Letters 05/02/12

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Closing of schools

    Here we are again having to fight to keep small schools open.
    We appreciate our School Board members, but Gary Hostutler, again thinks we need to close small schools. Our children get a better education than these classes with 25 or 30 students. We the taxpayers should have a say so before Gary Hostutler speaks out before they close any school.
    I am sure if they wanted to close a school in his district he would do everything he could to keep this from happening. Dr. Schuch, came to Body Camp several times during basketball season. I don’t think he would agree to closing any school. You are taking away the only thing our children have to look forward to.
    Gary Hostutler, you need to step down and put someone in your position that really cares about our children’s education.

Nancy Walker

The lowest paid are being asked to give more

    In response to the article about the School Board looking to increase the rates that school bus drivers are being asked to pay:
    First off we are under contract for four hours a day, but that does not include the time that we are required to take our buses to the bus garage to be serviced, the hours we spend on the phone talking to our parents, cleaning our buses, paperwork we have to fill out, nor does it include mandatory meetings we have to attend.
    And let’s not forget if one of them gets sick on the bus we also have to clean that up.
    We are responsible for getting anywhere from 20 to 50 kids to and from school each day safely with no one but ourselves on that bus. We have to deal with other drivers trying to go around us and many who run our stop lights while we are loading and unloading our kids everyday. We are the lowest paid employees in the county and we are being asked to pay more for our insurance then anyone else. That does not seem right to me.
    The amounts that were told to us was for a single employee that amount would go from $10 (with the health risk participation), $35 without, to $170 a month.
    For the family plan which I have, it will go from $679 with participation to $953 a month. That is far more than I make a month. I essentially would be paying the School Board about $300 a month to be working for them. Does that seem fair to anyone?
    Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and my kids. I am also very blessed to have great parents behind me. All of the kids know they are all mine while they are on the bus and I love them all.

Kathy Chisom
Blue Ridge

Liked Ghost of
a Chance.

    Like many who rely on newspapers for information, I look forward to the arrival of my Bedford Bulletin each Thursday.
    After scanning the obituaries (at 76 one can’t be too careful), I turn to the op-ed page and read the commentaries by John Barnhart and Rick Howell.
    I particularly liked Barnhart’s “Not a ghost of a chance” piece this week. He is right: Virgil Goode doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance at winning the presidency. Which is too bad because Goode would represent America’s waning middle class far better than Mitt Romney, not that Romney has much of a chance, either.
    Goode’s entry into the presidential race does two things. One, it gives the voter a third choice. Two, it gives Goode renewed visibility he may wish to use in a bid for lesser political office at a later date.
    I have always liked Virgil Goode. How much more formidable would he be, I wonder, though, had he remained a Democrat? There’s something about “party jumping” that smacks of opportunism, a trait not particularly appealing to the voter in troubled times.

Rodney Franklin

TJES Patriot Fair thank you

    Thomas Jefferson Elementary School would like to thank the following businesses for their generous donations to the TJES Patriot Fair in March, 2012:
    Airgas, American Assoc. Christian Counselors, Advance Auto, AMF Bowling, Angler’s Lane, Annika Sanghi, Apple Ford, Aqua Pro, Arbonne, Arthur’s Flower Cart, Lori Blankenship- Avon, Aylor’s Farm/Nursery, Backyard Outfitters, Baer Pet Gravestone, Bedford Co. Sheriff’s Office, Belara Basket, Benjamin’s, Bull’s, Burger King – Graves Mill, Carole’s Place, Celebration Bridal, Centra Heath, Central Va. Orthodontics, Charley’s, Cheryl Bryan, Cheryl’s Secret Garden, Chick-fil-a, Cotton Gin, Curtians, Windows, Bath, Dairy Queen, Danny Crawford, Duis Nursery, Farminton Pools, FES PTA, Flowers Bakery, Forest Automotive, Forest Dental, Forest Massage, Forest Subs, Frito-Lay, Funquest, FYAA, Gary’s Nursery, Gentle Care Vet, Gerald’s, Good Cherry, Stacy Poindexter, Harris Tires, Heather Shea, Henderson Furniture, Honey Baked Ham, Innisbrook, Ivy Hill Golf, Jagged Edge, Jennifer Gurchinoff, Jennifer Harder, JF Athletics, Jim Hunter, Esq., Jody Turner – TJES Media, Keith Barton – Juice Plus, Karen Jennings, Kindergarten classes @ TJ,Kinetix Fitness. Kodiak Shred, Kroger-Forest, La Caretta, Leesville Landscaping, Legacy Flooring, Little Cucci’s, Lori’s Pizza, Lynchburg Figure Skating, Liberty Athletics, Lynchburg Hillcats, Lynchburg Music Center, Mary Kay-Gina Beck, Mary Kay-Beth Francis, Mary Kay-Jodi Shiery, Meinke Forest, Mi Patron, McDonald’s-Forest & Graves Mill, Mr. Shipps Pizza, Music, music and more, NLA PTA, Pampered Chef-Tomeca Paige, Patti Cofflin-Creative Memories, Penelope, Pepsi, Periodonist, Perry Pools, Piedmont Eye, Pints a Plenty, Portrait Innovations, Dr. Keith Pyle, Patriot Fair Committee, Precision Windsports, Premier Jewelry-Patty Clark, Putt Putt, Red Lobster, Rita Parker, Sam Moore Furniture, Scentsy, Scott’s Mulch, Sonic-Forest, Stacy Reighard-Burkai Décor, Sweet Frog, Taco Bell/Pizza Hut, The Edge, The Maine Ingredient, The Muse, Thirty One-Kim lepcio, TJES parents, staff & PTA, TLC Publishing, Toys r us, Trimmers-Deanna Axt, trimmers, Turtleworks, universal T’s. Upper Crust, Va Dance Studio, VA Eye Clinic, Dr. Wimmer.

Kim Bowers
Thomas Jefferson Elementary School

Ice Cold Case

    It is never to late to learn the truth.
    Ten men were arrested on September 30, 1780, for High Treason in Bedford County during the American Revolution (1775-1783) (Court Order Book 1780 p 300).
    One man arrested on this fateful day was Daniel Huddleston. Was he really a British supporter? For sure he was a church going man with a compassionate heart.
    These are the facts. Richard Nugent died in Bedford County Virginia during the war in 1781. The cause of death is unknown. Appraisal of Nugent’s estate is found VA Court Book 6 p. 318 May 28, 1781.
    Daniel and brother Abraham Huddleston, Thomas Pate, and Samuel Shrewsberry were appointed by the court to appraise Richard Nugent’s estate. The estate was never appraised. The reason is unknown but the country was at war.
    The next year 1782 Richard Nugent’s wife Elizabeth died leaving three orphans wards of the church. Apparently churches took orphans of the poor during this time. On May 27, 1782, VA Court Book 6 p. 358 reads “Ch. Wa.(church wards) bind Thomas, Mary & John Nugent orphans of Richard Nugent to Daniel Huddleston." Daniel Huddleston this man with a caring heart was apparently pardoned of the charges of High Treason.
    Daniel Huddleston was a leader and pioneer. He moved to the Kanawha Valley of Virginia/WV about 1790 with his family (wife, sons, brothers and sisters families) and the Nugent Family. Daniel Huddleston hunted with Daniel Boone there and received several land patents in the Kanawha Valley.
     Daniel Huddleston and several family members served in the Morris Rangers fighting Indians on the frontier. It appears the compassionate man was much greater than the man arrested for High Treason in 1780. Do descendants of Richard Nugent or Daniel Huddleston still live in Bedford? Do they know the whole truth? Is it possible there was a conspiracy in this ice cold case?

Karen Dunn
Dickerson, MD

Taylor’s Mountain thank you

    I want to take this opportunity to thank everybody who came to our very first Taylor’s Mountain Descendants’ Homecoming on April 21, 2012.
    It was beyond what I expected! We have decided to make this an annual event so plan now for April, 2013.
    Also please check out my Taylor’s Mountain Descendants’ page on Facebook. Anyone who would like to contact me by email with any photos, info or stories you’d like to share can email me at blkpearl12@yahoo.com.

Cindy Orange-Neely