Letters 11/06/13

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Who has been hurt?

    The author of an October 22 letter to the editor stated that he was unable to identify the “millions of people hurting from Obamacare.” An October 29 article in the Washington Post might be of assistance in that task.
    In an article titled, “is why Obamacare is canceling some people’s plans,” Sarah Kliff points out that Obamacare is in fact forcing the cancellation of millions of existing insurance plans. Obama repeatedly claimed during the passage of his legislation that if people liked their insurance plans, they could keep them. That turned out to be a lie.
    Specifically, Kliff reported that somewhere between half and three-quarters of those who currently buy their own policies will not have the option to renew coverage, which works out to around 7 to 12 million people.
    That is going to directly affect a lot of people who now will be forced to pay higher premiums for insurance plans with higher deductibles.
    As a young adult under the age of 21 who is no longer on my parents’ health insurance plan, I am among those being adversely affected by this law. I am faced with the prospect of premiums that have been artificially increased to cover not my own health risks, but to cover the health risks of others. I cannot afford to do that at this point in my life, yet Obama doesn’t care about me.
    Hopefully this assists in answering the question of who has been hurt by Obamacare. It should be our right as citizens to work with insurance companies to get the kind of coverage we want. We should not be required by a law to pay more for what we cannot afford.

Grace Hendry
Take stand against bullying

    My name is Robert Carson and I work at Forest Elementary School.  It is a wonderful school with a great group of teachers and staff and a wonderful group of smiling face students.  Also, we have a “no tolerance” policy against “bullying”.  Lately as I read the newspaper or watch the news, I am concerned at the frequency in which this evil social trend is affecting the lives of so many young people.
    I am writing this editorial to plead with each and every one who reads this to take a hard stance against “bullying.”  I am especially pleading with parents of school aged children, whether they are in elementary, middle, or high school….please take a stand!  The real truth is if we are to wipe out this ugly trend (and we will) it is going to have to begin with you…..the parent! 
    I know as parents we like to think we have the most wonderful kids in the world and they would never be bullies or no one would ever bully them but, the ugly truth is they might be involved as either a victim or participant.  If you should find that your child or someone your child knows is being bullied, please take the necessary step to report it.  However, if you should find that your child is participating in bullying tactics toward another child, please take a stand and the proper steps to make sure it stops and never happen again.
    School administrators and resource officers spend thousands of dollars to protect our schools and buildings from the evils of the outside and now we need to take a hard “no tolerance” stand against the evil inside our buildings and schools.

Robert Carson

Letter correction

    Thank you for printing the letter you entitled “Our Neighbor’s Needs’’ The letter  made a request for donations  to help keep folks warm this winter. In the letter I said, “My understanding is that Bedford Christian Ministries functions entirely with volunteer help with one exception.”  My understanding was incorrect.  The entire organization is staffed entirely by volunteers – approximately 80 in all.  It’s important to clarify this fact to show gratitude to all the dedicated volunteers of the well-run Bedford Christian Ministries.
    This is also a good opportunity to restate that BCM is seeking volunteers in all areas - 3 hours,  two mornings a month  – Mondays, Tuesdays and/or Fridays – 9:15 to 12:15.  If you can help, please call Faith Cornell at 587-4076 or Rosemary Pawlas at 586-9767.

Barbara Scott

Showing support

    We, the undersigned practitioners, wish to express our wholehearted support for Brian Buchanan, M.D.
    Dr Buchanan is a highly skilled physician, who is dedicated to his patients and has worked tirelessly to improve the level of healthcare in our area. He is a man of impeccable integrity and professionalism. The recent reprimand from the Virginia Board of Medicine reported in the local press denotes a minor infraction unworthy of public attention. We want to make clear our respect for our colleague who has been the backbone of medicine in Bedford for 35 years.

Linda Beahm, M.D.
Virginia Blanks, M.D.
Leonard Cohen, M.D.
Todd Dehli, M.D.
Patricia Gilhuly, PA-C
Patricia Hayes, C-FNP
Kurt Hubach, M.D.
Kathryn Humphreys, M.D.
Wayne Hutchinson, M.D.
John Kerr, M.D.
Eugene Lowe, M.D.
Suzanne Krzyzanowski, M.D.
Janice Luth, M.D.
Darlene Nigro, M.D.
Paul Rhodes, M.D.
Diane Rowell, M.D.

Appreciate work

    A special thank you to the ministers who so diligently gave of their time and talents to put together the Thaxton Community Revival. It takes special ministers to do this.
    It was wonderful to have the opportunity to experience our neighbors way of worshipping and have them worship with us. For this week we were all in one accord to focus on the God we serve.
    We truly appreciate our pastors.

Marie Holdren Wagner

Purple Gala thanks

    I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the extraordinary generosity of the Bedford community. On October 24, 2013, Bedford Domestic Violence Services held the Annual Purple Gala to benefit victims of domestic violence. The Gala’s live and silent auctions featured items donated from Bedford businesses and individuals. The generous contributions and amount of support received was tremendous.
    The donations and funds raised from the Annual Purple Gala assist BDVS to provide counseling, emergency housing, court accompaniment, 24 hour Hotline, and crisis intervention for victims of domestic violence. Community involvement is essential to maintain these services for victims across the Town of Bedford and Bedford County.
    Even while experiencing difficult economic times, I commend the corporate sponsors, small businesses and individuals of Bedford who contributed to our efforts to address domestic violence in our community. Their support and contributions were instrumental in making this year’s Purple Gala an overwhelming success!
    A special Thank You to our sponsors and donors: Bedford Memorial Hospital, GFWC Bedford Woman’s Club, Merrill Lynch – Brent Bigney, Roslyn C. Reynolds, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Areva NP Inc., Bank of the James, Berglund of Bedford , Cartledge Foundation, Inc., Flippin, Bruce and Porter, Inc., Grand Home Furnishing, Gunnoe Sausage Company, Inc., Susan and Leighton Langford, Harold & Janet Neal, Dr. Thomas M. Richardson, DDS, Ben & Joyce Shrader, Rowe & Sitzler PC, Updike Funeral Home, Jacqueline A. Wente, Donna & Steve Arrington, Bedford Funeral Home, Bedford Mutual Insurance Agency, Inc., Bedford Professional Women, Bob and Cheryl’s Rainbow, Winston and Eugenia Burks, Sue M. Craghead, Creeks End Farm, Dodson Bros. Exterminating Co., Dominion of Bedford, Farmhouse Restaurants, Inc., Mary E. Hatfield, Holdren, Eubank, & Stanley Insurance, M. Pack Law PPLC, Law Office Garrett & Garrett, Loyal Order of the Moose Bedford Moose Lodge 1897, Constance Messier, Case & Coby Pieterman, Paul & Debbie Rhodes, Ricki Schmidt, State Farm—Jeff Persinger, Tharp Funeral Home & Crematory Inc., Tommy’s Carpet Cleaning, Inc., Mr. & Mrs. Frank West, Deb Williamson, 297 Minute Market, A Little Bit of Heaven, Altillo Vineyards, Applebees, Arte’ Dei Capelli Salon, Arthur’s Jewelry, Airabella Flower’s Gift, Backstage Salon, Bedford Area Bed and Breakfasts and Vacation Home Rentals, Bedford Area YMCA, Bedford Country Club, Bedford Humane Society, Bedford Medical, Bedford Yoga Center, Bedford VA Antique Mall, Bell Treasures, Big Lick Tropical Grill, Bower Center for the Arts, Bridgewater Marina, Bristol Motor SpeedWay, Buffalo Wild Wings, CAO Artisan Chocolates, Carter’s Carpet Shop, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Clam Diggers, Cornerstone Architectural Stone Co. Inc., Cross View Farm, Dark Water Jewelry , Decoy Room, Doodle All Day, Duchess of Bedford, Emerson Creek Pottery, Feld Entertainment, Fisher’s at Goodview/Lisa Saunders, Food Lion, Fredericks Flowers, Funquest, Goose Creek Studios, Hickory Hill Winery, JRT Improvements , Kirkley Hotel, Kroger, La La’s Salon and Spa, Laurelton Gardens, Liberty Antique Mall, Liberty Station, Little Town Players, Mariner’s Landing Resort & Conference Ctr., Mary Kay Cosmetics – Debbie Rhodes, Mary Kay Cosmetics – Diane Martin, New London’s Salt Spa, New London Steak House, Olive Garden , Peaks of Otter Co., Peaks of Otter Winery and Johnson’s Orchard, Peaksview Landscaping, Peebles, Putt Putt Fun Center, Quilt & Sew Studio, Rainfrost Nursery, Rapid Printing, Reedy Hill Garden, Rehab Associates , Road Connections, Ruby Tuesday, Sam Moore Furniture, Scentsy— Jessica Giggey, Serenity Counseling, Shear Perfection, Shiny Stuff, Sister to Sister Custom Catering, Snowflex Center, Southern Flavoring, Southern States – Bedford Co-Op, TGI Friday, The Garden Club of Bedford, The Little Gallery, The Roost B & B, The Well, Thirty One – Michelle Crumpacker, Thirty One – Angelina Smith, UVA Athletic Department, Vanquility Acres Inn, Virginia Dare Cruises, Virginia Eagle Distributors, Virginia Furniture Market, Virginia Sentinel, Inc., Vinny’s Italian Grill, Washington Redskins, Whiteside Designs, Wintergreen Resort, Wipledale Green House, Wrapsody by Jo, Stan Bennett, Heather Brush, Trish Chidester, Leigh Dellis, Pat Dougherty, Sonya Forte’, Dennis Gibbs, Patty Mason Goggin, Kathy Graham, Revelle Hamilton, Louis Harrison, Mary Hatfield, Evelyn Johnson, Nicole S. Johnson, Heather Jones, Martha Jones, Nancy Laurent, Ellen Mackey, Anne Meyer, Bridgett Morrison, Ron Mutter, LT Skinnell, Jr., Dottie Stone , Holly Smith, Belvia Tate, Sergei Troubetzkoy, James Underwood, Karen Waldron, Beulah Witt, Karen D. Wright.

Leanne Dudley, MSW
Bedford Domestic Violence Services