Letters 08/07/13

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It’s a federal law

    In his headline John Barnhart calls it OBAMACARE. In his first paragraph, he calls it President Barack Obama’s healthcare law. 
    To help him set the record straight, let me put forward the following. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is a federal law.  Like all federal laws, in keeping with our constitution, it was enacted by the legislative (not the executive) branch of our government. It was voted on and passed in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. The president then signed it. That’s the way it’s supposed to work—we elect representatives, they pass laws.
    We can applaud this law.  We can criticize this law. But, whether it’s credit or blame, let’s assign it correctly.  Obama’s healthcare law? If anyone owns this law, it’s the 111th United States Congress, not the president.
Frank Spaulding
The King

    I am genuinely perturbed at the fact that the King amendment now stands a real chance to be included in the final version of the Federal Farm Bill, which has the potential to preempt state’s rights involving a whole host of important issues—food safety, animal welfare and the environment.
    The Farm Bill is headed to the conference committee and I earnestly urge Rep. Goodlatte, who is expected to be on the conference committee, to work with his fellow members of Congress to remove this harmful amendment from the federal farm bill.

Barry Mullins