Letters 04/30/14

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Disappointed by decision

    Several months ago a representative from the D Day 70th Anniversary Committee went to every high school in the Bedford District requesting that the marching bands participate in the parade.  At that time no one--and I repeat--no one indicated that there would be any problem.
    After repeated e-mails and phone calls to them asking for confirmation on Friday the District called to say that no school--not one!--would participate in the parade.  It was stated that marching band was seasonal and therefore there could be no participation.  There are only six weeks left to the parade and there is not enough time left to find replacements.
    Did the Men on D-Day refuse to fight because it was the wrong season?  Did the Bedford Boys not fight to preserve our way of life after our country was attacked?  They did not fight for a country we never heard of, they fought so we could have Proms and football games .  Why can’t our schools take a few hours of time to say “Thank You” 
    Most of those young men who fought on that day were about the same age as band members--think about that!  But a question--were the band members even asked or was this a decision made by the people who are supposed to teach them the history of our country?
    The Memorial offers every student in the Bedford District educational opportunities that few other students receive.  Is this the way the District says Thanks?
    The week-end of the 70th will be a World Class Event.  There will be people from all over the world here and many from the media will be recording this event.  Shame on our School District!  Is this the picture of Bedford that you want to show to the World?

Bill & Judi Jackson

Thankful for

    On behalf of Liberty High School we would like to thank the following contributors to The Bedford County Special Olympics. Without their donations the day would not have been possible. As a school, we are overwhelmed with gratitude and in awe of the generosity of this wonderful community.
    Contributors to the 2014 Bedford County Special Olympics: The Faculty, Staff and Students of LHS, Mr. and Mrs. H. Mansel, Mr. and Mrs. B. Adams, Mr. and Mrs. J. Tomlin, Mr. and Mrs. C. McCann, Centra Medical Group Village North Office, Dominos , Subway-Longwood Ave, Little Caesars, Food Lion, Kroger, Walmart, Jamerson-Lewis Construction, Shirt Shak, Bedford County Sheriffs Dept and Pepsico.
    Again, we cannot begin to express our thanks to the above members of the Bedford community.

Jamie Brown on behalf of  
the BCPS Special Olympics Committee

Retired but not

    Dr. Richard Stowers of New London Family Practice Medical Center recently retired and it seemed appropriate to publicly thank him for his many years of excellent service.
    Dr. Stowers possessed all of the characteristics that one would expect of a physician. He was calm, kind and compassionate. Regardless of an individual’s educational background, he could effectively communicate the most complex medical issues. Additionally, he kept abreast of the latest medical news and interventions, thereby making it possible to craft an effective  treatment plan that incorporated one’s personal, religious and cultural philosophy of life.
    Dr. Stowers was definitely one of the best general practitioners in our area and he will be sorely missed! I’m certain that his former patients would join me in expressing best wishes for a productive and enjoyable retirement.

B. P. Douglas