Letters 07/03/13

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Drivers needed

    Thaxton’s Bedford Ride is seriously in need of drivers.
    Are you familiar with the term “attrition?” Some of our drivers have faithfully served as many as 10 years. Attrition is inevitable.
    People in Thaxton depend on our services for non-emergency transportation due to family and relatives are seldom available.
    Can you drive one or two days a month? We ask you to be drug-free and have a safe driving record. We will provide the cars and gas.
    Our office is located next to the elevator on the first floor in Bedford Memorial Hospital.
    This is an emergency appeal!

Joyce Pedigo
Thaxton Dispatcher
Bedford Ride

Cleaning up

    On page one of the News and Advance June 24 was a story and picture of trash being picked up alongside roads. The bags looked full.
    How did the litter get from passing vehicles onto the roadside? Allow me to explain.
    Roadside trash comes from lack of education, beginning with Grade K on up through Grade 12.
    In 1947 my parents took my brother and I on a two month auto trip from Long Island, N.Y., out to California; north to Washington; east along states to the Great Lakes; east to New England; then south back to Long Island. There were no interstate roads built yet. All roads were one lane or near a large city, multi-land parkways.
    In our two month trip, we saw no trash, not one, on any of the roads we traveled.
    I can only figure it was evident from public school teaching. In DS 33 Queens, N.Y., if a snip of paper landed on the classroom floor, the teacher would stop the lesson until the student dove to get it. The school was clan and so was the neighborhood.
    Then, likewise, so were all the states.

Walter F. Heydt