Letters 09.12.12

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Profits or people?

    The 2012 election boils down to a simple question of values, and the parties offer two distinctly different visions to choose from. The Republican Party values wealth; the Democratic Party values people. The difference between the two parties is clearly evident in the politics of “Obama-care.”
    Our health care system still has serious problems, because rather than working to repair it, the Republican Party obstructed fixing it in every way they could. In their insatiable lust for power, the Republican strategy was to discredit the President, and they played politics with our health care system to do it. The Republican’s willingly sacrificed us, We The People, for their own power. To put political gain ahead of the best interests of our nation is not only unethical, it is undemocratic and unAmerican.
    In every conflict between humanitarian values and wealth, the Republican choice is for money. The ultra-selfish few who have bought the G.O.P., by paying for Republican propaganda and political campaigns, don’t care about workers, the environment, the elderly or families, because the only thing they truly hold sacred is money. To them, the only thing you and I are is a commodity to be exploited, so they have broken our unions, while they bought our democracy and sent our jobs overseas.
    Of course the Democratic Party is not perfect either, but so far they have not completely sold out to the highest bidder. Most Democrats, like President Obama, Tim Kaine, John Douglass and Andy Schmookler, still put people ahead of profit. Republican propaganda paints Democrats as closet socialists, but the facts prove otherwise. So the Republicans are attacking the fact checkers. Brilliant! If you don’t like the truth, deny it.
    Despite the propaganda of fear and hate, or maybe because of it, our choice is clear. Our choice is between the party that worships power and wealth, and the party of We The People. The party of Wall Street, or the party of Main Street? The choice is still ours.

Eric Mosley

Crucial election

    This presidential election is the most crucial of my lifetime and yours. All informed Americans realize Obama does not deserve to be reelected. You do not need to be a Republican to join in a return to our country’s moral compass. Romney and Ryan are men of impeccable characters.
    A judgment group condemns Mormons. I thought this was settled that Mormons are Christians. If you are a Mormon you are committed to avoid alcohol, tobacco, caffeine; tithing one’s 10 percent income; putting the family first; helping others in need. Can you live up to such commitments?
    Over the beginning of Latter Day Saints about 200 years ago, “Christians” harassed them, burned their homes and businesses, killed members, drove them from place to place. While the Bible is revered, they supplement many beliefs I don’t accept. But the Bible doesn’t permit any of us to assume the position of Supreme Judges. In the afterlife, would you be shocked if God commended Mormonism for their faith in an abusive world.
    The fifth district chairman of the Bedford Republican party Nate Bowyer is not supporting our local headquarters on Bridge Street. The manager of the headquarters is stalemated in the need of signs and bumper stickers, and other services. In the past 10 years as headquarters manager, I had only to express our needs. Tucker Watkins responded promptly.
    Mr. Bowyer and his controlling, judgmental, religious circle will cause reelection of an un-vetted, un-American. If you miss seeing yard signs for Romney/Ryan the loss (on election day) rests with you, now that you know what is going on. Don’t fail to vote Romney/Ryan.
    Mr. Bowyer had never worked in any Bedford volunteer party position, attending one party meeting. At his second meeting, he announced he expected to become chairman. He and his brother corralled every gullible human to vote for him. They never came back to volunteer.
    I have volunteered for the Republican Party for 53 years as a Christian activist. Never a racist or bigot, thank you.

Joyce L. Pedigo

Are you better off?

    Today’s fact finders, the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, agree that, yes, you are better off today than three years ago. ...
    The number of jobs for the employed in September 2009 was 139 million. Three years later in July 2012 there are 142 million jobs. Thus three million jobs created in three years. By September 2012 over four million jobs have been created for workers. ... You are better off now than three years ago when it comes to jobs.
    The unemployment rate in 2009 was 10 percent. The national unemployment rate is at 8.3 percent now. ... There is a 17 percent better chance of finding a job today than three years ago. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that a review of jobs gained/lost by each president’s administration from 1945 to 2012 indicates job creation grows more under Democrat presidents than Republican.
    Investments before Obama was elected in 2009 show the Dow Jones Industrial Average was near 9,500. Today it is up around 13,200. Average stocks investments are 38 percent higher than three years ago. Stock invested pension plans have risen. Investors are better off since Obama has been president.
    Corporation profits after taxes were $1.3 trillion in 2009. An all-time high for corporation profits after taxes was reached in 2012 in the amount of $1.67 trillion, meaning those who invested in a U.S. company are 23 percent better off than three years ago.
    In 2009, the interest rate on a 30-year mortgage was 5 percent. The 2012 mortgage rate for a 30-year home loan is less than 4 percent. An average home today costs more than in 2009. Home sales are expected to increase by the spring of 2013. New home construction is at the highest level since 2007 when the recession began.
    Personal income for the average American worker rose from $756 per week in 2009 to $811 per week in July 2012. More money in your pocket is a good thing.
    Are you better off than you were three years ago? Yes. A vote for President Obama in 2012 will continue to move America Forward.

Diana Persinger

A vote for Mussolini?

    Here in Vichy Virginia [147 years now], we are again forced to vote for the lesser of two evils.
    In this analogy, we have Mussolini who is trying to replace Hitler.  Though Mussolini has not promised to end infanticide, he at least has promised to end the use of tax money for the killing.  Hitler, meanwhile, has consistently supporting this killing of innocent children, even voting for the infamous ‘partial birth’ killing while in Illinois.
    Somewhat complicating this election, is that both candidates pretend to be Christian:  Mussolini is a member of a well known cult, thus he is a worshipper of an anti-christ or ‘false christ’.  He does not worship the Christ of the Bible. 
    Hitler, meanwhile, has revealed himself to be a practical worshipper of Molech or Baal.  He believes in child sacrifice.  Previously this was done by placing child on a hot altar, thus gaining financial well being for the parent.  We are much more civilized now, in that, we simply puncture the child’s brain or burn them to death with acid.  [By the way, you may practice this in Roanoke at Planned Parenthood]
    If you are not a Christian, or a nominal one, the above analogy will seem senseless.  Describing someone as an “H”  or an “M” is nearly always improper.  All analogies are flawed, but isn’t the continuing loss of life making this one close to reality?

Wendell K. Johnson

Understanding Romney and Mormanism

    On Aug.23, the NBC newsmagazine, Rock Center with Brian Williams had a special report about the Mormon Church.   ... Truthfully, I viewed the Mormon religion as a closed society that follows its own social rules, similar to a “cult”.  Based on my ignorance of the religion, I was fearful that its teachings and philosophy would provide fodder to help discredit Mitt Romney’s character.  I was pleasantly surprised how fair NBC was in its coverage... The correspondents, Harry Smith and Kate Snow, did their homework as they spent two months interviewing Mormons around the country.
    Harry Smith explained how the Mormon Church takes care of its own in-need through its church assistance system.  He spent time in Salt Lake City visiting the Bishop’s Central Storehouse  which contains over 500,000 square feet of food and supplies.  Those in need are identified and are allowed to shop freely for food and supplies. There is no exchange of money.   ...
    Kate Snow interviewed three very different Mormon households:  an interracial couple raising five children, a woman activist, and an openly gay Mormon.  … These three very different households provide very positive, in depth looks at the traditions of the church. 
    Mitt Romney is only one of many successful Mormons. David Neelemen, JetBlue founder, is a Mormon.  In his interview with Harry Smith, he attributes his success to the Mormon work ethic and his religious devotion to family and community.  ...
    After watching this program, I now have an understanding and an appreciation of the Mormon faith.  With this knowledge, I now understand what makes Mitt Romney tick.  He is genuine…a man of strong moral character acquired and nurtured through his Mormon faith.  Mr. Romney is not a weak person, as the media would have you believe.  Actually, the opposite is the reality.   It takes incredible inner strength to remain calm, respectful and true to one’s principles while being attacked by ruthless, unscrupulous persons.  Mitt Romney is not a gentle man…he is a gentleman.  I welcome this “gentleman” into the White House.
    I ask and encourage everyone to vote character, not style, this election. 

Kathy P. Saleeba

Benefit a

    We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to everyone that had a part in making the Troy Arthur Cancer Benefit such a huge success. 
    Thank you to all of the local businesses that donated food items, to every person that donated baked goods and to every person that came to the benefit and made donations to show their support for our family.  Thank you to all of our family and friends who worked the benefit.
      Thank you to the Goode Ruritan Club for their help with this event and to the Goode Volunteer Rescue Squad for providing the location for the benefit.  We will never be able to express our appreciation enough for the kindness and generosity shown by all.

Troy and Angie Arthur and Family
Bedford County