Letters 05/29/13

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Supporting BC employees

    I want to thank the Bedford County Board of Supervisors for supporting a budget that provides meaningful raises for all Bedford County employees, including those working for the school system.
    It is a proven fact that long term economic growth is dependent upon a functional municipal government and a quality school system. This upcoming budget is a positive first step towards economic growth.
    Speaking of which, Supervisor Annie Pollard’s latest outburst is troubling because it shows her lack of understanding between the recruitment of industry and jobs to Bedford County and a school system that prepares our children for 21st century jobs. Her adversarial relationship with our school system is well documented and long running.
    I believe Bedford County would be better served if Mrs. Pollard resigned from her seat on the Board of Supervisors and channeled her zeal for public service in a different direction such as volunteering in one of the Bedford County libraries.

Robert Ashwell
Teachers rise to the

    In the tragedy of the Oklahoma Tornado, America has witnessed how the people Republicans love to hate, our teachers, show how they are a shining beacon of light in the face of another dark tragedy.
    We saw first in December in Newtown, an NRA sponsored National Tragedy, our Teachers without regard to their lives did everything they could to protect our children, and now in the face of a huge natural disaster, once again they bravely took every step they could to keep those kids in that school that was totally demolished as safe as they could. They are our true heroes when it comes to the safety of our children we send to school every day.
    Yet in this time when we focus on their bravery, what I keep thinking about is how the Republican Party seems to have such disdain for our teachers. What we have witnessed around the country especially over the last few years, a concerted effort by the Republicans to demonize teachers from Wisconsin by their Governor attacking their right to bargain for fair wages and reducing class size , to right here in our area by not standing up for teachers and seeking revenue to properly give them a raise, some going several years without one.
    We as taxpayers and citizens should be ashamed of this and we should be demanding better treatment of our teachers, it is time to hold elected officials which seem to be heavily of the Republican brand at least here in Central Va., to do better by our teachers, first by stopping the verbal attacks by Republicans, then by assuring they receive raises that aren’t years apart, after all they are citizens too, even though some on the right don’t reflect that view.
     So right now I am calling for a one half percent increase in the state income tax to be set aside to assure our teachers in Virginia at least some small increase in compensation, for their efforts. Just remember they hold the key to our futures in their quest to educate our children so they are given the tools to be able to compete on the global stage to keep America prosperous.

Ricky Duncan
Madison Heights