Letters 10-27-10

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    Mr. Phillip Parnell was convicted of 14 counts of animal cruelty in Bedford County because 14 animals were found dead on his property.   
    That is VA code 3.2-6570, Misdemeanor 1.  Each count can bring jail time of 12 months and a fine of $2500. That would calculate to possible consequences of up to 168 months (61,320 days) in jail and a fine of up to $35,000.
    Why did Mr. Parnell only serve 10 days and according to court records, only have to pay $1425 in fees?  Our animal control officers dotted their I’s and crossed their T’s and brought a good strong case to be presented before the courts.  Now, while I don’t expect the courts to impose the harshest sentence and fines/fees allowable, I do expect more than what was given. 
    Why is it that animal welfare cases in our county seem to be more of a nuisance in our courts rather than punishable offenses?  Let’s remember that these 14 animals lost their lives and died a horrible death because of this man.  The animals that remained alive on his property were found by a veterinarian to be in poor condition.  Do you know how bad an animal has to be to be considered in “poor” condition?
    Let’s also not forget that Mr. Parnell had plenty of opportunity to reach out for help but chose not to.  I feel that two injustices occurred here:   Mr. Parnell so severely neglected these animals that they died and then our court system failed to impose hardly any consequences for his neglect.    I hope this was a learning experience and next time something horrible like this happens (because unfortunately  it will), the courts impose a more severe sentence and support the animal control officers that did their job and did it well.

Mary Beverley

Stalin bust

    In your October 13 edition, Ms Jennifer Winter’s letter questions the balance in the Bedford Bulletin’s coverage of the issue of the Stalin bust at the National D-Day Memorial. She also reported discussing Stalin on tours at the memorial, suggested that opponents of the bust are trying to erase from history the Soviet role in World War II, and questioned the bust opponents’ support for the memorial.
    The Bulletin, in my opinion, has done a commendable job for many months in reporting on the Stalin bust issue and printing letters and commentaries from the public, both pro and con. On September 29, a lengthy, front-page article, based on an interview with the foundation’s president, announced the foundation’s decision to remove the Stalin bust temporarily and its intent to reinstall the bust somewhere at the memorial. This was followed by an October 6 article reporting reaction by some of us opposed to having the Stalin bust displayed anywhere at the memorial.
    The overriding public sentiment is against having the Stalin bust displayed anywhere at the memorial. That is the view expressed at the National Convention of the American Legion, representing over 2.5 million veterans, and it is the view of Bedford’s Post 54. The Central and East European Coalition, representing over 20 million Americans, opposes any bust of Stalin at the memorial. An on-line petition (StalinStatue.com) shows over 4,600 people from all 50 states and over 40 countries opposing the bust. In a Bedford Bulletin poll, 95 percent of respondents opposed the Stalin bust, and media polls in Lynchburg ran 80-85 percent against the bust. At a July 7 open forum in Bedford, 56 people signed a petition against the bust, while five signed one in favor of the bust. All seven members of the Bedford County Board of Supervisors voted for a resolution calling for removal of the bust, and area Congressmen have opposed the bust.
    Statuary is one of the main ways the memorial has honored D-Day forces. The Stalin bust honors Stalin; there should be no statuary of Stalin anywhere at the memorial, and there is none other in America now. Time spent on Stalin during the 45-minute tours at the memorial means less time for honoring Allied D-Day forces, the purpose of the memorial.     
    The role of the Soviet Union and Soviet forces in World War II, especially around the time of D-Day, could be addressed with a plaque, available for visitors to read, after they have focused on Allied D-Day forces.  
    Many of us who oppose the Stalin bust have been strong supporters of the memorial for years, at least until the foundation persisted in the misguided plan to erect the Stalin bust. The four of us mentioned in the Bulletin’s October 6 article (Annie Pollard, Nick Soukhanov, Bob Lindell, and I) have been volunteer tour guides. I gave tours as late as May, until the Stalin bust was erected on June 1. Bob Lindell gave tours until June 18, when he was “fired” for demonstrating against the bust.
    Three of us are Legionnaires, and Post 54 over the years helped with innumerable events at the memorial and raised money for the foundation. Bob Lindell and I established a D-Day Friends group at the Smith Mountain Lake, and Bob raised money by placing D-Day arch banks in establishments around the lake.
    Many of us have personally contributed financially to the foundation for years. I have supported the foundation with a portion of the proceeds from the sale of my book, and my historical drama presented as a fundraiser netted almost $8,000 for the foundation. The Board of Supervisors has over the years voted over $700,000 for the foundation. I have suspended my financial contributions, and I know many others have done likewise.
    The foundation board should make a decision now never to display the Stalin bust anywhere at the memorial and refocus its efforts on the purpose of the memorial—honoring the valor, fidelity, and sacrifice of Allied D-Day forces.

James W. Morrison

Working for you?

    How is Medicare working for you?  I’m speaking to all Seniors over the age of 65 who receive Medicare benefits.
    For many elderly, Medicare, with its low monthly premiums (Standard rate is $110.50), is the only insurance available to protect them and their families from the catastrophic consequences of serious illness.  Medicare pays 80 percent of all medical expenses incurred by benefit recipients.  It lets many of us sleep at night knowing that in our old age we will not find ourselves stripped of all our savings, dependent on family members for support or—worst case scenario—on the street.
    How would it feel to be without Medicare?  It may not be long before you find out, because Medicare is in danger.  It is in danger of being taken over by Republican politicians drowning in their own career ambitions.  House Minority Leader John Boehner led 137 House Republicans who voted for a ban that would end Medicare as it is currently known, requiring Seniors to buy coverage from private insurance companies.
    They want us to believe frightening things about Medicare.  Here’s one such distortion:  “Medicare is going broke and it must be replaced.” 
     Congressman Tom Perriello says Medicare will not go broke.  The truth is that the Healthcare Reform Bill was passed to stop just such a thing from happening.  Of course, Republicans want to repeal healthcare reform.
    Here’s another story:  Republicans would have you believe that a reduction in Medicare funding of $450 billion during the next decade, proposed by the Obama administration, will hurt Seniors and other recipients.
     Perriello says that fighting fraud and mismanagement in the current system will save Medicare for one more generation.  “We go after waste, fraud and abuse, as well as over-charges by healthcare providers,” he said.
    Then there’s this falsehood:  “Under the reductions, doctors will receive smaller reimbursements, causing them to leave our hospitals and clinics under-staffed.” 
    Under legislation that Perriello voted for, doctors and patients will see increased benefits.
    Seniors, are you aware that the 60 Plus Association, a top Republican front group, has run over $6.7 million in misleading advertisements designed to elect Republicans?  60 Plus refuses, by the way, to disclose its big health insurance company donors.  Their agenda is clear—to dismantle Medicare into a voucher program forcing Seniors to purchase coverage on their own from big private insurance companies.  AARP Health Care Reform Facts, Factcheck and Politifact have all found the claims of the ads backed by 60 Plus Association to be false, misleading, and designed to frighten Seniors.
    You have a clear choice.  Senator Hurt has vowed to topple the Healthcare Reform Bill if he wins in November.  If the Republicans take over the House in the next election, Medicare will crash in the years following their takeover.  You and your life and your family’s lives will be put in danger for somebody else’s career ambitions.
    How will that work for you?
    Speak up.  Do not allow Medicare to be demolished.  Vote for Tom Perriello.

Susan Coryell
True to his word

    Speaking before the Jefferson Area Tea Party on March 16, 2010, Rep. Tom Perriello said, “If you don’t tie our hands, we will keep stealing.”
    True to his word, Perriello, Pelosi and other liberal Democrats have been stealing our freedoms and our wealth by supporting ObamaCare, Cap & Trade, the failed $800 Billion Stimulus package and unconscionable spending leading to annual deficits of $1.4 trillion and $1.3 trillion since President Obama came to power.
    Let’s tie Tom’s hands by voting him and other tax and spend Democrats out of office.

H. D. Schweizer, Jr.

Alarming trend

    There is currently an alarming trend in America.  The middle class is shrinking.  Middle class workers who are losing their jobs and health insurance are sliding back out of the middle class. The gap between the rich and the poor is steadily widening, and it was already at record levels.  Fourteen percent, that is one in seven, Americans now live in poverty.  For children, the situation is even worse.  Our children are the future of this country.  But we have allowed a full 20 percent of them to live below the poverty level.  One in five children in the richest country in the world have slipped below the poverty line.  Many don’t know where they will be sleeping at night or where their next meal will come from.
    What do the Republicans offer in the face of this crushing recession?  Lower taxes for the wealthiest Americans; hoping they will invest in creating jobs.  But that didn’t happen in the eight years of the Bush administration when these lower taxes for the rich were in effect.  In fact, the unemployment rate steadily rose throughout those eight years, even as wealthy Americans had their personal taxes cut by hundreds of thousands of dollars each.
    So what makes people think that the Republicans are the answer to our problem?  That Robert Hurt, who was born in New York, grew up in an upper middle class home, attending private schools throughout his growing up years, spending 10 do-nothing years in the Virginia General Assembly, is interested in the least in the problems of those in the lower middle class?  Have you ever been unemployed?  Are you struggling with escalating energy bills?  Are you working two or three jobs just to keep up with expenses?  Are you in danger of losing your health insurance or even your home?
    Republicans care about your vote, but beyond that you are nothing to them.  They care about their own money.  How many times have you heard them say that government should keep its hands off their money?  They want to help you by privatizing Social Security; eliminating Medicare and Medicaid; repealing the health care bill, in which by the way, there is no government takeover, regardless of what the Republicans say.  But do you see Republicans shredding their Medicare cards and their Social Security cards so that the government stays out of their health care and retirement?  Of course not.  It is only you and I who should be hurt so that they can keep their extra hundred thousand dollar tax cut.
    They call the stimulus a jobless stimulus.  No, it didn’t create jobs for stock brokers or hedge fund traders.  But it helped keep school teachers, police and firefighters on the job.  It extended benefits for the unemployed,  it created construction jobs in infrastructure and extending broadband access.  Just recently, the Rural Star energy efficiency bill got through the House.  This would use stimulus money to help local people replace doors and windows, upgrade insulation and furnaces and save people money on their electric bills.  But the Republicans declare all this wasted money. 
    Of course, it is wasted on them- they don’t need it and they don’t care about the people who do need it.  Us little people.  Keep this in mind when you go to the polls.  Vote to keep Congressman Perriello fighting for us.  And let Republicans know that we, the people whom the CEO of BP called “small” people;  “we the people” do count.

Yvette Van Hise
Double talk

    Congressman Perriello needs to stop the double-talk and face the facts about his voting record. He claims a “No” vote on the bailouts, but the facts reveal that vote – for the second half of the funds - was meaningless. It was trumped up by Nancy Pelosi, purely for show. Only one chamber was needed to approve those funds.   The Senate had already voted. I would call that dishonest.
    In the recent debate, Congressman Perriello ran down a list of issues where he had broken ranks with his Party, but the reality is that when his vote really counted - when it meant whether a bill passed or failed - he voted with Pelosi. He voted “Yes” on the Stimulus Bill. He voted “Yes” on Cap and Trade. He voted “Yes” on ObamaCare. And, if I could decipher what he said in his Bedford Town Hall, I would bet – if his vote was needed for passage – he would vote “Yes” on Card Check, too. His constituents strongly oppose all.
    I don’t hear that double talk from Robert Hurt. He shares the values of the 5th District. My vote is going for Robert Hurt on November 2.

Dave Vaden

A guaranteed vote

    Congressman Tom Perriello has been running radio commercials trying to convince his constituents that he is an independent voice for the 5th district and that he often breaks with his party’s leadership. However many minor throwaway votes he may cite to prove his independence, the fact remains that he has been a guaranteed vote when President Obama and Nancy Pelosi needed him to pass one of their major priorities. Distracting commercials notwithstanding, on what major Obama priorities has Perriello broken with the White House?
    A ‘Stimulus’ package that stimulated nothing but the growth of government, at the cost of nearly a trillion dollars which we don’t have and my children will be taxed to pay for: Perriello voted “yes!” The massive energy tax called ‘Cap and Trade’, which Obama boasted would vastly increase the cost of electricity to consumers: Perriello voted “yes!”The health care overhaul, which has already begun to make it more difficult for private insurers to continue to provide health insurance, and which is causing some to lose their current coverage, despite Obama/Pelosi/Perriello’s claims to the contrary: Perriello voted “yes!”
    This record is not one of independence, nor does it represent the views of the voters in the 5th district. On November 2, I urge the voters in the 5th to remove Tom Perriello and to elect someone who will not continue to prop up this Administration and its liberal agenda. Let’s send Robert Hurt to Congress instead of Perriello.

Nate Boyer

Reading the bill

    In last week’s debate, Tom Perriello had the nerve to ask Robert Hurt if he had read the Health Care Reform Bill.  What?!  Twenty-four hundred pages of legalese that’s still being interpreted in order to determine the actual damage it’s done?  This is the bill about which Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” 
    John Conyers (D-MI) said, “I love these members that get up and say, ‘Read the bill.’  What good is reading the bill when it’s a thousand pages and you don’t have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you’ve read the bill.”  
    I bet Tom Perriello hasn’t read the bill either.  He certainly didn’t read it before he voted “Yes.”  No one did, because it was still being written up, just hours before the vote.
    Senator Hurt’s response was that he had read the bill to repeal Health Care Reform and would vote for it.  Good for him.  He obviously shares my views on smaller government, so I will be voting for Robert Hurt on November 2.

Marilyn Osborne-Bach
False advertising

    Last summer my son and I hiked along the Appalachian Trail to a rock formation called, “Dragon’s Tooth.”  A connecting trail starts from a parking lot off Route 311 near Catawba. 
    Prominently displayed at the entrance to the trail are two new signs:   “Project Funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” and “Putting Americans Back to Work.”
    These statements are false.  The Appalachian Trail and the short connecting Dragon’s Tooth Trail were in existence long before Obama became president.  They are maintained by volunteer work groups from the Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club.
    The purpose of the signs is to make people believe that the $787 billion stimulus plan is working.   It is not working.  It is a failure.  The American people are being lied to.
    There is a saying:  “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”
    On November 2 let’s fix it so we will not be fooled again.

Harry Ballard

Check the
Web site
    Before you vote for Robert Hurt for Congress, check his Web site:
    1. Robert Hurt would require your daughter or granddaughter to bear the child if she’s impregnated by a pedophile. Hurt opposes abortion - no exceptions.
    2. Robert Hurt claims to support a balanced budget, but doesn’t have the backbone to identify which programs (Medicare? Social Security?) he would cut. Instead, he cops out by proposing a “balanced budget amendment” that will never muster the 2/3 vote that’s constitutionally required to pass it in Congress. It would take seven years just to attempt the amendment, while the national debt balloons.
    3. Robert Hurt favors huge tax cuts that would further increase the deficit.
    4. Robert Hurt supports a “missile defense shield” fantasy that would waste billions of defense dollars to try to develop. Defense experts say his “Star Wars” scheme will never work, but could ignite a costly new arms race.
    5. Robert Hurt opposes (embryonic - editor’s addition) medical stem cell research.
    Think twice before you vote for a spendthrift with no sympathy for victims of sexual assault or crippling diseases. That’s Robert Hurt.
    Vote instead for Independent Jeffrey Clark or Democrat Tom Perriello.

Brian Raub

Constitution and congressman

    Whether the new Healthcare Reform law [“Obamacare”] is beneficial or not is immaterial.
    Supposedly we live under the rule of law, not the rule [whim] of man. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land and essentially is nothing more than a restriction on the powers of the federal government. In the Constitution the powers of the federal government are specifically spelled out [enumerated], all other powers are reserved to the states or people [10th Amendment]. This was the intent of our founding fathers who were suspicious of a central government’s powers to usurp the liberty of the people [remember King George?]. All elected officials of the USA swear allegiance to “Defend the Constitution.”
    Healthcare is not mentioned in the enumerated powers of the federal government [as well as education, financial regulation, etc.]. Any elected official who votes to allow federal interference in these areas stands in defiance of their solemn oath to the Constitution and should be subject to impeachment. Congressman Perriello [as did our senators Warner and Webb] thus shows either his [their] ignorance or contempt for our constitution. All who blindly support him [them] show their ignorance or contempt for the Constitution. “I’m Tom Perriello and I approve this message” becomes “I’m Tom Perriello and I approve these lies” [radio ads]. Why go through the laborious process of impeachment? Just vote him out on November 2!
    “What is to be the consequence, in case the Congress shall misconstrue ... the Constitution and exercise powers not warranted by its true meaning, I answer the same as if they should misconstrue or enlarge any other power vested in them ... a remedy must be obtained from the people, who can by the elections of more faithful representatives, annul the acts of the usurpers.” --James Madison

Boyd W. Hubbard

Health care

    The power of the health insurance lobby that was clearly evident in the barrage of misinformation during the Great Health Care Debate is alive and well.  They are pouring money into the campaigns of Republicans running this fall because the Republican Party has vowed to repeal health care reform.
    Key provisions of the bill do not go into effect until 2014 – the result of trying to reach bi-partisan support.  That means two election cycles where supporters of reform stand to be replaced.  What a tragedy!
     Health care reform will slow the drastically increasing cost of health insurance, stop denials for pre-existing conditions and cancellations when becoming sick.  To retreat to the past is a mistake.  Look at what is happening to pre-existing conditions.  Already health insurance companies are back to business as usual, charging exorbitant premiums ($400, $600 and $800 per month) for this coverage.
     If the Republicans take over Congress, they have pledged to cut funding for provisions of the health care reform bill, thus making it unworkable.  After they gut health care reform, they will go on to cutting funding for Medicare and privatizing Social Security.  This is a wake-up call, America!

Phyllis W. Conrad

Person of
integrity needed

    We need a person of integrity to represent us in Congress.  Senator Robert Hurt has deep 5th District roots, and has proven through 10 years of service as a Virginia legislator that he is a man of integrity.
    Conversely, Tom Perriello has proven that he is not a man of integrity.  He has made numerous claims that are not true, and he continues to make those false claims in his campaign ads and appearances.
    Here is a partial list of Perriello’s false claims and promises:
    1.    ObamaCare will reduce the deficit; false!  Perriello relies on legislative deceit and trickery to make this claim.
    2.    ObamaCare will not cut Medicare benefits to senior citizens; false!  Medicare Advantage benefits will be severely reduced.
    3.    ObamaCare will extend the solvency of Medicare by 12 years; false!  Medicare’s Chief Actuary debunked this claim.
    4.    The $800 billion Stimulus will keep unemployment below 8 percent; false!  Unemployment is stuck at 9.6 percent.
    5.    Opposing tax increases will send jobs overseas; false!  FactCheck.org exposed this myth being spread by many tax-and-spend Democrats, including Perriello.
    Perriello is sold out to the labor unions and Nancy Pelosi.  I will vote for Robert Hurt on November 2.

Jim Miller

Social Security vs. Amnesty

    The Senior Citizens League states, “The Obama Administration wants to declare an Amnesty for an estimated 11 million ‘illegal immigrants.’” This statement promises a fast track to U.S. citizenship that includes being recipients of Social Security and Medicare benefits.
    The U.S. Supreme Court ruling known as “Flemming vs. Nestor” makes it clear that Congress can cut or change the Social Security benefits you receive anytime.  American citizens do not have a “right” to Social Security benefits no matter what Congress or the Social Security Administration promised
    On behalf of The Senior Citizens League, a highly regarded law firm has studied the United States Mexico Social Security Totalization Agreement.  If the agreement goes into effect, millions of new citizens who become eligible for these benefits in the agreement with Mexico will be protected because it was made in a legally enforceable international agreement.
    The Senior Citizens League careful review of the situation indicates that if any form of Amnesty is given to illegal immigrants, there would be an influx of their dependents and these new recipients would quickly drain many millions of dollars from the Trust Fund.
    Robert Hurt does not support amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants now living in the United States.  I support Robert Hurt for 5th District Congressman.

Lucille Bailey


    Election 2010, what is the reality? 
    The reality is our national debt is $13.6 trillion, our year-to-date national deficit is $1.3 trillion, and mandated non-discretionary Federal spending now exceeds 60 percenet of yearly tax revenue.  This isn’t a Democratic or Republican problem.  It’s an American problem.  Can we build and sustain a viable economy or maintain our role as a great nation under these conditions?  I don’t believe that is possible.
    The answers to these issues are found within each American citizen.  We must expect that our elected officials have the courage to implement governmental policies that eliminate the mushrooming national debt and deficit.  We must ensure that our politicians know we will selflessly support them in efforts to accomplish this daunting but doable task.  We must accept the fact that every segment of our society will be painfully impacted by the remedies and that no section of the citizenry is exempt.  Special interests must be supplanted by only the American interest. 
    The solution demands that students, seniors, families, veterans, agriculture, government, rich, poor, middle class, unions, and business share in the present burdens to accomplish the future benefits.  As Benjamin Franklin stated, “we all hang together or we will most certainly all hang separately.”  We must realize that we didn’t rapidly reach this critical condition and we won’t rapidly cure it.  This is a long term battle on which the survival of our Republic hangs.  All possible solutions must be on the table and promptly and judiciously evaluated.
    How might government and the citizens assist a national revival?
• Restore true Federalism as established by the Founders and Constitution.
• Pass a balanced budget amendment.
• Establish a national goal requiring the national debt to be eliminated within a set period of time.
• Eliminate Federal subsidy programs and unfunded federal mandates.
• Adjust the qualification age for Social Security and Medicare to reflect the increased life expectancy of Americans.
• Establish a national sales tax dedicated to retirement of the national debt.
• Revamp a tax system to make American businesses highly competitive and ensure all Americans contribute fairly to the well being of our nation.
• Reaffirm the time tested American principle that we best prosper based on merit and not the largesse of the government.
    Will these policies have associated pain?  Yes.  Will citizens and interest groups scream for exemptions? No doubt that will happen.
    Should any bear more or less than another? No. We all pull our share of the load and save our country or we admit we lacked the courage that our time of trial required. If we fail we can then reminisce and tell our grandchildren about a great nation that once existed a long time ago, the United States of America.
    Consider this election and the national consequences of our existing condition.

Lt. Col. Barry Turpin USMCR ret.

Poor choices

    Don’t you just love election year! The Republicans telling us what the Democrats are doing wrong and they’ve had their chance and screwed things up big time.  The Democrats are doing the same thing and things are not any better.  Now we have a “tea party” that seems to me to be a bunch of sore losers and quitters (Mrs. Palin) that know the problems and solutions. 
    We are spending billions in the middle-east trying to bring peace and form a better government for them and we can’t solve our own problems!  The Democrats and Republicans are spending millions trying to get in power and not listening to the people.  Jobless rates are up, poverty is up, and health care is a joke!
    Our country has become a nation of foreigners that are reaping the benefits that real American citizens should be getting.  Voting for a Democrat or Republican seems to be picking the lesser of two evils and either is a poor choice!

Jimmy Cundiff

Political puff pieces

    Does it concern anyone that during his first 18 months in office Tom Perriello raised $2 million for his campaign; or that he has abused the congressional franking privilege to send multiple political puff pieces at taxpayer expense?
    A mailing to every household in the Fifth District, and I have received five from him this year, would cost anybody else about $80,000 each. Their only purpose is to make him look good, but the funniest was the one touting his efforts to control spending and reduce the deficit.
    The problem facing Republicans and the Tea Party is President Obama has a plan and they don’t; or, at least, no plan which can command sufficient courage to be enacted, or passed over the president’s veto should courage be found.
    Obama’s plan is the essence of simplicity, and it has worked for Democrats for 75 years:  Bring more of the economy and more voters under the sway of government. Its object is enduring power, which flatters those who hold it; but beyond that, power is money. In a highly centralized and increasingly corrupt system, access to power is a guarantee of position and generous compensation.
    Obamacare will control effectively one-sixth of the economy. The new financial regulation will make much work for lawyers, accountants and  lobbyists. Both will assure a river of gold for congressional campaigns as the affected parties pony up for protection or relief, as we see now in the Fifth District.
    It would be foolish to pretend that replacing Tom Perriello with Robert Hurt will work miracles, but it will represent a small step toward a more realistic view of what the federal government can sensibly do and the country afford.  Hurt’s ten years in the state legislature, where budgets must be balanced, should prepare him for that.
    For 20 years, under Republicans and Democrats, the economy has been trying to tell us it cannot support our expectations, but the cracks were papered over by massive debt and printed money.  To dig out of the hole we’re in will require sustained spending restraint and modest tax increases for all.
    Some say only an old anti-communist like Nixon could open the door to China,  It might also be said that only an old liberal like Obama could preside over a grand bargain between the parties on taxes and spending.  The problem was and will be that demagoguery is Obama’s first love and true skill; and in politics you can’t do business with a demagogue. Real change?  Not yet.

Ray L Garland
Attacking Islam

    Some think Islam is such a violent religion that Muslims shouldn’t build Mosques where they want? This opinion is common among many who believe skin should be white. We have a tendency in this country to indict a whole people for the alleged transgressions of a few.  We have done this to the Blacks, the Chinese, the Jews, the Italians, the Irish, the Vietnamese among others and now the Muslims.
    If anyone believes Islam and its Koran are more violent than Christianity and its Bible, they haven’t read either or the history of the Inquisition, the Crusades and other Christian events. The killing of over 100,000 innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan by this “Christian nation” is enormously more than the 3,000 killed on 9/11.  I guess it’s okay if you think god is on your side.
    What happened on September 11, 1973—not 2001?  On this date, a Christian US orchestrated a coup in Chili, overthrew Allende, the democratically elected president, and replaced him with a brutal military dictatorship headed by General Pinochet.  There is thorough documentation that the coup was carried out by the CIA under orders of President Nixon, a Christian.  His Secretary of State, Kissinger, ordered the assassination of the Chilean Army Chief because he upheld their Constitution.  Operating under the code name Condor, the US supported death squads that assassinated, abducted, intimidated and tortured numerous “dissidents.”  Would Jesus have supported this?
    Gandhi said “ I love Jesus.  It’s just that so many Christians are unlike him.”
    Pearl Harbor happened on December 7, 1941, and less than 3,000 were killed.  But what happened on December 7, 1975?  On that day, 200,000 people—one third of the East Timor population—were massacred by Indonesian troops using US weapons and with explicit approval of President Ford, a Christian, and Secretary of State, Kissinger, in their meeting with President Suharto.  Norm Chomsky said this was the worst slaughter relative to population since the Holocaust.  There are numerous other examples of Christian atrocities just like Muslim atrocities.
    The most important unlearned lesson from 9/11 is that our ignorance is costly to us as well as to others.  Shallow explanations for the terrorist attacks that focus on our goodness and the evil nature of our enemies are dangerous.  They provide tenuous comfort without responding to real grievances.  We refuse to see the cause of the hatred directed toward us, which leaves us less secure than before 9/11.  No matter how many billions we spend and how many terrorists we kill, we will be vulnerable to future terrorist attacks.  Bush’s military responses to 9/11 make us less secure because they offered simplistic solutions to complex problems made more so by our genuine myopia.  The inevitable result of vilifying enemies and militarizing US foreign policy is that we constantly refill the reservoir of hate that gives rise to terrorism. Consider that it cost the 9/11 attackers about $50,000. It will cost us over $3 trillion for our response in Iraq and Afghanistan. Can we sustain this for long?
    We (Christians) tortured Muslims at Guantanamo when good interrogation techniques would have accomplished the same result. We also sent prisoners to other countries to be tortured.  We fought a senseless war in Iraq in which neither force nor promises of a better future could win the hearts and minds of the Iraqis. They can’t even form a government eight months after an election. Gandhi once again observed, “Victory by violence is tantamount to defeat, for its momentary”. 
    Others see us as a terrorist state just like we see them. Bush’s “You are either with us or against us” confirmed this. Why do we continue to impose our beliefs on a world that doesn’t want them? Can we really believe that just killing Muslims, when they outbreed us by about eight-to-one, will solve any problem?  Or could we try more interactive solutions?  While sustained international diplomacy is slow and extraordinarily difficult, in the end, it is the only real solution as Obama has clearly said. Let’s hope he gets us out of both Iraq and Afghanistan as promised. That is the Christian thing to do.

David McLoughlin

‘Do nothing’ attitudes of Christians

    I believe God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit represent both Love and Righteousness.  I believe the Love and Righteousness of God leads to the three levels of action.
    I believe the Bible teaches all things should be dealt with by the following three levels of action;
    1) If it is good  accept it and nourish it.
    2) If it is evil  rebuke it but tolerate it.
    3) If it threatens your existence  destroy it before it destroys you.  This is self defense, which both the individual and society have a right and responsibility to do.
    The first two are from the New Testament of the Bible and represent the Law of Love.  The third is from the Old Testament of the Bible and represents the Law of Purity/Self Defense.  The New Testament deals more with personal responsibility and the Old Testament deals more with the preservation of society.  The Old Testament and the New Testament together present God’s Law, a means of survival for a person, a nation and a world.
    Some say the only thing necessary is Love, but I believe “The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing”.  I believe evil is flourishing because good men (Christians) are doing nothing to rebuke/execute evil through Civil Law.   The Civil Law that use to rebuke/execute evil is now being ruled unconstitutional by judges that are Atheists.
    The Church should rebuke sin/evil in obedience to God, and the State should rebuke/execute evil/sin for health, safety and economic reasons.
    The following are some to the “do nothing” attitudes of Christians.
    Leave it to God - This attitude is where the Christian is really concerned about being judgmental so they leave it to God to take action.  No person can judge the heart of another person, but when the heart of a person is revealed by physical actions that violate the commandments/doctrines of the Bible, the physical actions must be judged, rebuked and in many cases executed.  Sin/Evil is a cancer in society that must be eliminated before all of society is destroyed.  I believe God provided the Bible so Christians would know good from evil, so that Christians could righteously judge the physical actions.  II Timothy 3:16 states, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness”.
    John Edwards (Democratic vice presidential candidate) - This attitude is where the Christian says, “I would not do that, but I would not mind someone else doing that.”  I am not sure whether advocating/condoning sin isn’t worse than the actual act of sin.  The act of sin will lead to disease, death destruction and poverty for those involved, but advocating/condoning sin will lead to disease, death, destruction and poverty for the nation.  The Atheistic Liberal News and Entertainment Industry advocates/condones sin with the continual portrayal of adultery and homosexuality as fun when in reality adultery leads to poverty for the 40 percent that have illegitimate children and homosexuality leads to death for over two million people per year due to AIDS.
    Soft on Sin - This attitude is where the Christian says, “There are other more important social issues than being concerned about Sin/Evil”.  These are the socialists, pacifists, environmentalists, homosexuals, social justice people that consider worldly issues as the cause of human misery, yet the root cause of most human misery is sin/evil.  Romans 6:23 states, “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”
    This is a political subject because the Democratic party is the party of the socialists, pacifists, environmentalists, social justice people that advocates abortion and homosexuality which is in violation of the commandments/doctrines of the Bible.
    Republicans have yet to prove to me that they totally support Christian principles, but Democrats have proven they do “not” support Christian principles.
    I believe America and the world is in great danger of God’s wrath due to Christians doing nothing.  I do not understand how any Christian could vote for any Democrat nor be associated with the Democratic Party.

Clifford D. Russell

Democrats of Olde vs. Democrats of New

    So which kind of a Democrat are you? 
    My mom was a Democrat of Olde, and so is my brother.  My mother was an active Democrat in Queens County, one of the five boroughs of New York City.  This was back in the ‘40s and ‘50s, and if you wanted to do anything at all in politics in Queens, you worked in the Democrat party, the party of the working class. 
    My brother is Supervisor of his Town in dairy farm country in the Catskill area of New York State.  These hard-working farmers are the descendants of German immigrants who settled on homestead farms of 160 acres or so, and they were Democrats from day one—and still are!  My brother runs unopposed! (I will admit that this is  due to his extraordinary competence, besides the fact that the Town still predominantly votes Democrat.) After all, isn’t the Democrat Party the party of the farmers, the working class?  Perhaps in the ‘olde’ days, but surely no longer. 
    The Democrat Party of today is the party of the elite career politicians who call themselves ‘progressives’ and they are currently on a massive push to maintain their power by gaining more and more control over all of our lives (healthcare, cap and trade, card check),  while simultaneously growing government in the process (czars for consumer protection, financial controls, environmental controls, you name it).  The Democrat Party of today believes that the answer to any and all of our problems is bigger and bigger government, while putting a strangle-hold (more taxes and controls) on the private sector and the small businessman —and all this in spite of continued high unemployment.
     Note that 80 percent of our private sector jobs are provided by small business. The Democrat Party of today believes that the federal government  can fix all of our problems, including unemployment, by spending, spending, and spending! The reality is that the only jobs that can be created by government spending are government jobs, and the only way for government to solve high unemployment is to get the heck out of the way  by reducing the corporate tax rate,  income tax rates (for everyone), capital gains taxes, etc.; and by removing micromanagement of the economy via complicated government regulations. This would then result in the revitalization of the free enterprise system which has been the absolute core  of the most successful and compassionate nation in the history of the world. 
    This is the way to create private sector jobs which will be real and long-lasting, quite unlike the more unnecessary and artificial government jobs which will bleed us dry. Their only similarity, unfortunately, is that they are also long-lasting.
    The point that I want to make here is that the Olde Democrat Party was nothing at all like the Democrat Party that is currently in the process of bringing down our Republic! Our Founding Fathers would turn in their graves if they could see what is taking place in Washington, DC.  My plea here is to all those Democrats who vote Democrat  because that is what they have always done — for them to take the time to re-read our Constitution and perhaps some of Thomas Jefferson’s papers,  or turn on the Fox News channel once in a while, instead of some ball game or sitcom. At least there they will get both sides of every issue. 
    If news shows bore them, then try some novels by Ayn Rand written back in the ‘50s and ‘60s and be amazed at what she has written as it seems so appropriate to what is happening in our society today. I would recommend “Fountainhead” to start (or rent the movie, though many parts of the book are left out, you will still see the point that she is making)  and then move on to the real classic “Atlas Shrugged.” Then maybe they will be awakened to what the Democrat Party has become while they have been watching “Lost” or “Survivor” or Reality TV!  Every new ‘czar’ and every new government entity that our current administration creates causes Atlas to shrug just one more time.  And ‘time’ is running out folks, for when more than half of the voters are on the dole or working for the federal government, the game is over!
    What amazes me more than anything is how we do not seem to learn from even the most recent history of what has happened to those governments who have embraced socialism and have thereby strangled free enterprise.  It amazes me not at all that Democrat politicians (and many Republicans as well) seemingly ignore history, for they are primarily concerned with maintaining and ever expanding their own power —which necessitates that they be re-elected, of course.  Granting entitlements and doling out handouts buy votes, as does responding favorably to the demands of special interest groups, in particular the government employee unions and the very powerful teachers union.  And oh yes, granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens would be the coup d’etat for Democrat voter registration.
    Democrats should take a good look at their inner beliefs and principles and compare them to the actions of our current administration, and perhaps find that their Party has been hijacked.  Ask why the party opposes charter schools and vouchers for private schools so that parents can shop for the best education for their children (free-market education).  And ask why the Party is opposed to home-schooling (forcing parents to become certified to teach their own children). Ask why their Party has become the secular party.  Ask why their Party apologizes to foreign governments and aligns with them in criticizing one of our own United States (Arizona).
    If you believe in individual freedom, individual rights, individual responsibility, less government intervention in our lives (lower taxes), securing our borders and enforcing our current immigration laws (one of the few powers actually granted to the federal government by the Constitution), states’ rights, working towards energy independence, and most of all, in reducing our deficits and balancing our budget, then please think twice in this election campaign period, and get involved in the campaign process.  Become informed and question your candidates, be they Republican or Democrat  as to their principles and beliefs, and make sure that they align with your own!

Paul F. Greier

Supports Hurt

    By the time this letter is published, I hope that the voters of the 5th district will have elected Robert Hurt as our Representative.
    During the course of the campaign season, I have seen Mr. Hurt mature as a candidate realizing that the United States is a republic, not a democracy.

Polly Korpanty

Hurt for Congress
    There used to be a saying abroad in the land,”There is no such thing as federal money, it is your money.”  This may surprise you to know this is no longer true.  Reason?  Perriello and company have spent all of your money, they are now spending your children’s money.
    He doesn’t get it.  If you listen to his ads they roughly translate as:
    1.  “Hello, my name is Vic Veteran, Perriello gave me some of your children’s money.”
    2.  “Hello, Perriello is going to use some of you children’s money to confiscate more land around Booker T. Washington Monument.”
    3.  “Hello, we elitist condescending intellectuals are going to get some of your children’s money to permanently remove D-Day memorial from local control.”
    If you think it seems like it takes an “act of Congress” to get a commie butcher’s bust taken down now, wait till Perriello gets through, it’ll be literally true.
      We in Virginia have been accused of being naive, of not voting our on self interest.  We are not naive, and we proudly vote for the best interest of our state, our country, our children.  We proudly vote for Robert Hurt for Congress.

Wendell Kenneth Johnson
Bedford County

The best the Dems can do?

    I just received a campaign brochure, produced and mailed by the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, touting the 5th District third party candidate as the real (radical) conservative – the candidate who will cut taxes and entitlement programs – with no mention of Tom Perriello, the Democrat.
     Is this the best the Democrats can do?  Tout a third party candidate to try to siphon off votes from the Republican? That’s disgraceful and what’s even worse is that VA’s 5th District isn’t the only place it’s happening.  A recent New York Times article reports it’s happening all over and in some cases third-party candidate ads are being openly funded by unions and other Democrat surrogate organizations.
     The article stated, "In response to questions about whether the efforts were being coordinated on a national level, the Democratic National Committee said in a statement, 'Republicans have no one to blame but their own indeological intolerance for the bloody civil war on their side.' "
     If you agree and believe this pathetic behavior is acceptable, you'll probably vote for Tom Perriello.  I do not believe it's acceptable.  I'll be voting for Robert Hurt on November 2.
Ron Bach