Letters 09/22/10

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Farm Tour a great success

    Approximately 350 visitors came out for the 2010 Family Farm Tour held at Layman Family Farms (www.laymanfamilyfarms.com) in Blue Ridge on August 21.  About 50 percent were Bedford residents, but we also had visitors from many surrounding localities and as far away as North Carolina.  In addition to guided tours of this diversified operation that specializes in produce and agri-tainment, attendees had the opportunity to visit many educational displays, taste local honey, sample several varieties of apples, purchase locally grown foods, and interact with llamas, alpacas, cattle, goats and chickens.  To top it off, the Bedford County 4-H Livestock club sold locally produced ice cream using fruits from Scott’s Strawberry Farm.
    Exhibitors and vendors included Bedford Area Master Gardeners, Bedford 4-H and FFA, Bedford County Bee keepers Ann and Shim Zudekoff, Johnson’s Orchard and Peaks of Otter Winery, Lil Doc’s Llamas, Bramble Hollow Farm, Royal Oak Farm, the Peaks of Otter Soil and Water Conservation District, Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest, the Virginia Department of Forestry, and Susan Prillaman - Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent for Bedford County.
    The Tour is held annually to raise awareness and educate the community about the economic, environmental and aesthetic benefits of agriculture and forestry in Bedford – industries that generate $135.7 million dollars of economic activity and account for almost 3,000 jobs.  The Tour is coordinated by the Bedford Extension Office with the assistance of many volunteers from the agriculture community.  It is sponsored by Bedford County, Virginia Cooperative Extension, the Bedford Agriculture Council, Bedford Tourism, Poplar Forest and many others.  Check us out at www.bedfordfarmtour.org
    On behalf of the Tour organizers: thank you to our hosts at Layman Family Farms - Eric and Sharon Layman; our participating partners; and especially to all those who visited with us to learn more about Bedford agriculture.

Scott Baker
Extension Agent, Agriculture

Thanks to JF cross country

    Last April, the former captain of the Amherst cross country team, Jonathon Fitzgerald, was severely injured in an automobile accident on the Rt. 29 Bypass in Madison Heights.  In order to financially help this young man’s family, the Amherst cross country team and the Amherst community conducted fundraisers.
    At a track meet last spring, I met Coach Jerome Loy, the Jefferson Forest cross country coach, and told him about the accident.  As a result, he felt that his runners would want to help Jonathon and his family, even though they did not know him personally.   When we had our run-a-thon in Amherst in early June, several JF runners and their parents came to the event to help raise money.  During the summer, the runners were challenged by Coach Loy to run during the summer with monetary pledges for accumulated miles.  Coach Loy also made a contribution from the JF cross country fund. 
    Jonathon and his family, along with the Amherst cross country team, want to thank the JF athletes, parents, and coaching staff for so graciously volunteering to help in this time of need. I have always heard that special people do special things.  This certainly applies to all who are involved in JF cross country.    

Bill Chavis
Amherst Boys Cross Country Coach
Supports Hurt

    Tom Perriello’s supporters claim he “knows his constituency” and is a hard worker.  In fact, Mr. Perriello’s television advertisements make the same claim.   
    They usually fail to mention that he voted with Nancy Pelosi to pass the ineffective Stimulus bill, ObamaCare, and the Cap & Tax bill.
    Polls show that the majority of 5th District residents oppose all three bills.  Citizens voiced their concerns to Perriello in numerous town hall meetings.  He ignored his constituents by voting with Pelosi and his special interest supporters (labor unions, out-of-state contributors, and radical environmental groups) to pass these bills.
    Most unemployed people want real jobs, not more government handouts.  Perriello has never run a business or created a single private sector job.
    He has held town hall meetings, but he has not listened to what citizens are telling him.  He rarely answers a meaningful question directly, choosing instead to talk about what he wants.  He does work hard trying to defend his votes for these deficit-busting bills by avoiding the facts.
    Senator Robert Hurt has run a business and created jobs in the private sector.  He is opposed to all three of these bills.  We need to elect him on November 2 and put a stop to the Obama/Pelosi/Perriello agendas.

Harry Ballard

One District
one people

    If you sidestep all the garbled rhetoric, it’s clear that to decide the upcoming election well, we must think for ourselves.
    Here’s a thought. If you’re lucky enough to live in the 5th. District you’re lucky enough to have a clear-minded politician in Congressman Perriello.
    Thousands know this from town hall meetings, from hearing him speak and even if you can’t agree with everything he says, you know he’s working for all of us. For him, we’re one District, one people.
    He votes both sides of the aisle. He said recently, “And if any of you think I’ll only vote the party line – I’m not your man.” An unpopular stance, but Perriello is not career building, not watching his back, he’s watching ours.
    Some of his thinking is too conservative for me. But I like much of it so I won’t throw this baby out with the bath water.
    Perriello has delivered more good to more people than any elected official in recent memory. He is one of the new wagon masters driving us forward. And I’m getting on his wagon. 
    Look through the fog. If you want clear thinking - meet Tom. He knows his subject. And he needs more time.
    Let’s go forward together.

Ginny Brock
Getting Obama re-elected

    How can Obama be re-elected? It’s easy.
    Get the CEOs of this country’s big-box stores to do the following:
    • Switch 50 percent of the items they are currently importing to American made products
    • Offer tax incentives to those stores to buy those products.
    • Ensure that those retailers sign five year procurement agreements with American companies to supply those products at a price that can go up by no more than inflation
    • Top it off with offering tax incentives to those American companies that produce those products
    Sure we may have to pay 10 percent more for those few items, but I don’t mind paying $2.20 for a spatula that I used to have to pay $2 for. Think of those that will be employed! Taxes will be paid, welfare roles would be reduced and the standard of living would increase for all Americans. We might even be able to export some of these products to countries we were importing them from.
    If he won’t do it, maybe our next President will.

Steve Drake

Howell: Class envy

    Defending the Obama administration requires blind party devotion as demonstrated so plainly in the “looney left” column “The Liberal Agenda.”  Howell has no argument so he resorts to political tricks ranging from playing the race card to class envy.  In his Sept. 15 column [“GOP Busy defending the Rich”] Howell makes fun of House “Speaker-to-be” John Boehner’s prediction of “Armageddon” ensuing if the Obamacare bill was enacted.  Rick doesn’t hear the hoof beats of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse after the enactment.  What he fails to hear are the rumbles of the armored columns of the Tea Party headed for the polls on Nov. 2. The tsunami is on the way; November is coming. 
    And what is his defense of Obamacare?  Insurance companies cannot deny coverage for pre-existing conditions.  This will either bankrupt the insurance agencies or result in higher premiums for the insured.  If Rick was in the insurance business would he favor this financial fiasco?  Young people remaining on their parent’s policies until age 26 will also result in higher costs to the insured.  Smaller businesses being required to offer health insurance to employees will result in layoffs, no new hiring and possibly going out of business.  Notice the word “required.”  Constitutionally, government has no authority to require businesses to offer insurance.  But what do progressives [progress beyond the Constitution] like Rick care about the Constitution?
    And then Rick really disappoints me by dragging out the old stale dried-up argument of rich versus the poor class envy argument originated by the communist dullards and losers of the past.  Remember how that worked out in Russia, Rick?  Everyone became poor except the communist party big-shots who had their dachas on the Black Sea beaches and their own “company stores.”  And his comment about the “capitalist phenomenon of ‘the working poor’ being evident in these times--what would he prefer as an alternative to capitalism?  What would true capitalism be capable of if freed from all this government regulations, interference and red tape?  Notice the color of the tape?  Everyone except the party bosses are “working poor” under socialism [the only alternative to capitalism].
    Whose money [taxes] is it, Rick?  Does it belong to the taxpayer who earned it or the government, Rick?  The top 1 percent [by income] of taxpayers pay 40 percent of U.S. taxes and create almost all the companies that hire us “working poor.”  Did you ever try to get a job from a poor man, Rick?  Try it and see how that works out for you.
    Who are these “astute observers of history and politics” who “have always known: The Republican Party is the party of the rich?”  This is so asinine as to be ludicrous.  Maybe you ought to talk to the Roosevelts, Kennedys, Harrimans, George Soros, etc., since they were rich and did not have the sense to belong to the “party of the rich.” 
    By the way, you can tell Obama/Pelosi-clone Periello to stop sending me his self-glorifying mailings [at either taxpayer’s expense or lobbyist’s expense].  When is he going to start spending all that out-of-state cash he has received from left-wingers in the Northeast?  Put Tom’s head on the block,  November 2 is coming and he deserves defeat for ignoring his district’s people and following Obama/Pelosi’s contempt for the Constitution.

Boyd Hubbard


    Congressman Tom Perriello once again this week demonstrated he is anti-business by advocating elimination of the Bush tax cuts for ‘mom and pop’ business operations.  His position punishes every small business owner in the 5th Congressional District. 
    Perriello and Obama’s ignorance of the impact of their positions results from their inexperience.  Neither ever worked private enterprise and neither ever owned a small business. Because of that, they don’t understand that most small business owners, specifically our area ‘Mom and Pop’ operations often file their gross receipts as personal income.  The ‘gross receipts’ may exceed $250,000 but it in no way reflects the ‘net receipts’ or an individual’s take-home pay which is going to be significantly less because a portion of the ‘net’ must be reinvested in the business.  In short, ‘Mom and Pop’ stores get penalized.  The Perriello-Pelosi team steal the money and ‘redistribute the wealth’ to ACORN, Organizing for Virginia and other left-wing groups draining the taxpayer dollar.
    Perriello is following the Obama-Pelosi lead illustrating he’ll support left-wing ideologues before he supports his constituents. Perriello’s left of center ideology (he advocates ‘economic populism’ – redistribution of your wealth) and lack of business experience is dangerous for America and the 5th District.   He is out of touch.
    On the other hand, Senator Robert Hurt is an experienced small businessman.  His endorsement by the National Federation of Independent Business (which represents us ‘Mom and Pop’ operations) is a clear recognition of his expertise and abilities.
    A vote for Perriello is a vote for Pelosi and poverty.  We must elect Robert Hurt to Congress on November 2. 

Buddy Mason


    I would like to urge every America to write their respective house and senate representative to pass the following legislation:
    The judicial system shall not consider any case that represents the overturn of a vote of the people.   The results of the vote of the people will take effect immediately.  Congress can require the same item to be put on the ballot in the next election, but the vote of the people shall remain in effect until the vote is changed. Congress shall review all past cases that represent a judicial ruling that overturned the vote of the people and dismiss such cases and dismiss all judges that ruled in those cases.
    Activist Atheistic judges, the Atheistic Liberal News Media and Democrats are destroying America from within by destroying the morals of America that were based on Christianity and the Bible.
    Activist Atheistic judges have already legalized pornography, abortion and homosexuality and are now using the concept of interpreting the Constitution as a bases of overturning the vote of the people.  Every judge now seems to think they are a Constitutional expert.
    It is time to tell the judicial system there are limits to their authority.  Next thing you will hear is that a winning candidate for political office cannot take office because they are a Christian and that would violate Separation of Church and State.
    A lot of Christians are going to read this and say, “I have nothing to worry about, God will take care of it”.  So far, God has not stopped the Atheists from taking over the government. Maybe God is waiting on Christians to take back the government and to restore America to being a Christian Nation.

Clifford D. Russell