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Trail should be handicap


    This year at Liberty High School the Agriculture Department developed a nature trail. I believe that the nature trail is a good idea because it allows students to learn outside the  classroom. However, when building the trail they did not take into consideration that individuals with physical disabilities cannot access the nature trail.

    When the rest of my class uses the nature trail I feel excluded from the rest of the class because I’m in a wheelchair. If the trail is used for learning then how am I or other students with physical disabilities supposed to learn. I also feel angry and sad because I was separated from the rest of the class because of my disability.

    Some possible solutions are building a different trail that is handicap accessible or making parts of the existing trail accessible to students with disabilities. I am proud of my school for building the nature trail. I want my classmates to be able to use the trail, and I would like the same opportunity. I believe that if people thought about it more they would be able to come up with a good solution.


Sarah King


Supports McKelvey

    I would like to say a few words about Conservative Republican Jim McKelvey, who is running for Congress in Virginia’s 5th District.

    I have known Jim and his family for many years in business dealings and as close friends. Jim is not an attorney, he is not a politician, and he loves our country. Jim is willing to set his personal businesses aside and devote the next two years, without government pay, and without money from lobbyists, to represent us in Congress and fight for: a balanced budget, term limits in the House and Senate, ending government deficits, repeal of the health care bill as it now stands, making Congress and the President recognize that illegal aliens are illegal, treating terrorists as war criminals, and many other Conservative issues.

    We need Jim and many more like him to rid Washington  of career politicians, such as: Perriello, Pelosi, and others who have created a massive national debt which is expanding and will bankrupt our nation.

    On Tuesday, June 8, the citizens of the 5th District have the opportunity to send a message to Congress that this country belongs to “We the people” and we want to see changes made which will reflect our goals and needs rather than those of the elected officials we have sent to Washington as well as the bureaucrats who all feed off of our tax dollars. We need spokesman such as Jim who will stand against the pressures of lobbyists and “pork” compromises which infest our House of Representatives and Senate today.


Doug McCullough

Smith Mountain Lake

McKelvey is a tall man

    “No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child.”

    Looking at the back of his business card you see something that people who know him are not surprised to see. It says “Will Serve The 5th District For 2 Years @ no salary.” There is something to be said about a man who would do that. Dedication to his country is above a salary? I see that as an exceptional trait.  Some go to Congress to make a name for themselves, some for the grandiose perks, some for all the special interest bribes.  There are a few who wish to go back to our original Constitutional values.

    Jim on many occasions has opened his heart and given to those who he finds in need of help and feels he is about the only one who can take on that task. There are times when he talks of his own family that he becomes choked up and many of his friends have witnessed that.  Now he does that when he talks of our farmers, our teachers, our soldiers and  his neighbors here in the 5th District. 

    Jim is pushing all his friends to read the book “ 5000 Year Leap” by W. Cleon Skousen. This book explains how our U.S. Constitution was born and how the Founding Fathers found reason to write it and agree upon every element of the Constitution.

    There are a handful of those who want to tell fibs of his character.  The people who are hearing these lies are just saying  “Uh, hum,” and they try to avoid those people, knowing the sources and reason for the statements.

    There are the rest of us who know him very well and have appreciated what he has done for the community in the past and pledges to do in the future.

    Jim, believes in term limits, knows that the budget of the US can be balanced with a lot of honest hard work. He believes that we need to enforce the current Immigration Laws, not just to make it illegal to be illegal.  Jim believes we can be energy independent through existing National Resources. He knows that common sense in health care reform is the way to go. Last but not least he feels that real tax reform can be accomplished. 

    Jim McKelvey wants to bring Common Sense back to Government.  Check him out www.mckelveyforcongress.com.

    Please vote on June 8th and help take our country back from an out of control Congress.

Barbara Strickland


Supports Perriello

    Energized beyond belief, a star has risen on the political horizon. U.S. House of Representative Tom Perriello has brightened the 5th District with dedication to working “double shifts” as our Congressman since his election. He continues to shine on in the year 2010.

    In 2009, Congressman Periello made 23 personal appearances in Bedford city or county. Some of these visits included Town Hall gatherings with questions and answers sessions. Visits included attending the 5th District Veteran Advisory Committee at the Bedford Welcome Center, touring the Bedford Hydroelectric Turbine Plant, attending the Huddleston Rescue Squad’s 40th Anniversary, lunching with the Service Academy Candidates at the Bedford Welcome Center, and attended the ceremony to present the Eagle Scout Court of Honor. Also his record shows that Congressman Perriello spent equal time visiting the other 19 cities and counties in the 5th District. This was a stellar accomplishment in itself!

    The complete of written review of his work in Congress, which includes legislative accomplishments, work summaries county by county and constituent services can be found in a published format entitled “Congressman Tom Perriello 5th District of Virginia - 2009 Annual Report” at www.perriello.house.gov. With 2010 being an election year, this is a worthwhile read, especially if you vote!

Diana Persinger


Thanks for reversal

    As a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia, I want to thank Gov. McDonnell for his recent reversal of a regulation that forbids state police chaplains from praying in the name of Jesus.  I for one do not “check” my faith at the door when I report for work. 

    My faith influences my work ethic, decisions and attitude (hopefully for the good the majority of time).  I for one was rather confused when I learned of this regulation.   How does one prayer “establish religion”?  Our founding fathers came from England where there was a “national church,” and I believe their intent was that this new nation would not establish a national church so that religious freedom would abound no matter what your faith.

    Why would one consider this offensive, just to hear “in Jesus name” spoken?  We hear much about tolerance today; tolerance does not mean agreement, affirmation or celebration.  Just because I hear someone express their faith, does not mean I have to agree, affirm or celebrate their religion.

    It seems to me that in today’s culture, tolerance is encouraged, but it is often ignored when the discussion involves Christ followers.

Janet Robey

Virginia State Director

Concerned Women for America


National debt

    I can’t believe the right-wing conservatives who continue to write letters trying to hold Obama responsible for our national debt.  These are probably the same people who idolize Ronald Reagan while he continues to drop in the ranking of US Presidents as historians evaluate his administration.  These debt hawks conveniently forget where 90 percent of the debt originated—from their cherished Republican Presidents.

    When Reagan came into office, the national debt from all previous wars, the depression and all recessions was $900 billion.  Reagan cut taxes and expanded spending so the debt was four times that value when he left office.  You might also remember VP Cheney saying, “Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.” Well they do matter as the Republicans are finally finding out.  Reagan also got enamored with supply-side economics, which has proven to be an economic hoax just like his “star wars” defense was a hoax. Geo. H. W. Bush called it “voodoo economics” and he was right.

    When Geo. H. W. Bush left office in 1993, the national debt was $5 trillion.  Clinton, with the largest tax increase in history, brought the deficit down to zero in four years,  had four years of surplus and one of the best economies ever (obviously tax increases don’t necessarily reduce growth).  The debt was $5.7 trillion when he left office.  The Congressional Budget Office estimated that he handed Bush a 10-year estimated surplus of $5 trillion which could have all but eliminated our debt at the time. But no, when Bush/Cheney left office, after big tax cuts for their rich buddies, and two unnecessary wars—the debt was more than doubled to $10.8 trillion and growing fast.

    The current recession started 15-18 months before G. W. Bush left office.  He handed Obama the worst economic crisis since the depression.  Almost all economists agree that Obama had no choice but to increase the deficit to respond to three decades of mostly Republican led deregulation of the financial industry that triggered the Great Recession.  While the Democrats were in control of the House or Senate during some of this time, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that it’s the President who “twists arms” to get what he wants.  Isn’t that what the Republicans fuss so much about with Obama? Their constant “no” to all legislative efforts clearly indicate they are only interested in political advantage rather than helping Obama deal with the countries problems.

    According to the NY Times, 37 percent of the 2009-2012 deficit stems from the Bush recession (tax revenue losses and increases such as unemployment); 33 percent reflects Bush tax cuts that weren’t paid for and programs like his crazy donut holed Medicare drug benefit (and its Republican constraint that the Federal government could not negotiate drug prices to save you money); 20 percent from two unnecessary Bush wars; 7 percent from the Obama stimulus to respond to the Bush recession and 3 percent from new domestic spending. Over 90 percentof these deficits are the result of the Bush presidency. In short, we did not use our “fat” years to prepare for the “lean” ones.

    So to the right-wing teapartiers, birthers, crybabies and yes bigots, why don’t you get your house in order before blaming others for your spending folly and escalation of the national debt? It was the Republicans that ate our seed corn.

David McLoughlin


Christian Nation restoration

    I believe every Christian feels the necessity to return America to being a Christian Nation, but there are great differences in how to restore America to being a Christian Nation.

    The purpose of this discussion is to present and discuss these methods and then state my opinion of how to restore America to being a Christian Nation.

    We’re in a mess in America, and the answer doesn’t lie in political solutions, Tea Parties, the November election, etc. (although all of them might help settle things down at least a bit). The real solution lies in local churches winning people to Christ and turning them into those who, themselves, win people to Christ.

    As Christians have been working at the local church level, Atheists have taken control of the News and Entertainment Industry, the School Systems, the Judicial System, and the government.

    America has been in a Cultural War and Christians are losing.  There is a cultural war in America between Christians and Atheists.  This war is being fought on the battlefield of politics.  The battles are in the voting booth.  The prize in the cultural war is the hearts, minds and souls of the children. The Atheistic liberal news media greatly influences both domestic and foreign policy by constantly reporting only bad news about Christians, Conservatives and Republicans and only good news about atheists, liberals and Democrats.  The agenda of the Atheistic liberal news media is to promote evolution, extreme environmentalism, socialism, feminism, pornography, abortion, adultery, homosexuality and the Atheistic Lifestyle by having democrats in control of government.   Until Fox News, Christians did not even have a chance.

    It would be wonderful if the Bottom Up Salvation Concept would work, but I believe that is more hope than reality.

    Send a Savior Concept

    This concept is based on God raising up a person (like Moses in the Old Testament) that will turn things around immediately.


    I believe God has finished the Bible, and that God has provided all the instructions for Christians to live a Christian Lifestyle and to govern in a Christian manner.

    Christians Repent Concept

    II Chronicles 7:14 states, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”


    This concept implies that America becoming an Atheistic Nation is the fault of Christians and that if Christians would repent, then God will heal their land.

    Bottom Up Political Concept

    I believe the only concept that will work is the Bottom Up Political Concept.  I believe every Christian should be involved in politics to some degree all the way from voting for Christian candidates to running for political office.

    I believe every Church should consider a Political Missionary the same as a Salvation Missionary.  Local Churches should identify families that feel a calling to be a Political Missionary, then support them with finances, prayer, voting and accountability.

    I believe every Religious training facility should teach both religion and politics.  If a person has the gift of God to preach, they should do so, but if they do not have the gift to preach, they should go into politics.

    A layperson may influence 1000 people in their life, a preacher may influence 10,000 people in their life, a missionary may influence 100,000 people in their life, but a politician will influence millions.  That politician had better be a Christian or I believe Christians will be in trouble from both the government and God.

    If the Christian Lifestyle is a model for an individual, it should also be the model for a nation.  The nation should do nothing to help or harm anyone that chooses not to follow the Christian Lifestyle.

Clifford D. Russell