Letters 07/24/13

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    There has been much ado about the verdict in the George Zimmerman case. Rioting in the streets, calls for vengeance and retribution, hip-hop artists calling for vengeance, the jurors are being interviewed on news outlets and now the feds looking into state laws. It would appear that we have missed the mark and the bigger picture on the whole issue.
    Hopefully the issue of race has been put to rest. Jurors stated that race was never an issue during the trial and the prosecution not presenting race as an issue. However, major media outlets described George Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic” and NBC disgraced themselves and violated journalistic ethics by editing a copy of the 911 audio tape presented to the public.
    The real shame of this episode however lies with the Rev. Al Sharpton and the NAACP. At the onset of this episode, they were applying public pressure on the authorities to file murder charges against George Zimmerman. Rather than letting the system process the investigation, these “leaders” strung a rope over a tree branch and demanded a fair trial just before the hanging.
    They demanded murder charges and the authorities gave them exactly what they demanded. However, the prosecution was unable to meet the requirements of the murder charges. Had these “leaders” permitted the system to work through the issue without bringing the public pressure to bear at the onset, then perhaps George Zimmerman would have been charged with manslaughter.
    Manslaughter charges would have been easier to prove since Zimmerman had created the atmosphere that caused a death by not listening to the 911 operator that told him to stay in the car and not intervene. Had manslaughter charges been filed, then perhaps George Zimmerman would be in jail today.
    Instead, we have the death of a young life, grieving parents and family members, and a society that continues to tear itself apart. Instead, we need to come together and understand the malfeasance of public personalities such as Al Sharpton and the NAACP leaders and understand the role they played in this travesty. These “leaders” need to be placed upon the scrap heap of social irrelevancy.

Bradford C. Archer


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Andy Dooley
Bedford Moose Lodge