Letters 05/22/13

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Wants apology

    I fully agree and support the request of the chairman for the Bedford County Board of Supervisors that we move on past the issue of Supervisor Pollards comments.
    I am certain Bedford County teachers will gladly do that when they collectively receive the apology from Supervisor Pollard that they rightfully deserve.
    As a teacher, if I made generalized, stereotypical, demeaning accusations against all students or their parents based on the actions of a few or the many I would be reprimanded at a minimum and possibly terminated. That is reasonable and proper. Do we live by different standards of conduct and discourse?
    The chairman has the ability to move forward in his hands and the hands of the board. What will he do?

Barry Turpin
LtCol. USMC ret.
Teacher US History


    I am always interested in following Mike Brown’s attempt at being a sheriff. I have to say that as a sheriff he certainly is a great politician.
    I found his politicking in regards to the school resource officers most interesting. On one hand he expounds on the need of school resource officers in every Bedford County school because of recent events and how necessary it is to have the full time coverage of a sheriff’s deputy at every school. On the other hand, when asked why these same resource officers require a vehicle to sit in every school’s parking lots while the officer is doing his job of protecting the students, Mike Brown’s comment was that because they are sheriff’s deputies they could be called out on important duties and thus need the vehicles at all time.
    It seems to me that if the schools need full-time officers to protect them, the very last thing that should be allowed to happen would be to have even one of them gallivanting all over the county on important sheriff business instead of protecting the students. How can Mike Brown get away with these two differing explanations when trying to get the supervisors to give more money to him?
    It would be a disaster for Mike to call any of these officers off to some other job leaving the schools unguarded while they are gone. Even Mike, or at least one of his speech writers, should see the problems with defending these two diametrically opposed statements. Given the choice, which he seems to think he doesn’t have to make,  I would hope that he would prefer to have the officers in the schools without vehicles over having them available to be called for some other duty and leave the schools without official protection.
    I would hope that I am not the only person who believes this. Assuming that is the case there should be no valid argument to tying up county vehicles. It is a no-brainer for me and should be for anyone who thinks the school children need a resource officer at the school.

Dennis Strong

It’s the Pitts

    Mr. Pitts May 14 News Advance Opinion Page column made incorrect assumptions. 
    Referring to the great American panic machine he said, they say, “We’re going to be under Sharia Law! Then, he said, “Except, we’re not!”
    He needs to ask 70 percent of Oklahoma’s voters who approved ballot initiative  — the “Save Our State” constitutional amendment — which bans Sharia from being considered in Oklahoma courts. The ballot states that Oklahoma courts must “rely on federal and state law when deciding cases” and forbids them from “considering or using international law” and “from considering or using Sharia Law.” ...
    Mr. Pitts wrote, “We’ve become a socialist country!” Then, he said, “Except, we haven’t.”
    Well I don’t know where Mr. Pitts has been the last 10 years but I’ve been witnessing a country sliding head first like a falling star towards hard-socialism. We cannot cut $10 billion “real dollars” from our budget by Sequestration without claims that the sky will fall in on every government service known to mankind. This is a nation sinking into socialism’s debt trap at a trillion dollars more every year for as far as the eye can see. …
    Mr. Pitts wrote, “There’s a War on Christmas!” Then, he said, “Except there isn’t.” 
    I don’t know where he lives but anyone who reads a paper or watches any TV News station knows there is a war on Christ and Christians in every part of our nation and on every level of human behavior known to mankind. ...
    Mr. Pitts wrote, “They’re trying to take our guns away!” Then, he wrote, “Except.”  Then he began to ramble on about a mental patient making a gun. He then went hysterical about a July 4 march on D.C. by Adam Kokesh, an Iraq War veteran and activist, who is organizing 2,500 men to go with him. They will have guns slung over their shoulders using live ammo. … All Mr. Kokesh wants to do is test the 2nd Amendment right of every citizen, even those who live in D.C,. that own a gun. ...

Frank E. Landrey

Falling from

    When attending high school in Jamaica, N.Y., lessons in history were studied to give foundations for, we the people, to prevail over a ruler which was evident before our founding fathers created our country away from the king of England.
    There was one lesson that I still have memory of. It was the Roman Empire. Rome was destroyed from within. Before Rome fell, there were four preoccupations and sin. 1) sports, 2) fancy food, 3) amusements & pleasure 4) homosexuality and divorce.
    Rome hired mercenaries to do fighting. Natural calamities occurred, Rome blamed the Christians. Today, we should be grateful that we have a president that is protecting, we the people, from anything that caused Rome to fall.

Walter F. Heydt

BIES celebrates its teachers

    During the week of May 6 - 10 school systems across the nation  celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week to honor those that have dedicated their lives to making sure our children are prepared for the future.
    Big Island Elementary was no different, the Hospitality Committee and the PTA worked together to make sure that our teachers know how much they are truly appreciated. We could not have done this alone and wish to send out a big thank you to all the businesses in Bedford and Lynchburg that donated to a drawing that was held for the teachers. These businesses were so generous that
all teachers won a wonderful prize.
    We would like to thank: Sweet Frog, Ruby Tuesday, Trendsetters Salon, Overstreet Cities, Kroger, La Carreta, Lil Cucci’s, Little Bit of Heaven Massage, Wipledale Nursery, Sedalia Center, Logan’s , Thirty One (private dealer), Mary Kay(private dealer), Wal-Mart, Precious Memories Photography, and La Villa.
    There were also several other private individuals that wish to remain anonymous that made donations. With your help our teachers at BIES know that they are important and that their work is greatly appreciated. We are truly blessed to have the caliber of teachers that we have, not only at BIES but in Bedford County Public Schools.

Clara Nichols
BIES Hospitality Committee and PTA

Virginia trashed or trumped

    How much more can Virginia accept. First it was garbage from NY, now it’s accepting trash from Boston, Mass., (the body of an alleged terrorist).
    While visiting in New York City a citizen there verbally attacked my beloved historical state of Virginia for its gun rights laws. She believed the street killings and robberies in her city wouldn’t exist if Virginia had stricter laws. What next, Virginia getting the blame for what goes on in Washington DC because we are too close?
    Come on Virginia; take in the tired, homeless and hungry of other states but stand up and do not be treated as a dumping ground for a bunch of whiners. Think of the history our state has provided for the entire country over the centuries.
    Virginia deserves respect and honor for decent and sacrificial leadership. Contaminating our soil with Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s evilness is an insult and shameful to have ever been allowed.
     And this is how I see it.

Genny Humphreys