Letters 08/27/14

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Lift restrictions

    Since the Franklin County Board of Supervisors are the elected representatives for the Franklin County Districts, we feel it most important to bring a significant problem to their attention. Many of us, after enjoying many years on our 22,000-acre Resort Lake, find ourselves unable to sell our homes.
    Our own home has been on the market for the second year now at a price that is below the assessed value upon which we pay taxes. Our competent real estate agent informs us that one of the things that hinders the sale of our homes is a desire by a purchaser to buy a home that his family can enjoy but also as an investment to rent out when not needed by his family.
    Bedford County homes are now selling faster than Franklin County – partly because home owners are not restricted by the rental rules imposed by Franklin County. They are allowed to rent by day/week/month as requested by those on vacation. Franklin County allows only yearly rentals by homeowners to vacationers.
    Therefore, our question is: Why are many senior citizens that should/could be in retirement or assisted living homes, being forced to stay in a home that can’t be sold, partly because of the rules imposed by the county?
    The supervisors should give consideration to lifting the subject ruling so that all homeowners may have the same advantage in this most difficult real estate market and hopefully give relief to senior citizens and others being handicapped by the ruling.

Frank and Jo Beahm

Too fast

    According to an article in the Roanoke Times on Aug. 12, a Moneta man was caught doing 110 mph in a 55 mph speed zone somewhere in Bedford County.
    According to online court records, this individual was caught in 2012 doing 84 mph in a 45 mph zone. I am shocked at the rather light jail time & fine (10 days and $1,000) that he received. At least his driver’s license was suspended for 6 months - if that means anything!
    This is a good example of the excessive speed that I have witnessed on both Rt 122 and Rt 24. Random radar units and/or unmarked police vehicles would curb this problem and snag other reckless driving (aggressive driving, passing on a double line, etc.). This guy could have killed someone - perhaps you or me!

Graham N. Sword