Letters 12/05/12

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Journey of

    I’ll start out by admitting that I no longer buy your newspaper; I no longer read any print media as it overwhelmingly promotes the progressive agenda, but since you sent me a free one I read it.
    My second admission is that I voted straight Democratic Party ticket from Jimmy Carter’s election until Bill Clinton’s re-election—that amounts to 30 separate times that I went to the polls for the progressive agenda myself, until it struck me just how enamored that party is with its identity politics. So I began a continuing journey investigating not only where those affairs originate, but how stuck in the pre-world war one ideology the Democratic Party remains.
    The reason that my former voting record was shared is because Howell and I have almost exactly the same background and reasons for taking on a worldview that we did not have a clue about. He disparages the racial make-up of the Republican Party and admits to being an anti-Republican activist, and apparently bases his support of the Democratic Party on opposition to “wealthy white people.” Substitute “white” for Jew and you get the populist tactics of the Little Corporal.
    The base of the Republican Party is lower middle-income people of any race that subscribe to the conservative worldview, not their identity. I suppose that Howell’s source of information of who Republicans are is based upon what the media tells him and anecdotal observations gathered from protesting outside random events.
    On the other hand, I have spent my own money on my own time actually participating in what is going on inside and buying/reading books by contemporary authors and authors that were contemporaries of the people that invented the progressive agenda and got it into the public school system to create a citizenry “worthy of being governed by their betters.”
    Find out who John Dewey and Herbert Croly were and then you’ve begun your own journey of discovery of how Howell’s worldview became so warped. Why would he advocate that Republicans pander to identity politics when his party has a 230 year head start?
Michael Duncan

Slowing down traffic

    As a new resident in Bedford County, I have driven Rt 24 & Rt 122 several times day & night.
    I can travel the posted speed limit or 5 mph over and some jerk will undoubtedly pass me - even on a double line and go out of sight. Perhaps a few red lights (at dangerous intersections) and a few random radar sites would not only slow down traffic, but also allow traffic to travel in groups.
    During deer season, this increased road noise might keep deer away from the roadside. In the six months that I have lived in Bedford County, as a recent retiree, I have not seen any police ( County nor State) patrolling Rt 24 nor Rt 122.

G, N. Sword
Bedford County

Sacred cows

    Rick Howell incessantly argues for reductions in military spending, and uses Eisenhower’s farewell speech as partial justification for his viewpoint.
    How he makes the leap that Eisenhower felt national defense took up too large a proportion of national life is beyond me.  True, Eisenhower argued for a balance between the military-industrial complex and domestic policy specifically warning against its pre-eminence in the political arena. But, he also concluded - “A vital element in keeping the peace is our military establishment. Our arms must be mighty, ready for instant action . . .”
    His principal treatise was neither against defense expenditures nor a strong national defense but against undue influence and persuasion from private sector entities bent on promoting war.  It is interesting to note, Eisenhower, in the same farewell speech, emphasized “the need to maintain balance in and among national programs”.  He took the long view and understood our domestic programs must maintain a certain equilibrium to accommodate our national interests. 
    Consider fiscal year 2012 federal expenditures – 62% went toward entitlement programs such as social security, medicare, food stamps, welfare, etc; 19 % for defense spending, and 6% towards interest on the national debt.  A paltry 13% remained to fund the rest of the federal government – education, national parks, road, bridges and highways to name a few. 
    Analysts agree the budgetary slice of entitlement programs and debt interest will continue to grow under current conditions.  Consequently, Howell’s insistence for cutting defense budgets should ring hollow unless there is a commensurate call for comprehensive entitlement reform to rein in unfettered growth in these programs.  To merely raise the debt ceiling and consistently increase entitlement funding without ensuring their future capability is irresponsible and destroys our economic viability. 
    Would Howell be willing to have honest discussions of his sacred cows? Why not consider the federal budget as a whole vice taking slices he doesn’t agree with?  As Eisenhower warned – “we-you and I, and our government-must avoid the impulse to live only for today, plundering, for our own ease and convenience, the precious resources of tomorrow”.  If we don’t consider the budget in its entirety, we will have plundered our future and that of subsequent generations.

D. C. Foster
Facts from the 47 percent

    “There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.”
    Weeks ago John Barnhart wrote that President Obama hated America. He wholeheartedly believes it.
    John and his Tea Party friends are trapped in a warped bubble reinforced by their own ideological rhetoric. They can’t see out, blinded by their own account the President is some sort of gay loving secret Muslim socialist; a Kenyan born man who forced contraceptive coverage for Nuns, supports gay marriage and universal healthcare, believes in global warming, evolution, the right for raped women to choose and that the rich should pay a higher tax rate than a housewife. In short, a radical liberal.
    Yet despite 7.9 percent unemployment, Obama beat them like a rug on a rope. Beat them so bad that Ryan lost his hometown, Jamesville, 61 to 39. Beat them so bad Romney lost both Massachusetts and Michigan. For the love of a logical sane mind, even Walter Mondale won his own state.
    The election was a repudiation of John’s, the Tea Party and the Republican leadership’s world view. They lost because crazy people scare us. Their new American Taliban is so out of touch it would be laughable, if it wasn’t looking for the power to lord their insanity over us.
    John and the rest should quit being a whinny wuss. Stop the obstructionist, all or nothing strategem. Burst the bubble. Look at the world realistically and deal with it rationally or in four years you’ll be creamed again.

Bruce Niederriter

Disagrees with letter

    I do not agree with Mr. Aldhizer’s Nov. 21, 2012, letter to the editor at all.
    He goes on to say that those who express their politics by closing stores should stay closed. Also, the social Democrats and Republicans should stop shopping at these stores and save the money for retirement.
    In paragraph two, Mr. Aldhizer suggests that the social Democrats and Republicans buy from the competition of these mean spirited conservative Republicans.
    In paragraph three, Mr. Aldhizer suggests buying an annuity and you won’t pay any tax on the interest until you take the profit.
    Now let’s see what we have. No one is to buy from a conservative business, even though most business owners are conservatives. Every one should put their money in annuities and avoid most taxes. I personally wonder where our ever-leaning socialist government will get its money. Russia, Cuba, North Korea are good examples.
    I personally know R.T. Lyons, owner of Lyons Jewelers. I find him to be an honorable man. In closing his store for a day, he wasn’t down-grading Mr. Obama, but was showing a spirit of Christian mourning for America for the way she has forgotten God.
    In Old Testament times, Jeremiah the prophet mourned over Israel for their forgetting God and the coming judgment. Jesus wept over Jerusalem but they wouldn’t listen. They crucified Him.
    When our leaders continue to support men marrying men, women marrying women, killing of the unborn and removing God from their political platform, these people need to take up residence on a far away island.
    I appreciated President Obama not allowing God to be removed from the platform.
    I thank Pastor Don Rice for his editorial.

Billy Hackworth