Letters 10/10/12

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A lifetime of the right stuff

    Meet John Douglass.
    Brigadier General John Douglass (Ret) of Virginia, has thrown his cap into the political arena and come out of retirement to serve the Congressional 5th District, his state and his country one more time.
    This decorated veteran who led his men in South East Asia and in Europe is no stranger to fighting for his country. Now he stands ready to fight for the people of the 5th District, to stand up and lead the fight for good in the House of Representatives, to make your voice heard and to do the right thing by you and for you.
    John Douglass will arrive in Washington with instant name recognition and the credentials to be heard on our behalf. Among those credentials, he lists his rise through the ranks to become a Brigadier General, who aided in transforming our national defense by helping develop cruise missiles and stealth technology. As Assistant Secretary of the Navy he took on the Pentagon red tape thereby saving taxpayers millions of dollars. He led the fight to make the United States aerospace industry a competitive leader in the global economy and expanded good American jobs as President of the Aerospace Industries Association. ...
    This man understands people, their needs and their desire to have someone who will speak for them. John Douglass is a husband and father of four, living and working on his farm in Northern Virginia.
    Energetic, strong and bright he does not show his years, but will tell you very quickly that he has no designs on a career in politics. He has no agenda other than to give back to his country, his state and his district one more time. 
    If you haven’t met John Douglass, your first meeting will be a ‘first’ in the political forum. He will give you the impression of being a kind man, intelligent, with a deep love of country. He will call you by name, address your questions clearly and tell you how he plans to work for you by meeting the challenges we share head on.
    If you haven’t met him, you should. Go to www.johndouglassforcongress.com  

Ginny Brock

Virgil Goode
left me

    I have been a supporter of Congressman Virgil Goode. He articulated and voted for many of the Conservative Issues and Values I felt were important and therefore I supported him and voted for him.
    After loosing the 2008 election; Virgil had the opportunity to run for Congress again in 2010. I would have supported him and voted for him again; but he decided not to run!
    Virgil’s current run for President on a third-party ticket will not result in his return to office. Instead it will help Obama and detract from the elections of Romney and Ryan.
    In this year’s critical election every vote is important and will be required to replace Obama and Biden. Misdirected votes can give Virginia’s Critical Electoral Dele-gates to Obama.
    I must now set aside my loyalty to Virgil Goode for the greater good of electing Romney and Ryan, and I encourage others to do the same.
    Vote to elect Romney and Ryan and George Allen to US Senate and Robert Hurt to Congress so that America can be America Again for our Children and Grandchildren.
    The Sad Fact is that Virgil Goode Left Me, I Did Not Leave Virgil.

LB Hagen