Letters 10/17/12

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I apologize

    I must apologize to the citizens of the Second District of Bedford County. 
    I have been very privileged to have received your vote to represent you on the Bedford County Board of Supervisors.  It was an honor you gave me and I tried to fulfill it as I tried to represent you and all of Bedford County during my time on the Board. 
    However, I reached the conclusion that I am no longer effective as your representative.  It is with regret that I left the Board during our meeting on October 9, 2012.  I feel that I have let you down by resigning but also understand that I had lost all influence on the Board on your behalf.
     I can no longer effectively represent you.  I hope that others will step forward and accept the duty to represent the best interests of the County.  It is a wonderful position from which to know Bedford County and the excellent and dedicated staff. 
    I have been blessed. 

Chuck Neudorfer

Surprised by nomination

    I am surprised and disappointed that Mr. Neudorfer would nominate someone to the planning commission who was actively pursuing a lawsuit against the county.
    Mr. Piatt does not merely represent a difference of opinion, agenda or ideology; he represents a conflict of interests. I believe the actions of the board in voting down the nomination of Mr. Piatt were legitimate and prudent.
    Appointment of planning commissioners has long been effectively a formality, and I believe this is a testament to the fact that the Supervisors have not allowed personality or agenda to affect their desire to allow the districts to be fairly represented on the commission. I would not attribute this action to the existence of a “coalition,” but rather to the leadership of Board members who did what they believed was right, given the circumstances of this unique case.

Josiah Tillett

Looser zoning laws

    Chuck Neudorfer’s sudden resignation last week from the Bedford County Board of Supervisors appears to have resulted at least in part from the underlying tension in the debate about the proposed changes in the county’s zoning. 
    The apparent support for looser zoning laws by a majority on the board, which Neudorfer, an able man and former FBI agent, called a “coalition,” runs counter, however modestly and impliedly, against communal land rights which are the basis for zoning.  To some this may seem reactionary but is actually a move toward restoration.
    All zoning laws, which rest on state law, should be repealed as socialistic departures from genuine property rights found earlier in the common law. In essence, property rights then meant an owner could use his land as he chose provided it did not interfere with another owner’s use of his. This “do unto others as they would do unto you” principle would replace all central planning.
    Without zoning today, the governmental role would be limited to protecting against such interference and providing safe roads, utility easements, controlling water runoff, sanitation and similar ancillary matters. Aside from this and keeping taxes low, the government would have no role in developing local economies.
    The new majority on the board is not proposing anything remotely like this, but looser zoning laws would at least tilt toward land liberty. Zoning rests on an unstated assumption: Government is the lord of the land.

Louis F. Sette

Supports Merritt

    I am writing a letter of endorsement for Jennifer Merritt for Bedford County School Board District 2.  I have known Jennifer since we moved to the area four years ago.  I have had the pleasure serving with her on Moneta Elementary PTA’s executive board.  During our tenure on the board I witnessed, first hand, her dedication to our students in Bedford County.
    Her recent appointment to the School Board to fill a vacancy was a perfect fit for Jennifer and our community.  Her years of experience prepared her for her role on the School Board.  She has spent the last eight years in our local schools as a volunteer, PTA board member and parent. 
    Jennifer has two opponents.  One is a teacher.  Another opponent is a recent political science graduate of Virginia Tech who does not have children in BCPS nor spent time as a concerned adult in our schools.  As a matter of fact he works in Blacksburg. 
    Before you vote, ask yourself who will spend tireless hours in meetings, work sessions and school functions…a would be career politician or a dedicated mother of three?  The choice is clear- vote Merritt for School Board District 2. 

Cori Fairchild

The Bedford Extremist
    I enjoy reading the Bedford Bulletin and long ago realized there was no need for the weekly publication to feature a comics section. This is because the Bulletin frequently publishes the rambling fodder of perennial letter writer Clifford Russell. I find his writings to be comical, mildly entertaining, puzzling and somewhat disturbing. One of the best features of his letters is the challenge presented to the reader; that being to try to figure out the intended topic.
    Until recently, Russell’s meandering and sometimes irrational explanations only exposed his views to Bulletin readers and occasionally to readers of the News and Advance. Now that Russell has earned his 15 minutes of fame beyond the local spotlight, it seems he can’t take the heat for his views.
    I read Russell’s response to Rick Howell’s, Local GOP volunteer: Execute “illegitimate” parents, 10-10-12, and was once again astounded by this man’s thought process or lack thereof. In fact I read it several times in order to discern his argument that he had been maligned. His explanation seemed not to be a denial, but a confirmation of his point of view. I would describe his explanation in one word as “incredible”.
    Russell’s writings frequently assert that he, alone, has the innate capacity to randomly categorize people as being Atheist, Socialist or placement in some other group of his disliking. His recent ramblings now allow others, from Bedford and beyond, to categorize him in a befitting category of his own making.
    One thing is certain, should Russell cease to send letters to the Bulletin Editor, the paper will need to add a comics section and perhaps throw in a puzzle or two.

J. Edmond McDowell

What is his

    So Mr. Neudorfer resigned from the Board of Supervisors, got up, and walked out?
    Say it’s not so.
    Just because the others on the Board would not accept his nominee for the Planning Commission. Why, I don’t understand.
    Oh wait. That nominee is a plaintiff in a suit filed against all of the members of the Bedford County Board of Supervisors, with the exception of Mr. Neudorfer.
    But Mr. Neudorfer said that Mr. Piatt is no longer associated with Bedford Above Board. I’ve not seen that in written form. Have any of the Board members?
    Did Mr. Piatt legally remove his name from the suit filed against the Board of Supervisors? have the other Board members seen that?
    Evidently not.
    This naturally makes me question the agenda of Mr. Neudorfer and Bedford Above Board. If you are a member of the Bedford County Board of Supervisors, why in the world would you place a person that has filed suit against you, the Board, on a committee, commission or anything else tied to the county.

Ann B. Briscoe

AARP does not represent all seniors

    The AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) claims to represent the interests of senior citizens. It does not.
    This organization is currently running ads on both television and radio supporting President Obama’s health care law and the re-election of President Obama. The AARP collaborated on the drafting of this law and stands to receive as much as one billion dollars from its implementation through the sale of its many insurance policies.
    Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel is one of President Obama’s advisers. He has written that health care should be distributed according to a person’s value to society, withholding care from those deemed of no value. President Obama has appointed Dr. Emanuel to two boards which will have a voice in making these decisions. According to Dr. Emanuel, it is the elderly and the very young who have the least value to society.
    Three doctors I know are already refusing to take medicare reimbursements or are limiting procedures to patients. It will get much worse.
    An alternative to AARP is AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens). It issues a monthly magazine containing articles of interest to seniors and offers discounts on motels, prescription drugs and other discounts.

    AMAC does represent the interests of senior citizens.

Joyce Preston

What a

    Mr. Neudorfer resigned last week from the Bedford County Board of Supervisors. What a surprise!
    He resigned because his fellow supervisors rejected his nominee, Bill Piatt, to the Planning Commission. Well who is Mr. Piatt? Oh, that’s right, he is one of the initial three people involved with suing the county because he wants a brand new, more restrictive zoning ordinance. Instead the Board of Supervisors wants a less restrictive ordinance.
    So I ask, knowing full well that there could be a serious conflict with his Planning Commission nominee, why on earth would Mr. Neudorfer even place Mr. Piatt and the board in such positions. Was he really surprised with his peers’ rejection? Or was it his great dramatic exit from the Board?

Jim Williams

History lesson

    In correspondence received from the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), the following history lesson was explained.
    The year was 1954. A Senator named Lyndon B. Johnson sought political retribution against an opponent whose election campaign was supported by two non-profit organizations.
    Johnson’s tactic: quietly adding to a standard tax bill a little noticed amendment barring all tax-exempt groups, including churches, from participating in political activity.
    The penalty: loss of tax-exempt status.
    We have the potential to change the law with house bill (H.R. 3600) sponsored by Rep. Walter B. Jones (North Carolina). The legislation would protect the Constitutional right of pastors and priests and put an end to the reign of the IRS as “speech police.”
    Contact the ACLJ to sign the petition for H.R. 3600.
    “If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” — George Washington

Lucille Bailey

A Palestinian State

    “Almighty God: We make our earnest prayer that thou wilt keep the United States in thy Holy protection. We beseech thee through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.” —George Washington
    President Obama believes a Palestinian State will settle Middle East issues. The Palestinians refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish State make it impossible for Israel to recognize a Palestinian State. Countries pressing upon Israel want an official Palestinian State with Jerusalem as a divided city. Stripping away the capital of Israel to give to their sworn opponents is high risk. Those against Israel want it all, from the Jordan to the Mediterranean.
    In our nation, elected representatives of government say and perform for, we the people. Thus, should a Palestinian State become official, it will be, in part, by the people of the U.S.
    “It would be an attack on Bible prophecy and promises of God. Every nation that supports this plan will fall under the curse of God declared in Genesis 12:3 for cursing the Jewish people in this way.” —Dr. Michael D. Evans
    Our involvement with a Palestinian State brings about a question. Why did 20 inches of sand land atop of farming areas out west recently?

Walter F. Heydt

importance of the election

    There is only a short time before the most important election of my lifetime.
    Freedom is at stake. The moral fabric of our beloved America is being shredded, the Constitution is being mocked by our president and his administration.
    There is a clear choice.
    Ask yourself these questions: Are you for freedom of religion? Are you for saving babies in the womb? Are you for allowing prayer in school and freedom to pray anywhere in public? Are you for schools who promote teaching the truth in history and not lies concerning our founding fathers and other important historical facts? Are you for a strong military that continues to protect our freedom? Are you for upholding marriage between a man and a woman? Are you for protecting our borders?
    If you answer yes to these questions, then vote for Mitt Romney.
    Or, are you for stamping out our religious rights? Are you pro choice (abortion on demand), murder to the unborn baby? Are you for same-sex marriage? Are you for making sure no prayer is uttered to God in public? Are you for education that is biased by a liberal agenda that doesn’t teach truth in history, but rather teaches about alternative lifestyles and promoting the morning after pill for young girls without parental consent?
    If you answer yes to these questions, you are probably choosing Obama for four more disastrous years.
    Please consider the cost.
    We need a real leader in Washington D.C., who will stand strong militarily instead of being weak and apologetic to nations who are our enemies. We need a man of character who puts the will of the people first and doesn’t pass bills behind closed doors. Where is the honesty?
    We have seen our government get bigger and bigger with a debt that is almost $17 trillion dollars. This will enslave our children and grandchildren unless we elect Mitt Romney, who knows how to turn the tide by cutting wasteful spending and attempt to solve our economic problems by creating jobs.
    Do we want the United Nations to take over America? Or do we want a strong moral United States of American “under God?” ...
    Vote for the right man.

Janet DeWitt Morris

Lied to

    The American people are being lied to by the hijacked Democratic party.
    It has a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” at the helm. It has been infiltrated with socialists and communists.
    The mainstream media has somehow become beholden to it; it is practically worthless to the people looking for truth in the news. I want the truth even if it’s ugly. Political correctness offends me.
    In all fairness to yourself, watch something else and then decide. A good option “in news” is Blaze TV on Dish Ch. 212 or Fox. I listened to Obama giving speeches as a senator and he sounded pretty good, then.
    However, he spent most of that time campaigning just like he does as President and not tending to the problems at hand that is expected of him. I got a gut feeling something was amiss.
    That “change” thing he had going on churned my stomach and I know why! He had to deceive, lie and hide things until he became President, having power now to start his war on America.
    We’re in it now up to our necks and it’s very, very scary. He’s wrecking businesses and industry with outrageous regulations forcing layoffs and closings. This is what he wants, to create more dependency on government.
    The school children are being programmed into socialism. He is taking God out of everything he can. He’s pushing more entitlements which  only enslave people. That strips people of dignity, self reliance, honesty and drive. The Democratic party has become very, very dangerous to freedom.
    With our President coming from a background of communism, there’s no way any good can come out of this. Look what this four years has brought us—outrageous gas prices, higher food and heating costs and we’re about to have eight more coal mines in Va., W.Va. and Ohio shut down because of new regulations. ...
    We’re losing our freedom, folks.
    Fire him and hire someone who will defend our freedoms, follow the Constitution and make America strong. Hire someone who loves America and shoes it. This one does not.

Lynda Moses

Problems with ObamaCare

    Of all the fact checking that followed the Presidential debate last week, what really got my attention was the revelations about ObamaCare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB).
    Governor Romney said during the debate that it would be able to decide “what kind of medical treatment you ought to have.”  President Obama said that wasn’t true. What’s been revealed since says it was true.
    The IPAB will consist of 15 members – all appointed - and, beginning in 2014, will make recommendations to Congress each year for reducing Medicare costs.  If by August 15 of that year, these recommendations – or other measures achieving the same “savings” - are not enacted by Congress, the IPAB proposals automatically become law and go into effect.  
    It gets worse:  Congress can only repeal IPAB during a seven-month period in 2017 and then by no less than a three-fifths majority in both the House and the Senate. After that, the law precludes Congress from ever altering the IPAB proposals.  
    It is becoming quite clear that Obama, through Executive Orders and non-elected boards like this, wants to run this country like a dictatorship and usurp the powers of Congress.  Our country needs Mitt Romney now.

Ron Bach

A great

    The 22nd Annual Charity Home Tour was another great success.  On the heels of two beautiful days, even the rainy Sunday could not dampen enthusiasm for this hallmark event.  Once again, we came together as a community to create a very pleasant experience that is in many important ways unique to Smith Mountain Lake. 
    Over 1,700 people purchased tickets and visited the eight beautiful homes that were as perfectly prepared as they were distinctive. Our sponsors and patrons effectively matched last year’s stellar contributions. Our eight charities and their nearly 1,100 volunteers were gracious and attentive to the needs of visitors and homeowners alike.  The music provided by a variety of local musicians added a very special touch.
    The Charity Home Tour Management Board is profoundly grateful for this outpouring of cooperation and support.  Without the flawless execution of each component, this highly complex undertaking would not be the dramatic success that it is, year after year.
    The Tour has many important elements:  raising significant funds in support of local charities; showcasing our region’s businesses to promote a more prosperous economy; and building community among residents of Roanoke, Lynchburg and the greater Smith Mountain Lake area.  The cooperative, selfless and caring spirit that culminates in the Home Tour Weekend is a testament to what a special place this is that we all call home.
    Behind the scenes there are several dozen neighbors who volunteer their time throughout the year on a wide variety of critical tasks.  There are teams that review & select homes, contact sponsors for their participation, recruit & coach charities, organize & train the hostesses, create travel directions by land & water, sell tickets, keep track of finances and develop & execute the public relations campaign.  These are dedicated individuals whose tireless efforts are essential to the Tour’s success.
    The Charity Home Tour is truly a labor of love – for our community, by our community.  It is a manifestation of how much we care about those around us, as well as a reflection of our aspirations for the continued health and vitality of the greater Smith Mountain Lake area. 
    With that in mind, the Board would like also to thank all of you who supported the Tour in any way and for recognizing that when you help others, you are also helping yourself.  We are all living in a better place, thanks to your efforts.

Bill Piatt, President & CEO
2012 SML Charity Home Tour

Wouldn’t it
be nice

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the President could start out on the second term, thus saving the three to four years of wasted time and taxpayer money spent trying to be reelected? This is a problem for both the Republican and Democratic parties. And yes, it would also help if we would choose a person with experience for this important position!
    I consider the problem to be generic in nature as it also applies to both Representatives and Senators. I remember many years ago when Bob Goodlatte first ran for a House seat on a platform of “term limits.” After he got to Washington, something happened—he caught the power bug, like they all do. Oh, the excuse was, “You can’t get anything done until you have seniority.” Again, this is a problem for both parties.
    I propose that we change the Constitution and allow the President to have a single term, even if it is for six years, and allow Senators and Representatives to serve only two terms. Do you remember Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina? He was still there at age 101. Some people don’t know when to go home.

Ron Roseveare

Their fair share

    It is not difficult to cut spending, you just have to have enough hate in you to cut services for millions of people cannot find a job, are disabled, or need government assistance to live.
    There was one other such educated public speaker who was able to capture the hearts of his people and that was Adolph Hitler! The conservative Republican and too much of the wealthy have that quality! George Bush borrowed trillions from China for the Iraq war. Saddam Hussein will go down in history as a man who had to be the way he was to keep the peace.    George Allen would never have been elected Governor, if his Father were not the coach of the Washington Redskins.  It is little wonder that the Republicans are not the education party.
    People are this country’s and the world’s greatest resource, and no one has exploited it more than conservative Republicans, if it weren’t for the masses of people in this country and the world, there would far fewer millionaires and billionaires. Asking the wealthier people in this country to pay their fair share of taxes and paying for their own health insurance is not spreading the wealth or socialism, it is just asking these wealthier people to turn around and say Thank You! for the privilege of allowing myself and my family to be financially fortunate individuals.
Kenneth E. Aldhizer

What is wrong?
    People often ask themselves or others: “What is wrong with the people who run things country?”  I contend that there are a multitude of things, number one of which is sin, period!
    I am an 80-year-old American citizen and I thank God for the long life He has allowed me.  225 years ago, before any of us living today were born, our nation’s Founding Fathers established the best free nation ever devised by man. 
    In the long hot summer months of 1787, 11 years after defeating the British in the Revolutionary War, they met in what is now known as Constitution Hall in Philadelphia, PA.  It is said that after that convention a woman asked Benjamin Franklin: “What have you given us, Sir?”, and his reply was: “A republic, Madam, if you can keep it.” 
    It is my personal opinion that the founders used prayerful Divine Providence during their hammering out the Constitution of the United States of America.  Consider this—every time we recite the ‘pledge of allegiance’ to our flag we pledge, correctly, to the Republic for which it stands.  It irks me every time I hear some media news commentator, or radio or TV host use the word Democracy in reference to our government.  We are a Republic, not a Democracy!
    As time progressed over the last 225 years, through the sinful greediness of many who think that the government owes them a living, many of our politicians have incorporated the Welfare System which continues to get bigger and bigger!  America is steadily on its way toward Socialism and away from Republicanism.
    Most of our elected officials consistently violate their oaths of office.  Many of them haven’t even read the constitution  I was totally disgusted after hearing that our past president, George W. Bush, in a fit of rage, reportedly stated that the U. S. Constitution was nothing but a G D piece of paper!  And now, for the past three years and 10 months we have had to contend with the worst Administration this nation has ever endured!  The Constitutional Republic of America is on its way toward total collapse!

George Kelly