what must have seemed like an eternity of holding in your wants and desires?  Chills went up my arms and a hush came over all in the room when the word “C…O…O…K…I…E” appeared in colorful letters against the white board.  I have never jumped for joy as much as at that moment.  Of course we had to get a cookie!  I later cried all the way home, saying to myself over and over…cookie!
    I learned later that the patient went on to spell many things like “Dr. Phil”, and someone would tune the TV for them, as that was their favorite show.  Spelling only a family members first name, staff would contact them on the phone and relay the conversation, still using the magic letters.  Within a short period of time the patient was lifting weights, sitting up straight and then…..began to speak again.
    I’ll never forget the cookie story, the story of hope that a hospice volunteer gave.  Extraordinary acts by ordinary people.
    If you would like to give an hour or two a week to make a difference in someone’s life who has a terminal illness, contact Karita Knisely, Volunteer Coordinator, Medi Home Health and Hospice, 5369 Peters Creek Road, Roanoke, Virginia  24019    540-494-2645 or email kknisely@msa-corp.com to learn more about the next training class.

Karita Knisely
Volunteer Coordinator
Medi Home Health and Hospice

Good idea

    I think it was a good idea to write about the baby that was born. It was in the March 23rd Bedford Bulletin. It is good news and it makes me feel so happy. The picture was a really good because it was cute. Please continue to write about newborns.

Amanda Watson
7th grader, Bedford Middle School

a success

    The Liberty High School Band Boosters would like to thank Pizza Hut and its employees for helping to make our February 25 fundraiser a huge success.
    We would also like to thank those in the community that came out and supported our band program by purchasing some yummy pizza.  The LHS band students and parents  passed out pizza vouchers for customers to use at Pizza Hut on Feb. 25.  The band received a percentage of the day’s sales. 
    The Pizza Hut employees worked extra hard that day to provide our supporters with delicious pizza.  The management at Pizza Hut couldn’t have been any nicer to work with in setting up the fundraiser.  We really appreciate the support we received that day!  Thank  you to everyone who participated.  That support will help make our band program even better than it already is.

Kathryn, Bedford
LHS Band Boosters