Letters 06/15/11

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Uncle was medic on D-Day

    I was in Bedford recently and picked up the above mentioned insert [D-Day 65th anniversary commemorative]. I was really surprised to find the picture on page 22. The medic lying on the ground is my uncle. His name is Anthony J. (Giovanni)Stellato.
    This was on Utah Beach on D-Day, 1944. Later that same day, he was wounded again when he was stabbed in the side with a bayonet. Fortunately, no vital organs were touched although the scar remained for us to ask about.
    I only saw him  infrequently, as my father was also in the army and made a career of it. We traveled everywhere with him. I didn't even know Tony was in the army until I saw his picture in uniform on a webpage put out by his granddaughter, my second cousin. Like most of the survivors, he never talked about his army days.
    Tony was only 3 years old when he came to America with his parents. He was raised in Bethlehem, Pa. His father died in an accident in the Bethlehem Steel Mill when he was 12. He helped his mother doing odd jobs working on cars until he went into the army.
    We have tried to get his name on the picture by the national archives, but they won't do it, so it was a real surprise to see it in a local paper this far away from his hometown and his family.
    Thanks for the surprise of seeing it again.

Theresa Boothe

Thanks offered for event

    The Crawfish Festival of 2011 is now a fond memory of boiled crawfish, eutoffee, gumbo, red beans and rice and Purple Haze.  The Wharton Memorial Foundation and Bower Center want to take this opportunity to thank John Bower and Edna Curry for sponsoring this wonderful annual event.  How often does Bedford get crawfish brought from Louisiana and cooked the Cajun way or mouthwatering dishes prepared by Edna and her crew?
    Secondly, we want to thank the many local volunteers and Wharton Foundation board members who helped set up, staff and clean up after the event.  Bedford City got into the act by providing fencing, staging and support.  The Bedford Bulletin helped to advertise the event and get lots of people here.  Last but certainly not least, we  thank the 400 + people who attended the event and helped to raise scholarship funds for the Bower’s Summer Arts Camp and maintenance of the beautiful Wharton garden.
    Although John and Edna now make Mississippi their home, John grew up in Bedford, the son of Minnie, an avid gardener and Mitchell, a local businessman, former mayor and tenor in the Bedford Presbyterian Church Choir.  Dr. John Bower made a generous donation in 2005 that allowed for the purchase of the Bower Center which is now a non-profit art center.
    Thank you once again and we are looking forward to next year.  
Sara Braaten
Acting Director Bower Center for the Arts

representation needed

    Now that Mr. Lowry has decided not to run for District 7 Supervisor, I hope we can keep a local person, someone born and raised in Bedford County. Someone who will look at the needs of Bedford County and stop trying to be like “other” parts of our great country.
    We need some economic growth, not from building houses and condos — look around the county for sale signs on property everywhere, especially the southside and eastern part of our county. The tax structure seems to be OK for now, but we can’t keep taxing everyone for a small group. Seniors and people on fixed incomes can’t stand increases for schools and some government programs when they don’t have children in schools and the programs don’t benefit them.
    Lastly, when I hear a person saying they are seeking a “party” nomination to run for a supervisor, I wonder why? We don’t need party politics in local government. Seek the people’s approval, not for a “party” approval. Party politics has ruined our state and federal government.
    We need a different strategy in our government. Not “change,” we see what “change” has done for us.

Jimmy Cundiff

Thanks for help

    On behalf of Bedford County Public Schools, I’m writing to express gratitude to area businesses that helped make this year’s Teacher of the Year program a success. This program rewards our top educators each year, and would be impossible without the support we’re provided each year from businessmen and businesswomen in the community. I write to say thank you to those that gave, even though money may be tight, and I encourage area residents to thank these businesses for supporting our teachers in Bedford County.
They are:  
Sam Moore Furniture
Dominion of Bedford
Cintas Corporation
Bedford/Moneta Family YMCA
Lifestyle Fitness Center
Central Virginia Federal Credit Union
Longwood Florist
Bedford Bulletin
The Bedford Area Educational Foundation
Amazement Square
Brooks Food Group
Groves Orchards
Olde Liberty Station
Virginia Dare Cruises and Marina
Days Inn-Bedford
Healing Hands
Jack Henley Portrait Design
Blossman Propane, Gas, and Appliance
Emerson Creek Pottery
The Bedford Woman’s Club
First Citizen’s Bank
Bedford Welcome Center
Road Connections
Gross’ Orchard
Ivy Hill Golf Club
Peaks of Otter Winery/Johnson’s Orchards
Berglund of Bedford
    Congratulations to all Teachers of the Year this year, which include Vicky Putt – Thomas Jefferson Elementary School - 2012 Bedford County Elementary School Teacher of the Year, Ameka Cruz - Jefferson Forest High School -  2012 Bedford County High School Teacher of the Year, and Dina Linkenhoker – Staunton River Middle School - 2012 Middle School and Bedford County Teacher of the Year.

Ryan Edwards
Public Relations/Community Outreach Coordinator
Bedford County Public Schools