Letters 10/12/11

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Is death an advertisement opportunity?

    Is anyone else offended by the funeral home logos that now appear in the obituaries? 
    I think that it is very sad when something that is supposed to honor our deceased is either turned into a revenue opportunity by the paper or a marketing opportunity by the funeral homes or both.  Granted, if one funeral home does it, the others will have to follow.  But, really? 
    The funeral home is always mentioned at the end of each obituary.  Isn’t that enough?  And, if there is some compelling reason that the logos should stay, can’t they at least be reduced in size so that what is prominently displayed is the obituaries and not a variety of fonts, colors, and logos promoting a business that all of us have to use ultimately?
Fran Dale

shooting range

    I write to protest the establishment of a shooting range behind my house which is located at 6100 Thomas Jefferson Road. I am the person most affected by the establishment of the shooting range.
    My name is Al Iantorno and I lived at the above address for 12 years. I currently live in Missouri and rent the house. But, I intend to return to my house in the near future and retire there. I hope to live my old age in a nice quiet neighborhood and not a war zone.
    Frank Hooper and I lived side by side with honor. Frank was a Southern Gentleman and he cared about his neighbors. Frank would never place a shooting range on his property and to do so will dishonor him. Besides, placing a shooting range next to an elementary school is sheer insanity. There is always a chance of a stray bullet killing a child. If not, the mere presence of the range will send a message of violence to children.
    In Mark Jordan’s justification for rezoning, he writew “many of the adjoining land owners have evidenced their support for this facility.” I have not and I don’t think that Robert Wiley or the Walker family has either. You are saying this to influence public opinion in favor of the project. You have also moved the meeting from Forest to Bedford to make it more difficult for Forest people to attend. I see this has preferential treatment for Timothy Hooper and I object to it.
    I hope good judgement prevails and the permit is denied. If petitions are in progress to stop the project, I encourage all my neighbors to sign the petition on my behalf.

Al Iantorno
Pleasant Hill, MO

Supports Putney

    It is time again for the voters in the 19th House of Delegates district to re-elect Lacey Putney. He remains the longest serving member of the longest continually functioning elected assembly in the western hemisphere.
    At a time of continued uncertainty, potential double-dip recession, and the need for constrained state budgets, let’s keep a solid, seasoned and proven leader in place representing Bedford and Botetourt counties. As a native of Bedford County and a 25-year resident of Botetourt County, I have known Lacey for well over 30 years. I remain confident in his leadership capabilities, legislative talent and political skills.
    In the category of “what has Lacey done,” besides almost 50 years of solid leadership in the General Assembly, he was recently key to ensuring funding for construction of the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute, critically needed educational facilities at Virginia Tech, Radford University and VMI, and if you think back a few years, the bridge over the James River at Eagle Rock. Lacey has demonstrated that he can hold the line on state spending while still making the hard decisions for big investments needed to ensure Virginia’s educational and economic competitiveness.
    The voters of Bedford and Botetourt counties should once again send the grand old gentleman of Bedford back to Richmond. The Governor and the rest of Virginia need him too.

John Williamson

Centerfest thanks

    Bedford Main Street would like to thank all who participated in any way, shape, or form in Centerfest 2011.
    We appreciate all of the feedback that we received from local merchants and street vendors regarding all of the new changes, and we look forward to next year ! A great big THANK YOU to ALL of our great volunteers, with special thanks going out to Corey Crompton for organizing all of the music related events this year, to Pearl Broesamle for organizing and managing all of the food vendors, and the City of Bedford, the Public Works Department, the Electric Company, and the Bedford Police Department.
    We had a great festival, and could not have done it without each and every one of you. Thank you also to our sponsors for this years event: Bedford Memorial Hospital, Century Beverage, Wells Fargo, Shentel, Dominion Dodge, WVTF 93.7, Q99, K92, Jims’ Service Center, the Decoy Room, and of course, The Bedford Bulletin.

Dan Plattus
Bedford Main Street

Why adopt a
rescue pet?

    October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month and All-American Mutt Rescue is celebrating all the pups (and kitties) who are waiting for their perfect forever families to find them.  But why should you adopt a rescue pet?
    Putting aside all the arguments for buying a specific breed puppy from a breeder, many people emphatically agree that you should adopt a dog from a pound or a no-kill rescue because “it’s the right thing to do.” Pounds and rescues have lovable dogs and cats of all shapes, sizes and ages. The chances of finding a pet who matches your lifestyle and family are excellent! Purebred or unique, one-of-a-kind mixed breeds, many have already lived with families and have the basic social skills they need to be an enjoyable part of your household.
    Many dogs end up in pounds or rescues due to circumstances beyond their control. They were victims of a death in the family, illness, divorce or a move that didn’t include them. Some were displaced by a new baby. Others had pet parents who didn’t learn how to train them. And there are those who were left at a pound or rescue because of a behavior problem that their pet parents didn’t try to or weren’t able to resolve.
    A “second-hand” dog is in no way second-rate.  Most adoptable pound or rescue dogs are healthy, affectionate animals. Any dog—young or old, mixed breed or purebred—will need some training or retraining to learn how to fit into his new household and become your cherished companion. 
    Adopting a pound or rescue pet is a real bargain! An adoption donation is much lower than the cost of buying a pet from a pet store or breeder. Most rescue dogs, including those from All-American Mutt Rescue, are spayed or neutered before adoption, and updated on routine vaccinations. AAMR even microchips their animals so that if they get lost, they can find their way home to their new pet parents.
    When you’re ready to add a new pet family member, please consider adopting from a local rescue group or pound.
    For more information on pets available in your area, go to www.allamericanmuttrescue.org or www.petfinder.com.

Cindy and Danny
All-American Mutt Rescue, Inc.


    There is no question there is massive poverty in America, but the question is “what caused the poverty,” and “how to eliminate the poverty.” 
    I believe there are two main reasons for poverty at this time.
    The main reason for poverty is people violating the commandments/doctrines of the Bible such that there is now a 40 percent illegitimacy rate in America due to adultery/fornication and the AIDS of homosexuality that represent instant poverty which require massive Socialistic programs.
    The second reason for poverty is a total failure of the Obama trillion dollar stimulus program.
    The Democrats are trying to find a scapegoat for poverty in order to keep control of the government, which represents a great danger to Christians because the Socialism of the Democrats has Atheism attached.
    The problem with Christians that pray and vote, but do not participate in politics, is that by the time a person has been nominated, the choice is between a full Atheist Democrat and an Atheistic leaning Republican. Christians need to be involved in politics so there is a Christian Conservative candidate nominated and elected.
    Some say Democrats are not full Atheists, but the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” is proof Democrats support Atheistic activities the Bible calls an abomination.
    There is a book by Wayne Grudem, “Politics According to the Bible” where Grudem discusses reasons Christians give for not being involved in politics.  Grudem states one of the concepts that lead to Christians getting out of politics was the Sermon on the Mount being interpreted that Christians should be pacifists who never do anything that could be considered judgmental.   That has led to Atheists taking over the government and the judicial system legalizing pornography, abortion and homosexuality which the Bible defines to be sin.
    The solution to poverty causing by sin is to accept Jesus Christ as Lord/Savior and commit to following the commandments/doctrines of the Bible.
    The solution to poverty caused by Democrats is for Christians to get back into politics and return America to being a Christian Nations in accordance with our motto, “In God We Trust.”   No Christian should ever vote for any Democrat for any office because the Democratic Party supports Socialism and Atheism.
    Some say they do not want the ideas of the Christian right being imposed on them, but I do not like the ideas of the Atheistic left being imposed on me in the form of laws that legalized pornography abortion and homosexuality.
    Democrats say they want to eliminate poverty, but Democrats are the party of the poor, so if poverty is eliminated, the Democratic Party is eliminated.  The reality is that the elite of the Democratic party get rich off the misery of the poor so they are not about to eliminate poverty.

Clifford D. Russell

The first

    Since the beginning of time and scores of years gone by, kings, rulers and governments have increased little by little their respect for all people including the working, the working poor and the poor bettering their living environments.
    I believe that many of these ruthless leaders of centuries ago as, King Henry the VIII, William I, Oliver Cromwell, Mary I, and Attila the Hun, were the first conservative Republicans. In the last century, conservative Republicans were against Medicare Social Security, Food Stamps, etc.
    Today, they wish to deny and/or reduce these services for those who are in need. while in 38 other countries where their citizens live longer, those countries also have government control over healthcare, including Cuba, Israel and Japan. Since the start of the Korean war, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, we and the wealthier countries have killed millions of people including civilians, women and children, in the name of capitalism and to bring wealth to wealthier countries.
    I also believe that Jesus was the first socialist to the dismay of most TV preachers.
Kenneth Aldhizer