Letters 09/14/11

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Speak up

    I have great concerns for the direction of Bedford County Public Schools. AYP scores have dropped over the years to the point that no elementary school in the Liberty Zone made AYP.
    Enrollment is declining, think parents are looking at these scores? Amazingly the scores declined at the same time that the “Staffing Standards” were adopted. This adoption reduced our teaching staff, all the while increasing the Central Office. Where are the “Staffing Standards” for Central Office?
    Now, the Central Office has spilled over into the space once occupied by the Bridge School while the Middle School is overcrowded.
    More students are being crammed into the classrooms, creating more stress on the teachers. Combo classes seem to be on the rise. This model requires one teacher to do the work of two teachers. They have to prepare two lesson plans for two different grade levels.
    Then there is the push for “Blended Learning” and putting hundreds of thousands of dollars into this teaching style. This money could be better spent on actual teachers. So don’t let anyone tell you that the money is not there;  it is there, just misappropriated.
    I would urge everyone to get out and vote on November 8.
    If you like what you have been hearing and seeing over the last four years, then just expect more of the same if changes are not made with the decision makers.
    Speak up Bedford County. The future of our children are in your hands.

Kelly Harmony

Number one

    Congressman Hurt has been ranked as Virginia’s top legislator by Heritage Action for America based on his votes for policies that promote freedom, opportunity, prosperity and civil society.
    Robert Hurt has been a leader in Congress when it comes to fighting for conservative ideals in Washington and standing up for conservative, limited government principles.  He has consistently fought to keep taxes low, including a vote to prevent the EPA from imposing a backdoor national energy tax, that will raise gas prices and destroy jobs.  His commitment to reining in the size and scope of the federal government has been demonstrated by cutting spending and reducing unnecessary regulations.
    The most recent bill that Congressman Hurt has co-authored is H.R.1633, the Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act, which would prohibit the EPA from burdening farmers and small business owners in rural America with additional dust regulations, and help spur job creation and economic growth in the 5th District and across the country by getting government out of the way and returning certainty to the marketplace.
    Congressman Hurt has proven with his votes and his co-sponsored and sponsored legislation to be a legislator that I and other 5th District Virginians can trust to return our country to the kind of principles that our founding fathers established.
    At this time in our nation’s history, it is critical that we turn our country around from the devastating big government policies of the past two and a half years, and from the big spending policies that have destroyed job growth and threaten the very future of our country.
    I am  Hurt for doing such an outstanding job in supporting these limited government ideals; ideals which have made America great and kept her free!

Susan Plunkett