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The Magnificent Seven rides again

    The Magnificent Seven (I’m referring to the seven members of Bedford City Council) along with the City Manager are moving along over Bedford city’s determination to revert back to town status. Maybe its a good thing we don’t know. All proceedings are secret and they are not going to tell us anything. It’s all a secret.

    For over a year, the representatives of the city and their counterparts from Bedford County have been hashing over the advantages and disadvantages of reverting back to a Town. They are not going to let anyone know what the results are for it’s a secret. We just don’t know what to expect; I do know that we will be taxed by both the city and county.

    The Mayor and City Manager both promised that there would be a Public Hearing or Town Hall Meeting before filing the papers for reversion. I learned just last week that we would have the Public Hearing after filing with the state. A little knowledge is a  dangerous thing and maybe that’s part of my problem. It seems that The Magnificent Seven feel that we might misinterpret some of the information if we were allowed to read the Consultant’s report concerning Bedford’s reversion to a Town. I did request permission to read the report and was turned down. I guess they think I would not understand or maybe that I would. After all I was City Engineer for five years; served on the Planning Commission and City Council for four years and before returning to Bedford after retiring from the Air Force where I spent the last six years as a Senior Master Sergeant in charge of Graphics with The Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon.

    This is not going to be a Win-Win situation for the City and the County. It’s my understanding that The Counter will pick up the complete cost of running the school system for the Town & County. Probably the cost of the Sheriff’s Dept., Courts, etc. I believe taxes will have to go up for the County and the Town will pay taxes to both the Town & County.

    Actually I am a bit disturbed as to what has happened to the present City. In the last few years they have vacated so many positions 5, 6, 7, or more to save money, who really knows. They have removed all beautification areas around the City except for those maintained by Garden Clubs.. We had a horticulturist (a good one I might add) and sent him to Public Works to be a truck driver. Liberty Lake Park, one of the finest of its kind in recreation seems to become dormant. Don’t we have a recreation program any more? Are they planning to give it to the County?

    Now for one of the big questions, why are we so short of money that we have had to vacate positions, lay off people, cut city programs etc. In fact not long ago we still gave pay raises (though small). Sure we lost Frank Chervan and Bunker Hill but we still have the majority. I’m sure it was due to the cost of electricity. Bedford is higher than APCO. At one time we paralleled APCO but that went by the wayside. I retired from the City in 1992 and prior too that the Power Plant on the James River was upgraded. After all these years of refinancing the debt is still there. If Reversion takes place The Town will still have to pay off all of its debts. So what have we gained? If we become a Town again will our electric rates come down to APCOs?

    What we really need is a referendum but the law states it is not required. However there is nothing to say we can’t have one except City Council says no.

    I trust that the good citizens of the city and county realize what is happening before it is too late. Also remember when we revert to a Town again there must be an election within 60 days for new Council members for the town. Remember their names. Also the Mayor should be elected by direct election as was done in the past and not by the council members.

Dave Ballard


Remove Stalin’s Bust from the D-Day Memorial

    I believe that it is fitting to recognize the fight of the Russian people against the Nazi war machine. However, it is my opinion that we should in no way honor Stalin with a bust at the D-Day Memorial.

    Stalin was deceitful in making a secret treaty with Hitler. He arranged for the murder of Polish officers and intelligencia. He organized the execution of millions of Russians and enslaved the Baltic and Eastern European nations under the Soviet Union’s control after WWII. He encouraged and supported communist aggression in Korea and set the stage for communist aggression after him in Vietnam and Afghanistan.

    Stalin’s only recognition should be for state sponsored totalitarianism hostile to human liberty and freedom.

John H. Carlson

Union Hall

Stalin Bust

    The vote is in. The Stalin Bust won. No, wait! There was no vote. There was no public discussion. There was not even the courtesy of a response to those who protested early on that the bust did not fall within the purview of the stated purpose of the National D-Day Memorial. Which is: “to honor the valor, fidelity, and sacrifice of the Allied Forces on D-Day, 6 June 1944.” By no stretch of historic fantasy is there a context in which Stalin merits inclusion in this group.

     Dr. William McIntosh, the president of the D Day Memorial Foundation, claims to have studied Stalin. He certainly learned how to get his own selfish way with no opposition, questions or different opinions allowed. This is despicable behavior.

    This bust honors one of the most vile human beings of the twentieth century. It directly offends all those who sacrificed on that momentous June 6.

    It is a slap to the face of all the men and women who have served this country that McIntosh refuses to understand the anguish he is inflicting under the false guise of teaching history. Whatever point he thinks he’s making here, the context is totally improper and foolish.

    It is time to change “Stop the Bust” to “Remove the Bust.” No peace until this is done.

John M. Koelsch


Thanks to Cajun Festival


    On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Wharton Memorial Foundation and all of the persons who enjoyed our 2nd annual Cajun Crawfish Festival, I want to thank our sponsors, Dr. John Bower and Edna Curry, and all of the volunteers who made the event a great success.

    For a few hours on Saturday, May 29, authentic Cajun food cooked by Cajun cooks and authentic Cajun music played by authentic Cajun musicians was available at the Bower Center for the Arts. Dining areas were set up in the beautiful Wharton Gardens so that patrons could enjoy not only the food and music but also the attractive surroundings.

    Profit from the Festival will support the Children’s Music and Art Camp which will be held at the Bower Center later this summer. Details regarding Camp fees, schedules and course offerings can be found at www.bowercenter.org.

    Dr. John Bower, a native son of Bedford, was a practicing nephrologist in Mississippi and a professor of medicine at the University of Mississippi School of Medicine. He donated the funds to purchase the building that houses the Bower Center for the Arts in memory of his parents: Minnie Bower, an avid gardener, and Mitchell Bower, a local businessman, mayor of Bedford, former City Engineer, and tenor in the Bedford Presbyterian Church choir.

Sara Braaten, Executive Director

Bower Center for the Arts

Six-year or 60-year solution

    The Socialism and Atheism of the Obama Administration using their super majority control of congress has created great unrest that has produced many political candidates and the Tea Party movement, where a lot of people are looking for a quick fix.

    I would suggest that a 60-year solution is needed instead of a six-year solution.  It has taken America 60 years of creeping socialism to create the Socialism and Atheism that concerns Americans today.  Too rapid a change to eliminate the Socialism and Atheism would be disastrous because many people have a lifestyle based around the health care/welfare of Socialism.

    I believe the best way to back out of Socialism and Atheism is for Christians and Fiscal Conservatives to work within the Republican Party to restore the Republican Party to what is stated in the Virginia Republican Party Creed.

    Virginia Republican Party Creed:  “We believe that free enterprise is the most productive supplier of human need and economic justice; that all individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice, and opportunities and individuals should assume responsibilities as citizens in a free society; fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government; the federal government must preserve individual liberty by observing constitutional limitations; peace is best preserved by a strong defense; faith in God, as recognized by our founding fathers, is essential to the moral fiber of the nation.”

    The problem with the Republican Party is not in Virginia, but the solution to the Republican Party is for there to be a bottom up election of Republicans that adhere to the Virginia Republican Creed.  Republicans must regain control of all elected government offices from the school boards to the presidency.   Republicans must regain control of the school systems from the kindergarten to the Universities.  Republicans must regain control of the judicial system from the district court to the Supreme Court.  Republicans must gain control of the news and entertainment industry.

    A lot has been lost to Socialists and Atheists in the last 60 years and they are not going to release control of the government, the school system, the judicial system and the news media without a fight.   It may even take longer than 60 years to restore what has been lost.

    An essential element is for Christians to get back into politics.  The Bible provides the Christians principles that represent good governance and Christians have the perseverance for the long struggle.  If the church does not get involved in politics, there is no hope because the natural man tends to Socialism and Atheism.

    Every church must begin to teach that politics is a mission activity the same as other missionaries.  Men should be encouraged and funded by the church to enter into politics.  Families should dedicate themselves to the mission field of politics.  Every religious seminar should simultaneously train men to be preachers or politicians.   If God gives a person the talent to preach, then they should do so, but if not, they should go into politics.

    I worry about those that would try a quick fix through violence.  I worry that the Tea Party movement could split the Republican vote and allow the Democrats to win as happened with Ross Perot when Clinton got elected.

    If you are looking for a quick fix, I would recommend calling Webb and Warner and asking them to switch parties or become an independent.  If just a few Democrats switched parties the super majority would be eliminated and if enough Democrats switched party, the speaker and committee chairmanships would change.   That would stop the Socialistic and Atheistic agenda of the Obama Administration.

Clifford D. Russell


Who would have guessed?

    About the picture of the biker at Montvale Elementary School, a participant in the Ride to the Wall; so, dressing up like a homeless person and riding an expensive, phallic toy to Washington D. C. is patriotic? Who would have guessed?

David Goode