Letters 10/03/12

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Insulted by Romney
    I am insulted by Mitt Romney. 
    I am part of the 47 percent whose vote he will never get, but I do not feel victimized or entitled to government assistance. 
    No, I feel lucky to have not faced serious illness, been involved in a life-changing accident or had a child with a financially draining disability.  I was fortunate to work for the same company from college to retirement.  I am a senior citizen who does pay taxes and I am grateful to live in a country that provides safety nets like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps for those whose lives have not been so fortunate. 
    Mr. Romney, of the wealthiest 1 percent, seems unable to relate to those for whom common life events like accidents and illness have de-railed the best laid financial plans.
    I am proud to be a Democrat who believes in providing a helping hand when needed.

Phyllis W. Conrad


    We look forward to Centerfest every year, but what a joke!
    It seems there were a lot less vendors this year, and it just seems to be getting worse every year. Whose brilliant idea was it to cram all the food under two large tents!
    The people working the stands didn’t know if they were going or coming, and the wait in line was at least 30 min. When I finally got my “corndog” it was a funnelcake dog.
     What ever happened to the good old days?  We will not attend next year’s festivities, good luck to those who do!

Nita King