Letters 06/06/12

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Rogues on the march

    Any Bedford County citizen with a pulse knows the Rogue Majority of the Bedford County Board of Supervisors wants to return to no zoning, using lip service to “tweak the rezoning ordinance” rather than follow planning staff research embodied in the comprehensive plan the planning commission‘s resulting zoning ordinance proposed.
    Now another bombshell against good zoning and planning.
    Recently the Bedford County Planning Commission voted 5-2 to throw out their own long standing By-Law Sec. 4-5 requiring each member to receive formal education on zoning and planning...which reads in part: “Commission members shall complete the Virginia Certified Planning Commissioners’ Program within one year of being appointed to the Commission.” … Since 1998 up to now all planning commission members have attended the Virginia Certified Planning Commission Program.
    Who voted to keep the rule requiring planning and zoning training for commissioners? Lynn Barnes and Derrick Noell, both responsible men of good sense. Who voted to allow new commission members to skip school and dumb down zoning and planning? Huff, Wilkerson, Fralick, Scott and Craig. Shame on them.
    These three First Graders were
appointed under then breathing By-Law Sec. 5-4 which mandated they attend planning school--they should learn their lessons, not “mug the teacher“ by tossing By-Law 4-5 and skip school. Comm. Scott said he had did not have time to attend the course! If he can’t find time to learn the planning commissioner job, why is he a commissioner? Where are the adults in the room?
    Planning Commission courses are taught by urban planning experts at various universities. … Planning requires a lot of research and study. This course gives newcomers the tools to be planning commissioners. The Virginia Certified Planning Commission’s Program was created in 1985 and has won state and national awards.
    Untrained planning commission members will be ignorant of the consequences of poor zoning and planning. Ignorant decisions will bring higher taxes, thousands of dollars of wasted infrastructure and worse schooling for resident children. Welcome to the Dark Ages. To see how these issues are related go to BedfordAboveBoard.com and connect the dots.

John Lane

A community event

    Again this year, Dr. John Bower and Edna Curry have sponsored the Annual Crawfish Festival to benefit the the Bower Center, providing the  crawfish as well as the folks from Mississippi who prepared and  served the fantastic Cajun delicacies. 
    The Wharton Gardens served as the  perfect backdrop for eating and dancing to that special Zydeco sound.  Folks  came from as far away as Tennessee, North Carolina and all over Virginia. The   event is truly a community event with a host of Bedford volunteers as well as a contingency of Lynchburg College helpers, and support from local businesses, the City and civic organizations. 
    Bower Center for the Arts  wants to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for this  support of the Crawfish Festival.  Proceeds help underwrite the summer arts camps and Bower Center operations.

Sara Braaten
Bower Center for the Arts

Thank you

    On behalf of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office Community Service Division and School Resource Officers we would like to thank all those who made our 2nd Annual Car Show a great success. The monies raised from our May 12, 2012, Car Show will be used to further our mission in the Bedford County schools to educate students on the dangers of getting involved in drugs, gangs and violence.
    Please join with me in thanking the sponsors listed below; if it were not for their generosity and continued support this Car Show would not have been the huge success that it was:
    Dominion Dodge of Bedford, La Carreta Mexican Food, Henry Clark, GT Performance, Queen Nails, Perfect Cut Flooring of VA, Alars Inc., Frank’s Place, Wray’s Autobody Shop, Valtim Company, Don Rowe, Road Connections, Quality Auto Paint & Body – Roanoke, Emily Rowe Sitzler, Updike Funeral Home, Blossman Propane Gas – Moneta, Cricket Excavating Co., Hair Trimmers Designs, Trend Setters Salon, El Cazador Mexican Food, Auto Zone – Bedford, Peddler Antiques, Duval Auto Parts, Autocraft & Repair, Glenwood Esso, Advance Auto – Bedford, R. Andrew Davis, PC, Fisher’s Auto Parts, Linda G. Willis, Carter Garrett, Rolett Automobiles, Woods Service Center – Vinton.

Capt. Timothy Hayden
Bedford County Sheriff’s Office

Field Day fun

    Field Day was so much fun!
    We got outside and did the best we could, that’s the most important thing. We all had fun and we all did great but I saw some really good team work.
    It’s not about who’s the best, it’s about having fun. We all win a ribbon either way. Red came in first, blue came in second and white came in third.
    I think the best part was watching sixth great play volleyball against the teachers. We got to play some really fun games like kickball. I know everyone loved that, and the 50 yard dash, softball throw, tug-a-war, hula hoop toss, basketball and bowling.
    Even though I was on the red team I still liked the other teams, they were good too. I saw what was really good: other classes cheering the teams on. Everybody had good confidence in their team.
     Hopefully nobody bragged because that wouldn’t be good sportsmanship. I liked Seth’s spirit the most, he looked like a Smurf with all the blue he had on. I think every color should get a first place ribbon because everyone did awesome.
    I can’t wait to compete again next year!    

Elizabeth Coles
4th Grade/Mrs. May’s Class
Big Island Elementary School
Alzheimer’s awareness

    I am an Ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Association. Alzheimer’s cannot wait. It’s time for a national strategic plan for Alzheimer’s that is urgent, achievable and accountable to change the trajectory of this disease.
    My husband had dementia. Because of this disease I watched a strong, loving, vibrant man become unable to  take care of himself alone. This devastating disease took away the best part of my life.
    More then 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 each day, The threshold of increased risk for developing Alzheimer’s nation wide, An estimated 5.4 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease, including as many as 130,000 right here in Virginia. By 2050 as many as 16 million Americans will have this disease that slowly steals memories, independence, autonomy and so much more and the families cannot wait any longer.
    We are at a critical juncture in time where the creation of a strategic plan to address the escalating Alzheimer’s crisis is within our grasp, but we need the nation’s leaders, however, to fulfill their commitment- for the millions today living with this disease and the millions more tomorrow who may face it.
    The time is now because Alzheimer’s cannot wait.

Annette T. Carter
Ambassador - Roanoke
Alzheimer’s Association