Letters 07/06/11

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Don’t just dump unwanted pets

    We are Bedford County residents who live on a rural gravel road.  It seems that our road is a popular road for dropping unwanted kittens, puppies or pets.  We love animals and have pets of our own who are all spayed or neutered to keep down the pet population.
    Two weeks ago my husband found four kittens that had been dropped on the side of the road as he was walking our dog.  Kittens that young have no idea how to take care of themselves.  They would stay where they were dropped until they are no longer alive – by starvation, coyote or car.  We caught them and are fostering them until we find good homes for them.
    This is my plea – don’t drop them in the woods, at the dumpster or on the side of the road.  Please contact the Bedford Humane Society at 586-6100 if you have unwanted animals.  The Bedford Humane Society has programs in place to help find homes for many kittens and puppies.  They run an Amimeals program to assist Bedford residents who qualify by providing them pet food for up to six months. 
    The Low-Cost Spay/Neuter program is available to all Bedford City/County residents.  And if you truly cannot keep your pet, BHS will work with you to look for a new home for your pet.
    All of us need to rally behind the Bedford Humane Society whether as volunteers or donation givers.  Let’s help in any way we can.  I am, how about you?

Sam & Patty Branch

An exceptional country

    My wife and I moved to Bedford four months ago and it really has been the best decision of our lives. We love this town and everyone has been friendly. Whether it is the Mountains and the trails we get to walk every weekend or the local town shops, we both just could not be happier.
    While the quality of the Bedford Bulletin is very high, one thing I am disappointed in is John Barnhart’s weekly editorial “Conservatively Speaking.” I am sure he is a nice man but a conservative he is not. At best he is politically moderate.
    Rick Howell’s “The Liberal Agenda” is wrong about everything he writes but at least he expresses the liberal agenda. Sure it is a fourth grade view of the world but at least he represents his side, no matter how naive and misinformed it may be.
    This week for instance Mr. Howell says things like President Bush thought only about Iraq after 9/11, “If the Taliban takes over, who cares?” He calls John McCain “war-loving,” and comments on the supposed decline of America at the end of his editorial by saying we no longer have the capacity to be great. All of those statements are wrong but at least it sticks to the extreme left wing talking points. He is a typical “post State, extreme left wing progressive.”
     They get all giddy when they speak of the decline of America or when they get to degrade American hero’s like John McCain who suffered more for this country then most men alive. He is a man of honor and doesn’t deserve to be called “war loving” by the likes of you. This will hurt Mr. Howell’s ears, but America is not on the decline. America’s economy will rebound despite our President’s failed economic policies. 
    As we celebrate our Independence Day please try not to forget that our Declaration of Independence and later our Constitution made people more free then they had ever been in all of human history. And we as Americans took that freedom and became the great hope of the world. I know it is difficult for Mr. Howell to hear, but America is exceptional. The 4th of July must be a hard holiday for Mr. Howell but he must try to suffer through it. Liberty, freedom, and yes capitalism, they have made us the greatest and most prosperous country every created.
    I hope the 4th of July reminds all of us that we are not on the decline as extremists like Mr. Howell say. We are exceptional and this century like the last is going to be an American century.
Jon Davison

Only for some
of us

    It is Sunday, July 03, 2011, and I sit reflecting on the wisdom of a prayer before the Senate by Reverend Peter Marshall 64 years ago.  Therein he prayed, “May freedom be seen not as the right to do as we please but as the opportunity to please to do what is right…Let us, as a nation, not be afraid of standing alone for the rights of men.” 
    These musings lead my heart in gratitude toward God’s providential grace and the men and women that have, do, and will continue to risk their lives to make this prayer possible.  Our national independence, freedom, equity, justice, and liberty were costly to gain and are costly to maintain. 
    These elevating ruminations, however, were eclipsed by a dark cloud of another layer of reality concerning our nation.  While our soldiers abroad spend and are spent protecting innocent American lives, the government our soldiers honorably represent, dishonorably destroys a million innocent lives each year through legalized abortion-on-demand.  How can these cultural contraries be? 
    The convictions of the freedom-defending soldiers rest on the sure principles that birthed our nation.  The conventions of abortion-on-demand sit on the slippery slope of semantic ambiguities regarding who is and isn’t worthy of the most basic right we have, life. 
    These ambiguities are rooted in the case of Roe vs. Wade, which legalized abortion-on-demand for any reason, at any point in pregnancy.  The majority decision of Roe claimed that we cannot be certain if the preborn human is a “person” in the sense of the term as used in the Fourteenth Amendment.  This skepticism toward whether or not the preborn human is a “person” continues to propel most pro-abortion propaganda in the culture today. 
    Respecting the question of whether the preborn is a person with rights, the ice-cold hands of logic extend only four possibilities. 
    Only one of the following propositions can be true.  Either the preborn is a person and we know it is; or, the preborn is a person and we don’t know it; or, the preborn isn’t a person and we don’t know it; or, the preborn isn’t a person and we know it isn’t.  There aren’t any other logical possibilities. 
    Consider that, if the preborn is a person, and we know it is, then abortion is murder, plain and simple.  Now, if it is a person, and we don’t know that, then abortion is manslaughter.  Imagine, you are hunting with some friends, there’s movement in the brush, but you aren’t sure if it’s a deer or your buddy.  You shoot and kill.  It turns out, it’s your buddy.  That’s manslaughter.  If you don’t know, you don’t shoot!  So also, if the preborn is a person, and we don’t know that, we are morally and legally culpable if we “shoot.”
    Suppose, however, that the preborn isn’t a person and we don’t know whether it is or not.  In this case, abortion is still moral (and legal) negligence, because we don’t know for certain that it isn’t a person.  Returning to the hunters, say you don’t know that it isn’t your buddy in the brush, but shoot anyway.  You were lucky; it was a deer.  But you were morally and legally irresponsible in your actions. 
    Finally, say that the preborn isn’t a person and we know that for certain.  Only in this case can abortion be morally and legally justified. 
    Although the fourth scenario—it isn’t and we know that—can justify abortion-on-demand, it still counts against the objection from skepticism, which undergirds the Roe decision and today’s propaganda.  For if we know it isn’t a person, we’re no longer skeptical, we’re certain.  However, legalized abortion in America hangs on the skeptical objection.  So, every logical possibility, respecting the nature of the preborn, counts against the Roe vs. Wade ruling, which rests on the skeptical objection.  Abortion-on-demand is finally as irrational as it is immoral.    
    So, while thousands of brave men and women risk all to illustrate the heart of Rev. Marshall’s prayer, the government they honorably represent repudiates it through legalized abortion-on-demand, despite how immoral and irrational it is.  Our soldiers, past and present, make the celebration of our Independence Day possible.  While they risk all to defend the lives of Americans abroad, our government taxes us to destroy innocent American preborn babies—a million annually!  Talk about taxation without representation! It was a good Independence Day, but only for some of us. 

Kevin Stevenson
Big Island

People: The most important resource

    People are this country’s and the world’s most important resource.
    If it were not for the masses of people in this country and the world, there would be far fewer billionaires and millionaires in this country and the world. Laying off millions of employees increases the wealth of those companies, many of these wealthy companies pay no taxes at all (oil companies & others). The CEOs, the executives including the board of directors  still receive their high incomes. It is a battle between the wealth and the working people and the greedy wealthy are not concerned about the suffering of laid off employees. They will not share their wealth with the working people.
    While there are some  billionaires and millionaires who do not mind paying their fair share of taxes, there are far too many of the greedy wealthy who will allow a poor person in this country and the world to starve to death before they pay one dime in additional taxes.
    No it is not spreading the wealth. It is telling those CEOs, executive officers, board of directors to  turn around and say to average peoples in this country and the world, Thank ya for making me, my family or  my girlfriends; very fortunate people. Thank ya for allowing me to hide money off shore and in Swiss bank accounts. Thank ya for allowing me to spend  my money that I have earned here, outside of this country for retirement homes and other luxury expenses. 
Kenneth Aldhizer