Letters 08/31/11

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Bedford County Family Farm Tour a successß

    Approximately 300 visitors came out for the 2011 Family Farm Tour held at Lil Docs Llamas and Alpacas in Huddleston on August 20. 
    In addition to Bedford residents, we also had visitors from many surrounding localities and as far away as New Jersey and Wisconsin.  Attendees had the opportunity to visit many educational displays, hear presentations on Pollinators and Local Foods, sample healthy and nutritious peach smoothies, observe sheep shearing demonstrations, as well as interact with llamas, alpacas, horses, cattle, goats and chickens.  To top it off, the Bedford County 4-H Livestock club sold locally produced ice cream using fruits from Scott’s Strawberry Farm and Gross’s Orchard.
    Exhibitors and vendors included Bedford Area Master Gardeners, local author Phyllis Wilson, Bedford 4-H and FFA, Bedford County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee, Carl and Andra Wurzer and other hand spinners, Johnson’s Orchard and Peaks of Otter Winery, Lil Doc’s Llamas, Otter Peaks Alpacas, Long Meadows Farm, Margaret Kloman Miniature Horses, Sheep Shearer Diane Poole, the Peaks of Otter Soil and Water Conservation District, Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest, the Virginia Department of Forestry, The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, The Virginia Department of Health, and Susan Prillaman - Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent for Bedford County.
    The Tour is held annually to raise awareness and educate the community about the economic, environmental and aesthetic benefits of agriculture and forestry in Bedford – industries that generate $135.7 million dollars of economic activity and account for almost 3000 jobs. 
    The Tour is coordinated by the Bedford Extension Office with the assistance of many volunteers from the agriculture community.  It is sponsored by Bedford County, Virginia Cooperative Extension, the Bedford Agriculture Council, Bedford Tourism, Poplar Forest and many others.  Check us out at www.bedfordfarmtour.org
    On behalf of the Tour organizers: thank you to our hosts at Lil Docs Llamas and Alpacas – Dr. Karen Baum and Emile DeKeyser; our participating partners; and especially to all those who visited with us to learn more about Bedford agriculture.

Scott Baker
Extension Agent, Agriculture
Amazed at

    As the new domestic violence counselor for Bedford Domestic Violence Services, I am honored to have the opportunity to provide counseling and support to the women and families of the Bedford community.  I had the privilege of interning for Bedford Domestic Violence Services back in 1997 when it operated under the name of “First Steps”.  I am amazed about the progression of the program and the full array of services that are now offered to clients.
    I provide free and confidential counseling services to those in domestic violence situations.  I receive the majority of my referrals from the local Department of Social Services, but I also receive referrals from other allied professionals in the community.     However, a referral is not needed to access this service.  Individuals in need of therapeutic services who may not be experiencing domestic violence at this time or have in the past, are also encouraged to contact the hotline for services.  
    As the counselor, I provide education regarding domestic violence, address issues related to a number of mental health diagnosis such as Depression or Anxiety, assist with safety planning, and make referrals to community resources when necessary.  This position allows me to complete trauma assessments for children and adolescents to assess any issues related to past or current trauma.  I also facilitate a teen dating violence group for adolescents ages 12-19. To ensure that services are available to those citizens with transportation barriers, I have the freedom to conduct phone sessions to established clients as needed. Bedford Domestic Violence Services now offers a support group for women on domestic violence on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
    This is just a brief overview of the therapeutic services offered at Bedford Domestic Violence Services. If you need any additional information regarding the above mentioned services or if you or anyone you know are currently in a domestic violence situation, please call our 24-hour hotline at (540) - 587-0970.

Lonice Harris, MSW, Domestic Violence Counselor
Bedford Domestic Violence Services

Useful addition

    Many thanks to our city’s department of public works for the nice bench seating provided at the pond on Lake Drive.
    I notice that the public put  the benches to use almost immediately. They are a useful addition to the area.

Tom Sendall

Cutting grass reveals trash

    While driving along Route 460 two weeks ago I noticed that the grass on the edge of the road was largely overgrown. Mile after mile my thoughts were, “Are they ever going to cut that tall grass?” Praise the Lord, as I was driving along the same route last week, the county and city had taken care of the problem. I could see the guard rails, sometimes solving one problem can create another problem. Cutting the grass created the horror I saw that was hidden by the tall grass. Now, clearly revealed, you could see the hundreds of soda pop cans, napkins, cups and wrappers from fast food establishments in the areas.
    The problem has been getting progressively worse lately. I can remember a time when volunteers manned the sacks and collected a large bit of the trash that litters our roads. Then too, there was a program with inmates in our penal institutions we use to see picking up much of the trash. Today, maybe we could ask North Carolina authorities what they are doing about the problem of trash being thrown on their highways. It has been trash-free along side the roads for a long time. They stopped it and so can we here in the Bedford area. It is known we can write or phone our senators and representatives down in Richmond. then take to county and city locally and ask what can be done about the problem - Trash On the Highways in Bedford County.
    Talk to your police chief in Bedford City. Talk to Sheriff Brown in Bedford County. I am determined to find out what we can do to alleviate this trash problem. Our area is rich in beauty and history, our people, are good people and deserve better road conditions than we have now. Bedford has many tourists who come here to see the National Monument to honor our many brave men and women who fought for the bitter victory in WW2. Our own “Bedford Boys” who sacrificed their lives, so we could live free once again. Why can’t the tourists, along with us, see beautiful highways again, without the trash.

Dot Bowyer

A good laugh

    I have to thank the Bulletin again for the Rick Howell commentary. As always he is good for a laugh. As well as Rush Limbaugh makes the Republicans look silly, Rick, so often and again this past week, does even better at exposing the silliness of the far left. As published in your August 24 edition, he practically out did himself.
    Over and over again the “progressives” have kept harping on G Bush’s so called promise “No new taxes” as if he could persuade the liberal Congress not to keep sending tax bills out of the Capital. A few paragraphs further down Rick actually had the nerve to push that old saw, “The U.S. Supreme Court awarded the White House to the man who lost the popular vote.” Mr. Howell thinks we don’t know that the Court actually ruled that the army of lawyers sent to Florida by the DMC couldn’t keep changing their criteria, district by district, for challenging the votes, district by district.
    On a roll, he then “pointed out” that Carter never started a war. Let’s forget that Carter never “led” a successful effort to rescue our embassy personal from Iran, people who weren’t free until Iran saw that the new President was Reagan. Nor did he mention that Carter handed operation of the Panama canal back to Panama. which, then. handed that control to China. Think about that if we even need to move any of our Atlantic fleet into the Pacific for a face off with China.
    Rick goes on to point out that we “stole” Texas from Mexico (let’s see, who attacked who at the Alamo?) and considers the idea of state’s rights to be ridiculous and that a state sponsored prayer service is a violation of the Constitution.
    Please, never consider losing Rick Howell’s commentaries. We need them for laughs as well as to keep us aware of the mind set of the far left.
Bob Terry