Letters 11.24.10

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Support is

    I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the incredible work of the Gala committee and the extraordinary generosity of the Bedford community. On Oct. 21 Bedford Domestic Violence Services held the Purple Gala to benefit victims of domestic violence. The Gala live and silent auctions featured items donated from Bedford businesses and individuals. The generous contributions and amount of support received was tremendous.
    The donations and funds raised from the Purple Gala support crisis intervention services for victims of domestic violence such as counseling, emergency housing, court accompaniment, and the 24-Hour Hotline. Community involvement is essential to maintain these services for victims across Bedford City and Bedford County.
    I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to the corporate sponsors, Bedford small businesses, and the many individuals and local artists who contributed to the efforts to address domestic violence in this community. Their support and contributions were instrumental in making this year’s Purple Gala an overwhelming success!
    A special thank you to sponsors ($250 and above): SJ Almond; Frank West; Carilion Services, Inc.; Suntrust Bank; Brooks Food Group; Century Beverage Distributing; Edward Jones Bedford (Brent Bigney and Jon Schubert); Flippin, Bruce & Porter, Inc.; Gunnoe Sausage Co.; Smyth Companies, Inc.; Thomas M. Richardson, DDS, PC; Jacqueline Wente; and Harold and Janet Neal.

Conni St. John
Director Bedford Domestic Violence Services


    The D-Day Memorial just sent out a letter for Veterans Day, 2010, asking for donations to start a rather large building program. “Developing an Allied Leader section is our top priority,” says Robin Reed and he seems to think that spending more money for an educational building to house all of our Allied Leader statuary under one roof will finish off the D-Day project. I smell Stalin again ---Yuck!
    How does one decide where to donate money in this poor economy anyway? Maybe just taking care of what we have is the way to go. The D-Day Memorial is a beautiful place and already serves our veterans and the Bedford community quite well. How about looking into the needs of the Bedford Free Clinic? Even the wealthiest folks are struggling to give and yet there are more people needing its services due to job layoffs. Just something to think about I guess.

Genny Humphreys

volunteers still needed

    It is with humility and sincere gratitude that the Board of Directors of the Bedford Community Christmas Station thanks so many wonderful residents of Bedford City and County who have helped the Christmas Station offer a dignified shopping experience to over 4,000 of our friends and neighbors over the last four Christmases.
    Shoppers will again come to shop at the Christmas Station Dec. 9, 10, and 11, and the Christmas Station still needs goods to finish stocking the shelves. Please help us ensure that we have new clothes, toys and boxes of food again this year.
    The Christmas Station has specific need of monetary donations to assist volunteers shopping for clothes in the sizes requested by the families who will visit the Christmas Station. Volunteers are also needed for the shopping days. For information or to volunteer, call Karen Hughes at (540) 586-7750, Ext. 2263.

Karen Hughes
Bedford Community Christmas Station

Founding Fathers

    Before the establishment of our nation, the Founding Fathers examined at length laws of every nation on Earth, past and present.
    The four founding documents of the United States of America are their findings for the people they represented. They gave their lives fortunes and sacred honor to wrest the label of subjects/slaves from the English king to give by law, unalienable rights to ‘we the people.’ This means it cannot be transferred to anyone or something else!
    Prior to deciding on protection by government of unalienable rights the subject was private property discussion. Pre-existing was the knowledge that private property was among God given rights. Rights by man are actually orders, which can be changed or removed. Among writings concerning private property brought to the attention of the Founding Fathers was by Thomas Hobbes, England 1651.  “The basic property right is the right to exclude all other persons from use of property, but not the Sovereign, whether an assembly or a monarch.”
    John Adams, George Mason and Thomas Jefferson wrote in reaction against Hobbes’ writing. Another was by John Locke. Second essay 1689. “Every man has property in his own person and nobody has any right to (this) but himself.” Locke wrote, “That a government that pretends to have power to take the whole or any part of a man’s property, in effect leaves that man with no property at all.” Locke concluded, “For what property have I which another may, by right, take when he pleases to himself.”
    Compare to the 2005 Kelo v. New London, CT case. The U.S. Supreme Court laid down a lower standard upholding a Connecticut State Law authorizing a taking for private use. The Kelo decision appears to favor the Hobbes writing rather than rather than the fifth amendment, which guarantees 100 percent owner control of private property, except for a public use project. The Kelo case dissolves the word private from dwelling and land.
    Before the government Health Care Bill was passed, citizens had private property in their own person and no one had a right to it. Under government health care, private property of one’s own person is dissolved and we have become subjects having lost rights to government. Again, the warning from our Founding Fathers, “If you lose private property all other rights God given will be lost.” President Obama recently mentioned the term “global citizen.” I have seen bumper stickers that say “global citizen.” For citizens of the U.S. to be actual global citizens, all U.S. laws would have to be struck, dissolved and replaced with global international laws. Have you read the United Nations Agenda 21 yet?

Walter F. Heydt