Letters 09/26/12

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A big help!

    Congratulations  to a young man in 11th grade at Staunton River High School.
    In Downtown Moneta this past weekend, the rescue squad had to be called to assist and transport a lady that had severe muscle spasms which also affected her breathing. She was Spanish and spoke no English.
    We called Bronson Aznovorian (the son of Michelle and George Aznavorian) who happened to be in the area of the emergency to assist with the translation between the patient and the EMTs from the rescue squad.
    Bronson’s assistance made it much easier for the rescue squad to communicate with the patient, thus making the entire situation far more manageable for everyone involved.
    Bronson deserves a big thank you for his assistance, and his kindness in dealing with this emergency.

Greg Coudoures

Demise of a once great Party

    Greg Eanes’ letter [“This ain’t your Daddy’s Democratic Party”] on September 12 in various neighboring newspapers is right on the money. 
    He describes the fiasco at the Democratic National Convention over the reinsertion of the word “God” into the platform as confirming that the Democratic Party left him and not vice versa. The platform committee for the first time in history had deleted mention of God.  Because of the multiple news sources available today the public was quickly made aware and it became political poison and Obama is said to have ordered it restored [damage control politics]. 
    Then on public TV, the fiasco played out and was replayed ad nauseam for all to see.  The Latino mayor of Los Angeles as chairman banged his gavel for a voice vote on reinserting the word “God” into the platform language.  The change required a two-thirds majority to succeed.  The voice vote sounded even, 50-50. 
    So he called for a second vote which yielded the same results.  Exasperated, he called for a third vote.  Honestly, it sounded to me as if the “nays” outnumbered the “yeas” this time.  But as a good trooper the mayor read the teleprompter--”The yeas have it, the measure [reinsertion of God] is adopted” [the delegates be damned]. 
    The “nay crowd” knew they had been railroaded and broke into raucous booing and hollering.  They booed God and their deceitful leaders but what could they do about it--vote for Romney?  Not a word about this from our very own Agenda Man, I wonder why.
     Eanes continues by noting the great differences between the old Democrats such as Congressman W.C. “Dan” Daniel, a “Virginia Democrat” who distanced himself from the national Democrats and the party of Obama and his lackey Kaine with their socialist, regulating, intervening, Constitution-ignoring arrogance?  But what do you expect from a man whose parents and grandparents were Marxists and was mentored by a card-carrying communist, “Frank” [Frank Marshall Davis]?

Boyd W. Hubbard

Stop foreign aid that we cannot afford

    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Thursday criticized a fellow Republican, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, for proposing to end aid to Libya, Egypt and Pakistan, suggesting the cuts could damage U.S. national security. Let’s examine this.
    Senator Rand Paul threatened to block a six-month government funding bill. He wants to cut off U.S. aid to Pakistan unless the country stops “openly thwarting our objectives in the region” and he wants them to release a Pakistani doctor who helped in the search for bin Laden. Doctor Paul also urged his fellow Senators to cut aid to Egypt and Libya, unless these Muslim dominated countries show “full cooperation” in bringing to justice those who stormed our U.S. diplomatic facilities. Attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, and Libya killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three colleagues.    This must not be tolerated.
    In the State-Foreign Operations budget for the 2013 fiscal year, President Obama’s Administration requested $2.2 billion in foreign aid to Pakistan and $1.56 billion for Egypt, according to a Congressional Research Service report. The Democrat dominated Senate wants to “go along to get along.”
    Well, that policy has not worked.
    That region of the world is on fire. America’s foreign policy of borrowing from China to give to Egypt, Libya, Pakistan and all the other Muslim Nations has not worked and we cannot afford it anymore.
    Hello! We are 16 trillion in debt. We are broke and won’t even threaten to take away money from countries that allow all sorts of evil against us.  It is time to take a stand.
    Change your administration’s policies Mr. President or we will change it for you on November 6. As for you Senator Graham, Mr. Neo-Conservative Republican, please step aside or face an angry South Carolina Tea Party vote when you run. We need to replace you with a Paleo-Conservative.
    Mr. Obama needs to retire to Chicago. He can help his friend Rahm Israel Emanuel solve his teacher dispute. Union disputes are different than dealing with Muslim Nations. You can use your “old boy” Crony-Capitalism with Unions but not so with Muslim Extremists.

Frank E. Landrey

Romney/Ryan: Impeccable

    Reading the letters of Sept. 12, one writer dubbed the Romney/Ryan team “impeccable characters.” First, I scratched my head. Second, I looked up impeccable and character in Webster online dictionary.
    Webster’s defines impeccable as “moral, having an immaculate record.” The same dictionary defines character as “attributes that determine a person’s moral and ethical actions.
    Combining these words, impeccable character should denote someone who has an immaculate record of moral and ethical actions and reactions.”
    To test the moral and ethical records of Romney/Ryan, let’s apply this definition, citing a few examples from their actions and reactions.
    Romney: first example, failed to mention our troops or his respect for them in his party’s acceptance speech; second example, he has refused to reveal his tax records beyond two years; third example, in a just-released videotape of a meeting with his high-dollar donors, he stated that 47 percent of Americans consider themselves victims and pay no taxes, failing to recognize that 28 percent of this group includes the elderly.
    Ryan: first example, his proposed budget suggests changes to Medicare that would require vouchers costing a senior up to $6,000; second example, his budget calls for an increase of billions of dollars for the Pentagon while cutting billions from education.
    I could go on. Given just these few examples, the Romney/Ryan records do not add up to impeccable characters.
    Webster’s cites another definition of character “someone who is playacting, acting out a role.” That’s the definition your writer must have been referring to.

James Gray
Blue Ridge

The 47 percent

    Who are the 47 percent of ‘those people’ that Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney says “My job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”
    One of “those people” is my mother, who worked her entire life in a low paying job; who knew men, hired long after her and doing the same job, were paid much more than she; who put three children through college, and along with her husband paid their income taxes each year until retirement.
    Now she survives on less than $1200 a month from Social Security and is not required to pay any income tax. Is it any wonder I will be voting for President Obama in November?

Ann B. Duncan
A critical moment of decision

    I recently received a letter from the Honorable Marco Rubio, US Senator, Florida, asking me what should the role of Government be in America?
    Should we continue to usher in a new era of radical spending, massive debt and onerous regulations…or do we desperately need to shift course and move in the opposite direction, toward cutting spending, reducing the size of government, and tackling our debt crisis?  So many American citizens refuse to acknowledge the urgency of the situation we face and continue to support Obama’s big government policies that threaten the future stability of our economy.
    As a Republican, I am deeply troubled regarding the out of control trillion dollars debt hanging over America.  The 2012 election provides a choice for change.  We need more jobs, less regulation to allow energy independence vs. Obama’s assault on individual freedom and free enterprise.
    Also, as an American voter we have the duty to decide what direction we want change to move our country.  But to truly have an impact on change made we must be willing to speak out and this can be accomplished by your being a registered voter in the November election.

Lucy Bailey

Getting in the water

    A few years ago, the director of Aquatic Activities at Rocky Mount YMCA said one of his goals was that every resident of Franklin County would know how to swim. It is a commendable goal toward eliminating the tragedy of drowning which we have experienced this year at Smith Mountain Lake.
    Water activities can bring a lifetime of fitness and recreational life enhancement from our youngest to our oldest citizens. Progressive communities across the world are providing Natatorium facilities to enrich the life of their citizens. With an increasing aging population, there is a great need for water activities to provide exercise opportunities for people with arthritis and other physically challenging situations.
    Some of the 7-day-a-week activities that such a water sports facility would provide for are: recreational swimming, classes to teach swimming, classes to teach water safety and life saving, water polo, water fitness opportunities, competitive swimming for younger and older and novice to masters, physical therapy and rehabilitation, synchronized swimming and swimming training for triathletes.
    It is time for a year-round aquatic facility to be available to all the residents of the SML community. How can this be accomplished? It’s time for a community conversation about the benefits of this kind of a facility.

Hank Boschen

Caring for affordable insurance

    This letter is intended to advise others who also purchase health insurance to compare their current policies with new ones regulated by the Affordable Care Act.
    Current policies are not required to comply with new insurance reforms. After experiencing sharp premium escalation and reductions in coverage over the last 12 years, I was delighted to find that a new policy with the same insurer not only improved my coverage for diagnostic services, but also cut my premiums in half. Changing my insurance policy did not result in any loss of continuity of coverage.
    Since regulations which make health insurance more affordable, are subject to change or revocation threatened by political forces, those who pay premiums would be wise to investigate and switch before this opportunity is perhaps lost.

David Blumenreich

Are you informed?

    I recently had a conversation with a physician who was in favor of Obamacare.  
    I agree there are good things in the law, but I am far more concerned about unintended consequences. In a friendly debate with the physician, I was accused of only getting my information from Fox News. 
    This “attack” usually comes from liberals when unable to defend their position.  So, I explained that I do watch Fox News, but I have determined in this election to watch and listen to many outlets; conservative and liberal.  After which the physician seemed to proudly admit not watching any TV or listening to any radio, but ONLY getting information from the American Medical Association. 
    What an incredulous remark! If either of us was using a biased source, was it not the physician?
    Different outlets have different biases. We have to search for all the truth.
     Consider these facts. Our Nation is well over 16 trillion dollars in debt;  fewer people are in our work force now than has been in 31 years. 
    I am glad  we care for those in need, but  Americans depending on entitlements have risen dramatically. The number of people on food stamps is now near 50 million, up 69 percent in four years.   In the month of July more people received Social Security disability than were jobs created.  I could go on and on!  Safety nets are good but they are about to break.  We should create opportunity, not dependence!
    I didn’t learn this from Fox News, or the liberal media.
    Unemployment stats are found at the Labor Department, info on the food stamp program at the US Department of Agriculture, and other sources including the Department of the Treasury and the Social Security Administration. Obamacare and Dodd-Frank are online, as well as the report regarding the “Fast and Furious” gunrunning scandal.
    Hopefully, we’ll soon have answers about the 09/11/2012 terrorist attack killing four Americans.  Sadly, many Americans don’t even know we were attacked!
    The truth is available if you really want to know.
    Before you vote, get informed from an unbiased source. 

Karen Cobbs

Who is Barack Obama?

    On October 22, 2008, I had a letter by this title printed in this paper...Barack Obama was running for the first time for the office of president of the United States. No one knew who he was; he came out of nowhere. ...
    Using their corrupt methods, the “Chicago machine” suddenly destroyed the reputation of his Republican opponent ... and maneuvered Obama into the U.S. Senate where he did nothing to distinguish himself. Suddenly he was catapulted into the candidacy for president of the U.S. by the same methods.
    Still nobody knew who he was. ...
    Now almost four years later the general population still does not know who he is.
     Most of the country knows that we are in worse shape than at the time that he took office. ... If he were a real leader he would take responsibility for the current situation which he has escalated rather than continuously laying the blame on his predecessor.
    It does not matter where he was born; the important fact being that he was not raised during his formative years on American soil but in Kenya and Indonesia. … It appears that his strongest influence was that of his Kenyan father who deserted him as a young child.
    It is extremely concerning to realize that our current President of the U.S. of America does not think that our country deserves to retain super power status as a world leader nor should we maintain a higher standard of living than the rest of the world. … I challenge you to answer this question---“Who is Barack Obama?”
    The other choice is Mitt Romney. For those who are not thoroughly convinced about his credentials and are uncomfortable about his Morman religion, it seems that he has the business experience to start getting the country back on track. ... It appears that Romney’s background will serve him well. … Virginians need to become informed, do some soul searching and vote your conscience for the candidate that you truly believe will save America from total disaster.

Betty De Witt Adamany
Rockford, Illinois
(Formerly of Bedford County)