Letters 10/24/12

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Women voters

    53.5% of the voters are Women; that means that 46.5% of the voters are men. For every million who vote 535,000 are women and they favor Obama by 12% to 14%; Men favor Romney by 10%.
    What this means it’s hard to make up the difference in number of votes. Try doing the math.
    The Republican Party knows that this is their biggest problem and are appealing to the d. The policies that have separated them is “women health issues” and work place issues, equal pay for work. The Republicans want the women voters but are not changing these two basic policies.
    Being a Democrat, my Republican friends are always trying to convert me and I don’t know why. I brought this “Gender Gap” to their attention. They both said they weren’t worried because their wives voted how they told them to vote. I believe this is poor strategy.
    I don’t expect the Republicans will change their policies because the religious right are in firm control of the party.
    My Republican friends are also my golfing buddies; they don’t like Obama or Tiger Woods. What’s that all about.

Allen Persinger

Concerns about Goode

    Until recently, I would have readily voted for our friend, Virgil Goode, for any reasonable government position for which he was a candidate.
    In a recent letter, written personally to him, I expressed these thoughts explaining what a man of integrity I considered him to be-considering his last performances. But, now I have concerns!
    Either his thinking has become impaired or my past impressions of him were way off track or this is his way to return to the Democratic Party by putting  this critical swing state in Obama’s column. I keep reminding myself that this is politics, a world in which most of us have no idea of deals that are made behind closed doors to achieve a desired office.
    Now- who do you really want to lead this country and determine the future for your children and grandchildren? Let the votes counted on election day for Goode be his own and  those  of his family.

Frank Beahm

Supports Merritt

    Voting for school board representatives is the most important act we can take to protect the future of our children.
    We need someone who has children or grandchildren in the local schools, who has a vested interest in improving the education of all children from gifted to those with special needs. We need someone who lives in the district who attends school board meetings and who is actively involved.
    We do not need someone who lives in Blacksburg, who comes home on weekends and who has no children in the Bedford school system. That’s why I’m voting for Jennifer Merritt. She meets all the criteria I listed above.
    I believe she will be the best school board advocate for our children.

Betsy Ashton

Same standards?

    The October 26 deadline to apply for the vacated District 2 seat on the Bedford County Board of Supervisors raises an important question. Will our board of supervisors be held to the same standard of openness and transparency as our school board and will applicant interviews be held in an open public forum?
    Interviews for current appointed school board members in District 2 and 3 were conducted under the open and watchful public eye. With his resignation, Mr. Neudorfer cited a perceived coalition on the board of supervisors, an assertion that has been rebuffed by that board. As the only elected revenue-generating board in our county, should citizens expect open interviews and the same accountability our school board faced?
    Recently, questions regarding the voting power of appointed school board members have been raised. Will voting privileges for the appointed District 2 supervisor be withheld until elected? Will an appointed member vote on a new county administrator? Given the likelihood that an election may not occur until November 2013, if this is the new standard, will District 2 be left with inadequate representation until an election?
    Is there a new standard and should there be differing standards on our elected boards? All candidates currently seeking election to a vacated school board seat in District 2 and 3 sought the appointment to that seat. Without fanfare, appointed school board members voted on a myriad of issues, including approval of the entire school board budget.
    Yet, the single question raised was the school superintendent’s contract, leading to the conclusion that this issue is of greater importance. Will our elected boards and citizens now use situational ethics to determine the perceived importance of matters requiring a vote and decide on a case-by-case basis whether an appointed member of either board is entitled to a vote and voice for their district?

Becky Griffith

Remember to give

    “Food Insecurity” is another way of describing what we have always called “Hunger” when some of our neighbors here in Bedford County aren’t sure how they are going to feed themselves on a regular basis. 
    Recently, I represented the Bedford Christian Ministries food pantry at a meeting of Central Virginia food service providers and referral sources discussing how best to address food insecurity in the region.  According to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, there are 20,000 persons experiencing food insecurity in Central Virginia.
    Anyone who shops for groceries on a budget knows the anxiety of having to make food choices that provide good nutrition while staying within a budget.  Individuals receiving food stamps are on a budget of sorts.  They must make these same difficult decisions and must ensure that their food stamps last an entire month.  Many employed, retired and disabled persons must make limited income last the whole month as well.
    It is almost certain that any US deficit reduction plan next year will result in some significant reduction in the Food Stamp program.  Deficit reduction has already decreased the amount of USDA food available to food pantries.  As a result, more people will experience even greater food insecurity. 
    The food pantries at Bedford Christian Ministries and Lake Christian Ministries have already begun to experience this increased need for food assistance from a growing number of families experiencing food insecurity.
    Please remember the food pantries of Bedford County for your holiday and end-of-year charitable giving.  You will be helping the many volunteers of these organizations to serve the Lord by serving our neighbors in need.

Houston Crum
Bedford Christian Ministries

One last plea

    We need to do our part to keep the door to freedom open so that we can fight another day, another election cycle. Pray about your vote.
    As for me, a Ron Paul supporter and Delegate to the National Convention, I have already voted for Mitt and Paul. Of course, I would have liked to have had a Paul at the head of ticket (you know who). We cannot win with a third party candidate in this or the next election cycle, or the next. We must do this within the GOP.
    Ron Paul and Rand Paul know this. Ron Paul tried the Independent route. He chose to fight it out within the GOP. We must hold Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s feet to the fire.  We must push for Senator Rand Paul’s “Penny Plan” to balance the budget in five years.
    Congressman Paul Ryan’s 28 year plan will take too long to avert the financial cliff. Finally, I know that a second Obama term will hold your and my “freedom feet” to the fire! Don’t you?
    While I was on that lost bus in Tampa and I witnessed all sorts of evil against the Ron Paul guys and gals from Maine and many other states (VA was decent to us), I believe we must have this revolution inside the Republican Party. Decent God fearing Democrats (those left) have lost their party to a Marxist leaning Statism.
    The GOP is way down that road itself but we must hang tough as long as Senator Rand Paul and Senator Jim Demint fight on, in my humble opinion. Rand, like his dad Ron, is a Christian who loves America and the Constitution.
    We have others in the Senate and House too. They need us to stand behind the Republican Party. Abandoning them is what the Statist enemies of freedom within the GOP want. Fight on my “friends of freedom” fight on with your 2012 vote.

Frank Landrey

Safe, legal
and rare?

    I am sure you have heard the pro-abortionists claim that they want abortion to be “safe, legal and rare.”  Is that really true? Do their actions and attitudes match up with this mantra?
    Abortions have been legal since 1973 and that has never been disputed.  Although the pro-lifers would love to see abortion become illegal in this country, they have been working tirelessly to make abortion safer and rarer; the pro-abortion forces have been fighting them on these issues every step of the way.
    If the pro-abortion forces really want abortions to be “safe . . . and rare,” why aren’t they supporting such issues as the ultrasound bill

What would Jesus do?

    The events of the last week in Bedford City/County have been very troubling to say the least. Beginning with the Democratic Party being informed that many of the large campaign road signs had been taken down from private properties on major roadways leading into and away from Bedford. Some signs had been removed for the second time. The proper authorities were alerted. ... No Republican signs reported missing.
    The first of the week when entering the Dem Headquarters for the start of the work day a bag of animal waste commonly called poop had been placed up against the front door. With bag in hand, it was delivered to the authorities. The officer was very kind and understanding. Surveillance cameras mounted on the tops of city buildings to monitor Man Street and Bridge Street by banks and TV stations for news coverage were discussed.
    Later in the week on the sidewalk in front of the headquarters a man picked up the manhole cover and threw it into the front yard. Several headquarter volunteers witnessed the event and saw him walk in and out of a nearby business making it easy to identify this person.
    Next the Democrats sponsored a booth at a fall festival where attendance at our booth was visited by Tea Party Republican men between the ages of 45 and 90 asking questions about health care, medicare and abortion. No women came to discuss the “A” word. It must be a men’s issue. … During the day other Democrats passing by came to the rescue in tight situations where we were being called unpleasant names and being told where we will be going in the after life. ...
    After all was said and one a thought came about what would Jesus do? Jesus would turn the other cheek. This week Democrats turned the other cheek and forgave. Candidates up for 2012 Election Pres. Obama, Tim Kaine for U. S. Senate and Bri. General  John Douglass for 5th District U. S. Congress are a part of the Democratic tradition of fair play, honesty and adherence to a code of values worthy of you VOTE.

Diana Persinger

and abortion clinic regulations? 
    The Virginia legislature passed the ultrasound bill this past session to make abortions safer and rarer, but guess who have opposed the legislation.  There seems to be a double standard here.
    The ultrasound bill was signed into law on March 7, 2012, by Governor McDonnell. Virginia became the seventh state to require a woman to have an ultrasound prior to an abortion.
    We have full disclosure for such things as mortgage loans, medical procedures, car loans, real estate contracts, etc. Why not full disclosure when it comes to a life-altering, emotionally devastating procedure such as an abortion? 
    The opposition’s argument is that women have to undergo an unnecessary medical procedure without their consent, and that the law is actually a way to erode a woman’s reproductive rights, claiming that the state is playing politics with women’s health.
    Are they really interested in making abortion “safe . . . and rare?”  I think not!

Janet Robey


    I enjoyed the letter by J. Edmond McDowell pertaining to the monthly rantings of Clifford Russell in the Bedford Bulletin.
    In Mr. Russell’s last letter he suggests it is wasted vote to vote for a third party or independent candidate. It doesnt take much reading between the lines that this letter was directed toward those who might vote for the Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, taking  badly needed votes away from Mitt Romney. So if someone was planning to vote for the Green Party candidate, I suppose he is suggesting they vote for Barrack Obama instead.
    Mr Russell attacks Socialism as if it is only people who want to sit on the couch, eat chips, and look at porn. Socialism evolved from workers wanting fair wages, time off work to be with their families, and safety nets in case they weren’t able to work. If you were ever in a labor union it evolved from Socialism.
    Mr Russell also suggests Socialists are Atheist. This doesn’t hold much water, because the Catholic Church is very prominent in Socialist European countries.
    In closing Mr. Russell seems to also suggest our Government become a Theocracy which ultimately become Dictatorships.
Steven Woodroof

The connection

    Several months ago, when I first heard the name Frank Marshall Davis, I became curious about this man who was, by all accounts Barrack Obama’s mentor.  Therefore, last night I took the time to “Google” Frank Marshall Davis/Obama, and found myself wide eyed and glued to where the search led me. 
    If you are still undecided about the candidate for whom you will cast your vote, I implore you to do the same search.  Even if you are a diehard Democrat, you may find the search enlightening.
    I was especially intrigued by, what seemed to be, credible evidence suggesting Davis is Obama’s biological father, and I wondered if this was why Obama was afraid of releasing his birth certificate; not because he was not born in America, but because his father was a card carrying member of the Communist Party, USA.  Whether or not Davis was Obama’s father, I can’t say, but we know, beyond any doubt, Davis had tremendous influence over Obama’s ideology.
    Do the search.  While you are at it, search other Communist connections to Obama.  The family history of David Axelrod, Obama campaign manager and advisor, Valerie Jarrett, top advisor, Bill Ayers, known terrorist, Bernadine Dorn, known terrorist, Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor for 20 years and a self proclaimed hater of America, Van Jones former Obama Czar, and Saul Alinsky, whose “Rules for Radicals”  Obama follows to a tee.
    Maybe some of it is not true.  Maybe some of it is! It sure would explain why the President and his entire administration fiercely engages in class warfare and redistribution of wealth. 
    That is what communism does.  It strips its people of personal incentive, because in the end you are not going to get ahead, anymore than anyone else.  A nation that provides equal opportunity encourages personal incentive and hard work.  That is what has made America great.
    Before you vote, please, do the search!

Karen Cobbs

Vote as Christians

    Our forefathers knew only righteous people could be governed by “We the people.” The Bible tells us in Psalm 9:17: “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God .”
    We know of nations that have more natural resources than America yet the people are very poor. Russia for example has a huge oil and gold reserve, yet the people barely get by. As they say, we get the government we deserve. Does it matter to you if our leaders allow and encourage the murder of babies and are destroying marriage as all people have known it?
    Free health care is a joke.
I lived in Eastern Europe for many years and have seen it first hand. The government has nothing to give that they have not first taken from us. Why not allow me to pay my own way? Hitler’s rise to power was built on lies. Why would anyone think we can trust the words of proven liars?
      I know we do not have much say in who is running but we must ask God to guide us. We will all give an account for motive behind our vote. As a nation we have come this far trusting God. But when a party votes God out it time to come out. We are not talking race or money but morals.
    We claim to be a Christian nation, let us vote as Christians.

Don Rice
New Hope Baptist Church


    Reverting back to a town will soon be here if things go as planned.
    We will become a town again whether we like it or not July 2013. We can’t do anything about it, but we might have a say in who runs our town.
    I can’t say it will be a bad thing to become a town again but it was all done behind closed doors and the Town Hall type meeting we were promised was given the day the proclamation was signed and presented to the judges for review. It would have been nice to have had a referendum but since one was not required the governing bodies were not about to have one for it would surely have been defeated.    The City had seven people decide and 6,300 people had no choice in the decision.
    If you are unhappy with you elected officials, there is one way to show your displeasure. Its called the BALLOT BOX. There are two new people running for City Council and it will be a good chance to have a couple of Council members replaced and, then, the next time a couple more.
    Another way is the write-in way. There are some good people in this city that would make excellent Council persons, one in particular is Jim Messier of Arthur’s Jewelry.

Dave Ballard

Trouble with the curve

    In baseball it makes for a good movie, or in A-Rods case, perhaps a questionable investment. However, with pavement, it’s just there.
    I live about six miles north of Rt. 460, up Goose Creek Valley Rd. There are 38 instances where one has to adjust road speed to negotiate curves in the road. Having lived here about 23 years, that makes over three hundred thousand times I have had to adjust vehicle speed due to road curves, just to get from 460 to my driveway. So, if I have a single vehicle accident, is the road finally to blame or is driver error involved?
    Due to mountains, hills, home/community locations, water powered grain mills of old, roads have come to be located where they are, shaped the way they are. We can straighten out roads, take away the curves, make the roads safer. That still doesn’t stop accidents from happening on Interstate 81.
    It’s our responsibility to heed the warning signs, slow to recommended speeds, to negotiate curves in the road. I don’t see a pressing need to spend a lot of V-Dot dollars to straighten one curve when so many rural roads are in need of repair and improvement.

Ed Wennerstrom