Letters 09/07/11

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Timing of repairs

    I know that the state has to watch its budget with the economy as it is these days. This is especially true with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). That is why it was very puzzling when I saw the repaving being done on eastbound US 460 around Bedford.  It is not that it wasn’t needed, but the timing of it being done. 
    Earlier this summer, major sections of the same area of road were ground out and paved back  in the outside lane from the Burks Hill exit to the Main St. exit. There was no visible areas that required this to be done to prevent travel on the road without an accident. So, when I observed this section of road being completely ground out and repaved around  Bedford this past week, I wondered if the communications between the planning of repairs within VDOT and its budget department existed and how much money was wasted with the double paving of this section of road.
    VDOT says that they are under great budget constraints when it comes to making road repairs in the state of Virginia. I can understand why this is to be when repairs are made as this repaving of US 460 was done.
Albert Robey
Tax the rich

    One hundred years ago 146 employees died because the doors of the sweatshops were locked to prevent union organizers from entering. Those women between the ages of 13 and 23 died in the worst factory fire in the history of N.Y.C. Unions started in West Virginia for our safety and respectable salaries.
    The lesson learned then must not be forgotten today. Working people, we are being challenged across the country. We must push back and not let our society be destroyed by returning to the days when there were only two classes - the very rich and the working poor.
    Verizon is trying to eliminate pensions, increase off shoring of jobs, cutting health care, cutting sick leave and eliminating disability payments for injured workers. In four years Verizon made $19.5 billion. Top executives made $258 million. Ten years ago President Bush cut capital gains and dividend taxes for people making over $250,000 because it was believed that if the rich get richer they will make more jobs and have a trickle down effect. With the national deficit getting larger and unemployment rising, it apparently has not worked. The separation between rich and poor is rising a lot and it is at its highest since 1929.
    Support your unions, tax the rich. Let us stand up in solidarity.

John Piro


    To continue to tax we the people for public school education without the founding fathers purpose for school instruction is unsatisfactory! It was to teach “the censures of the law and the denunciations of religion against immorality and crime so that there may be undisturbed sleep within unbarred doors.” (Daniel Webster) Our unalienable rights of life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness are God given that predate our founding documents thus, government cannot take them away and government cannot give them.
    To sleep through a night behind an unlocked door is an unalienable right preserved by our founding fathers many years. Growing up in New York City, elementary and high schools taught the founders instructions resulting in unlocked homes, and vehicles. People were self restrained needing no police. The Northwest ordinance of 1787 stated, “religion, morality and knowledge, being necessary to good government and happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall be forever encouraged. “Public schools were created by the founders in which the denunciations of religion shall be taught; preserving life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    In 1980, a Supreme Court decision removed the 10 commandments from Kentucky public schools. When public schools were created, the people willingly gave taxes in return for safety of a person’s home, livestock and property! Being the president, Supreme Court and Congress have no jurisdiction to nullify rights of our founding documents, why hasn’t congress or the state legislature ventured to correct this? Thomas Jefferson said, “Should the court error the legislature shall correct.” Since the court decision crime has increased needing more police. If the denunciations of religion are not returned to public schools, then the people should not be taxed for schools, as there is no return of safety as there once was.

Walter F. Heydt

Group Divides

    You cannot talk about politics without the Group Divides of Rich vs Poor, Capitalism vs Socialism, Blacks vs Whites immediately coming up.
    The only valid Group Divide should be good vs evil, yet that gets no discussion.
    Rich, Poor, Capitalism, Socialism, Blacks, Whites, etc. all have good aspects and evil aspects. Everyone benefits if the evil aspect is removed from whatever group is being discussed.
    Some would say the group you belong to determines your success or failure in life, but I do not believe that and I find no where in the Bible that states that, however the Bible is very clear that good or evil does determine success or failure. Romans 6:23, states “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”
    Too often decisions are made based on what group is involved and not on good vs evil. Christians will even vote for a political candidate that supports non Christian moral principles. A Christian should not vote for a person that supports homosexuality, no matter if they are Rich, Poor, Capitalism, Socialism, Blacks, Whites, etc. Nothing good will come from electing an immoral person to office no matter if they are Rich, Poor, Capitalism, Socialism, Blacks, Whites, etc.
    Some people say there is no way to define good and evil, but God provided the Bible to define good and evil, and that definition has been shown to be valid since the things the Bible defines to be evil do lead to disease, death, destruction and poverty. The Bible defines homosexual activity to be evil and sure enough, there are over 2 million deaths per year due to AIDS. The Bible defines adultery to be evil and sure enough, an illegitimate child does produce instant poverty.
    Some of the things the Bible defines to be evil take a long time for the disease, death, destruction and poverty to appear, but most things the Bible define to be evil have an obvious short term effect.
    I could go into a discussion of what is the evil of each of the groups, but the best thing is for each person of each group to do as the Bible instructs.
    Matthew 6:29 states, And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.
    For those that refuse the examine themselves and remove the evil, there must be Civil Law to remove the evil, because evil destroys a person and a nation.
    The poverty produced by evil is financially bankrupting America because the spending on Socialistic Programs like health care/welfare/entitlements has grown faster then the GDP such that the American credit rating was recently downgraded. I believe the phasing out of Socialistic Programs hat to be the solution to the economic crisis in America.
    If each person examined themselves and removed the evil from their lives there would be no need for Socialistic Programs. If each person voted to prevent people that advocate or condone evil, from being elected, America would not need Socialistic Programs.  Church leaders must proclaim God’s word so that Christians will clearly know good from evil.  The Church should rebuke sin/evil in obedience to God and the State should rebuke/execute evil/sin for health, safety and economic reasons.

Clifford D. Russell