Letters 05/15/13

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A vision for
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    I was stunned as I read Annie Pollard’s reference to teachers asking for a raise as “crybabies.”
    I assumed that she was stressed by the difficult decisions faced in regard to funding schools and county commitments. Further, removed from the heat of the moment she would surely apologize and move on to try to balance the needs of teachers to have a reasonable salary with the ability of the community to meet that need.
    That assumption was quickly dashed as Ms. Pollard doubled down on her statement (Bedford Bulletin, May 8) by contrasting the quiet good teachers “Bedford County has among some of the best teachers in the state” with those who work to raise the status of their profession, the “crybabies…you know who you are.”
    It has been said that a gaff is when a politician tells what she actually thinks. Ms. Pollard has revealed herself to be anti-teacher, or at best a supervisor who believes that good teachers should be happy they have a job let alone a salary commensurate with their educational background, abilities and responsibilities. You must do more than offer platitudes.
    According to VAPerforms.Virginina.gov “Per capita personal income is used as the broadest indicator of improvement in an economy. Two of the most important factors affecting personal income are educational attainment and economic opportunity.”
    Bedford County ranks 37 out of 134 municipalities in per capita income at $27,845 putting it in the top 30 percent. (VA Performs) Where did it rank in average teacher salary in 2011? 85th out of 93 statewide school systems. (VDOE) That’s in the bottom 10 percent!
    In her letter to the editor of May 8, Ms. Pollard stated “I make my decisions based on the school’s needs, input from taxpayers in District 6 and the ability of the taxpayer to pay.”
    If she wants to help taxpayers by creating a better economic environment in the County, Ms. Pollard would be advised to provide support for the schools. A successful education system is a magnet for business.
Mike Carr
Offended by remarks

    We have read the article in the paper about teachers being cry babies according to supervisor Annie Pollard.
    We are offended and appalled by her remarks. Remarks like this means she does not understand the duties and work of a teacher. Wake up Ms. Annie. The teachers were only asking for a raise in which they badly need and deserve.
    Teachers all over the Commonwealth are underpaid. They work 65 hours a week for 36 weeks, which equals 2,340 work hours. How about that, Ms. Annie? On the other hand you might not understand this.
    The fine people of Bedford need to remember this in the next election.

Herbert & Alice Smith

Thanks to

    During the Republican Firehouse Primary on May 7, many volunteers freely gave their time and expertise to make the election run smoothly. These men and women worked with the voter registrars in staffing the voting machines and checking names on the voter rolls. All of these individuals were state certified for the tasks they performed. They performed their jobs accurately, efficiently, and without pay.
    The voter registrars from all of the jurisdictions within the 19th House of Delegates district oversaw the voting and made sure the process was completed without a hitch. The registrars, Phyllis Booze (Botetourt), Barbara Gunter (Bedford), Tiney Rose (Alleghany) and Betty Leitch (Covington), and all of their volunteers deserve a sincere “thank you” for a job well done!

Terry Austin
Botetourt County


    I would like to say congratulations to Robert Carson.  I’m so proud of his many accomplishments. Bedford couldn’t have picked a more deserving person for the job (of town council).

Leon Blake