Letters 11/30/11

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What’s wrong

    This is to address the letter by Bill Isaac, published in last week’s Bulletin.
    His second sentence of the third paragraph states: “I didn`t vote for Sheriff Brown simply because he has the R beside his name and I`m a transplant from Detroit and a union worker for the past 25 years.”  I submit that he is a prime example of what`s wrong with this country today.

Robert Earl Craig


    In 200 words; Rick Howell has exposed not only the hypocrisy of the liberal agenda once again, but the bitterness involved in being a supporter of the Democratic Party.
    I’ve never been a supporter of Cain or Palin, but at least they’ve been morally consistent. Not so Howell nor the Democratic Party; he personally insults a black man and a woman because he cannot support the policies of another black man.
    Obama and the Democratic Party not only encourage black fathers to abandon their children via welfare policies, but encourage the welfare cycle to pander to the people trapped in the cycle. On top of that, they support the abortion of human beings because they’re inconvenient, they’re an embarrassment to the usually white family, or the mother is poor.
    In inner-city New York more black babies die in abortion clinics than survive the propaganda of the Democratic Party. If the best that Howell can do is to demonize the opposition, without a word of support for what was done by the party that overwhelmingly controlled two of the three branches of government, then is it any wonder that normal people have emerged from the miasma of 2007/2008? Come on 2012.
Michael L Duncan


    The failure of the “Super” Committee to reach any resolution of the deficit crisis was understandable if one knows “sleight-of-hand.” The idea that despite the national deficit’s importance, and the supposed divisions between the Democrats and GOP that made its solution impossible, is false to begin with. It’s the magician’s hand we see.
    In the hidden hand is the bi-party plan that their chief goals continue. The Democrats reward their faithful through entitlements. Tax increases make it easier, but even without them, Obamacare, the public union bailouts and the UAW salvation in Detroit suggest entitlements have a life of their own. If entitlements eventually consume 46 cents of each tax dollar, the concern is not for our grandchildren, but the next officeholder.
    The Republicans, meanwhile, have been doing as well in their grand scheme. Using 2005 figures, the families making less than $200K has risen 21 percent since 1979 while families in the top 1 per cent have climbed by 480 percent. There are no new taxes, essentially, and the Bush tax cuts remain in place, despite the economic threat Democrats purposefully ignore.
    The trick’s finale is 2013, when the cards will be re-shuffled and the sleight-of-hand re-arranged.

Glenn Ayers

Making the call

    Just wanted to remark on what a wonderful story “Making the call” was. It made me feel proud for Joseph and his parents, and touched me deeply.
    I was a Cardiac Tech with Hardy and Stewartsville Rescue for years, now retired. I think I speak for all rescue personnel when I express how good it feels for them to be involved in helping such people, and to encourage others to volunteer in this area where there is so much need.

Glenn Campbell

Not optimistic

    In 2005 only two States had smaller classes than VA.  Today 42 have smaller classes.  In 2009, VA’s per pupil funding was $5,277.  In 2011, it fell to $4,581.  All this while VA is the seventh wealthiest State but 38th in State support of public schools.  Thanks Gov. McDonnell to you and your Republican legislators.
    The 2010 VA Educational Disparities report paints an even more dismal picture.  On 9/15/10, I wrote on last year’s dismal report to no avail.  Here is the new data on how Bedford County ranks against all 132 VA school jurisdictions and it is not pretty:  1) ability to pay (64th –how rich we are); 2) willingness to pay (105th -willingness to tax ourselves); 3) operations funding per pupil (128th), 4) receipt of state funds (79th -we gladly take others tax dollars); 5) receipt of Federal funds (83rd – more taking of others tax dollars); 6) instructional disbursements (127th); 7) operational disbursements (127th); 8) other disbursements (80th  too much administration?; 9) capital disbursements (39th –finally a favorable factor), 10) average instructional/teachers’ salaries (118th – unconscionable); 11) teaching positions/1,000 students (77th- means large classes); 12) graduates as % of ninth graders (23rd – why not number 1); 13) % graduates continuing their education (7th – with money for this, why not higher school taxes for all); and 14)  % dropouts (74th  -unconscionable).  There is more, but it is equally bad news. 
    So what is the real cause of Bedford’s dismal performance.  Trace it directly to the conservative Republican Board of Supervisors, Fundamentalists and the absurdity of local control.  No other nation allows their educational system to be controlled so far from the national level where national objectives and standards should be established.  The Republicans support school vouchers and charter schools which cherry pick their students and frequently reject special education students, the poor and the disadvantaged.  Even with these advantages, only one in seven charter schools outperforms public schools.  All charter schools do is defund our public schools.  All vouchers do is divert public money to religious schools at the expense of public schools.
    I am not optimistic about change.
David McLoughlin