Letters 11/13/13

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Arming teachers in Bedford schools

    As a former resident of Bedford City I am writing concerning the arming of teachers in Bedford City/County classrooms.
    In the event that a gunman comes into a classroom the teacher will have to shift gears from her lesson, go to her desk, unlock the desk, take out the handgun, unlock the trigger-guard and fire back at a the gunman. This, of course, will not happen because by then the teacher and students will have been fired upon and probably killed or injured.
    Instead, seek out unemployed teachers and send them to police academy. They should be previously trained in the level, elementary, middle school, high school, where they will be employed as security personnel. These people will have the background to understand the situation that exists in a typical classroom in their building. It would be best if they wear civilian clothes each day to better blend in the normal school environment.
    As as former educator I am glad I was not required to carry a firearm in my classroom. Given a several month increase in tension between a particular student and a teacher, the teacher could in a moment of anger pull out the gun and shoot the student.
    We Americans have undoubtedly the best police officers in the world. Honest, skilled and reliable. Yet we still seem to have a need for armed guards in our schools. Other First World countries do not believe this is necessary. What have we become?

Robert E. Dxion

How does this

    I thank Mr. Sword for his editorial. He goes on to ask the question how a deputy sheriff can flip an armored vehicle and not face charges. I have two answers.
    First, it may have happened like the news report stated, which I doubt. I don’t believe a multi-ton vehicle could have run over a .40 caliber shell casing the first of the week, drove back to Bedford and on Friday drove to the Smith Mountain Lake area before the tire, and I quote, “was going flat.” Usually when a front tire on a multi-ton vehicle is going flat, there is a strong pull to the right or left. This should warn the driver.
    My second answer is, who the deputy works for. First, the deputy’s name wasn’t given as with other citizens. Second, two deputies wrecked the week of Centerfest 2012. One, being at fault, hit a vehicle head-on, seriously injuring two people. The other hit a tree, with serious injuries. No news source reported this even though several were asked to. Third, another deputy was given a summons for hunting from a vehicle, said to be a county car. This was also kept quiet. …
    I’ll give the board of supervisors credit for part of this. They’ve known the sheriff’s unethical practices for years and refuse to do one thing about it.

Billy Hackworth