Letters 12/07/11

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    I would like to comment on how good the Christmas lights in town look. They  are finally up facing the street. They look a w e s o m e! Way to go.

Sharon Graham

Thanks for change

    First, I would like to “Thank” Frank West for his letter regarding the Christmas lights in downtown Bedford.
    Secondly, I would like to “Thank” City Manager, Charles Kolakowski and others in the City responsible for placing the downtown Christmas decorations perpendicular to the street rather than parallel. I have tried for many years to have this done, but to no avail. I have even told at least three city managers that I would replace any decorations damaged by a truck.
    Whereas, today’s decorations don’t compare to those of the ‘50s and ‘60s when the Jaycees declared Bedford as the “Christmas Capital of Virginia,” the above change makes the downtown more festive.

Hugh H. Bond

Use common sense

    I was out driving my car one morning lately in Bedford. I was going East on Main St. The light was green, but I had no green arrow to turn. I sat there with my blinker blinking for a left turn on to Independence Blvd. The car behind me was tooting his horn for me to move on. As I sat there waiting, four vehicles came in the opposite lane. The light was still green. As I saw no other vehicles were coming, I made my left turn with the anxious driver behind me still tooting his horn. I wondered where they learned to drive or if they read the driving manual when they applied for their driving license.
    A warning for those that haven’t experienced a turn from another vehicle, waiting for the right to move into the road when a car is coming in the opposite direction with its blinker on: Do not pull out into traffic until that car makes his turn. Sometimes they don’t turn or have forgotten to turn their blinkers off. Wham! With holidays coming please use common sense while driving and have lots of patience.

Lois F. Dezelich

Home Tour thanks
    The Bedford Council of Garden Clubs project wishes to acknowledge its sincere appreciation for the support received from the community for the Bedford Home Tour 2011, A Christmas Homecoming, which was a very successful event.  To begin, the news coverage was excellent and a much appreciated contribution by local newspapers and other sources.
      Thank you to the homeowners who allowed our clubs to decorate their homes for the Tour; for Historic Avenel Plantation, which allowed the Garden Clubs to decorate the facility and provided us with a place to serve refreshments.  Your patience and support was invaluable.
    Thanks also go to the following:  for parking – The Masonic Lodge, Bedford Middle School, and Bedford Primary School;  ticket sales - Affordable Home Outlet in Downtown Moneta, Arthur’s Jewelry in Bedford, the Bedford Area Welcome Center, Bower Center for the Arts, Cup-A-Joe, Etc., Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce – Forest, and the Garden Center at Moneta Farm & Home Center;  general support and help - Frederic’s Flowers of Bedford, Glo-Lyn Flowers, Longwood Florist, the Garden Center at Moneta Farm & Home Center, Smith Mountain Flowers, and Gross’ Orchard;  our bookmark sponsors - INN on AVENEL-Bed & Breakfast-416 Avenel Ave.  586-5978, Radford & Wandrei Attorneys-Robert & Steven Wandrei-112 South Bridge St. 586-3151, Chet & Marjorie Loomis-member  of The Garden Club of Bedford, White House Store–297-6857, Sears at the new location in Downtown Moneta  296-3222, and 309 Winery at 309 Bridge St. 587-9463.
    Other features in Bedford that no doubt contributed to the large crowds  which participated in the Tour included the Centertown Holiday Art Studio Tour at Goose Creek Studio and Artists-On Depot, Bower Center for the Arts, Bedford Museum and Genealogical Library, and Bedford Area Welcome Center Festival of Trees.  It is estimated that over 600 people visited the Homes on the Tour.
    All in all, it was a wonderful day.  The weather was great and made for a pleasant day for many to stroll from house to house.  Sincere appreciation also goes to the club members who worked to make this event come together.  The next Tour is scheduled for 2013.
Frankie Puckett
Chairman - Bedford Home Tour 2011

Encouraging/inflicting poverty

    The link between sin/evil and poverty is proven by adultery and homosexuality which lead to disease, death, destruction and poverty as stated in the Bible: Romans 6:23 states, “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”
    Ultimately, a nation is destroyed by sin/evil when the nation tries Socialism where the responsible are taxed to sustain the irresponsible that participate in sin/evil.
    Why do we tolerate people and organizations that encourage/inflict poverty by advocating sin/evil?   Hollywood and the Atheistic Liberal News and Entertainment Industry constantly advocate/glamorize adultery and homosexuality.  Hollywood gets rich off the entertainment that encourages sin/evil.  Socialism encourages men to abandon their children since Socialism will sustain the woman and child. 
    Sin/evil used to be rebuked by Civil Law that made it illegal to encourage and/or participate in sin/evil.   Evil has no civil rights and the Constitution does not offer any protection for evil. 
    Democrats will never rebuke sin/evil because the people that encourage and/or participate in sin/evil are the people that vote for and elect Democrats. 
    Christians are guilty of the old saying, “The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.”  Christians (good men) got out of politics (control of Civil Law) and evil people are now legalizing sin/evil as shown by the legalization of pornography, abortion and homosexuality. 
    Socialism does not eliminate nor reduce poverty, but rather sustains people in poverty. Only Christianity gets people out of poverty. In Socialism you give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but with Christianity, you teach a man to fish and he feeds himself forever.  In Socialism you give a woman a fish and she will bring back another illegitimate child to be fed, but with Christianity, you teach a woman how to fish and she will find a husband that will feed her and the child.
    Every Christian should be involved in politics in order to return America to being a Christian Nation where we honor our motto, “In God We Trust”.

Clifford D. Russell

Thank you

    Christmas In Action of Bedford, Inc. and the Board of Directors wish to thank the following volunteers and participants for the 2011 Home Repairs in the Bedford area:
    Woodhaven Drive completed by Bedford Baptist Church, Captains: Al Robey and Earl Agee,    McDaniel Road completed by Bedord Ruritan Club, Captain: Billy Witt,
    Belltown Road completed by Bedrock Baptist, Captain: Gene Ayers,
    Longwood Avenue completed by Main Street Methodist and Holy Name of Mary Catholic: Captains: Gardner Simpkins and Tom Gilsinan,
    Lee Jackson Highway completed by Big Island Baptist, Captains: Bryce Goodman and Tony Ware,
    Curtis Street home completed by Mt. Olivet United Methodist, Captain: Doug Mayhew,    McGhee Street completed by Bethlehem United Methodist, Captain: Chuck Davis,
    Sycamore Drive completed by Mt. Olivet Baptist and Brookhill Weslyen, Captains: John Delong, Terry Preston,
    West King Street completed by Pecks Baptist and Trinity Baptist, Captain: Terry Stinnette,    Batavia Road completed by Thaxton Baptist, Captain: Robert Howard.
    Money donations: Brookhill Wesleyan Church, James and Renee Vest, Bedford Christian Church,  Wingate and Associates, James Holdren, George Harper, Hugh Bond, Bacon Enterprises, Inc., Thomas and Mary Clark, Evelyn Booker, Peggy Friend, Brian Buchanan, Gene Ayers, George Cooper, Bedford Baptist Church, Main Street Methodist Church, Bedford Hardware and the Tool Exchange, Pecks Baptist Church, Mr. and Mrs. George Davis, Washington Street Baptist Church, Patmos Church, Brown’s Construction, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Bedford Ruritan Club, Lowe’s, Southern States, ABC Supply Company, Inc.,
    Food donations:  churches - Bedford Baptist Church-Nannie Bland David Circle, Bedford Presbyterian Ladies, Bethlehem United Methodist Church- Men, Morgan’s Baptist Church and W.M.U., Radford Baptist Church Ladies, Main Street United Methodist Church and U.M.W., Pecks Baptist Church and W.M.U. and B.Y.W. 
    Business and professionals: 297 Minute Market, Bedford Moose Lodge, Arby’s, Gunnoe Sausage Company, Hardees, McDonalds, Liberty Station, Pride of Virginia, Wal-Mart, Wendy’s.
    Many thanks to numerous individuals not named that helped to make our April 30, 2011 day a big success, including: Bedford Presbyterian Community Center, The Shepherd’s Table, Bedford Bulletin, Bedford City and Bedford County Waste Management, Discount Portable Restrooms of Lynchburg.

President Chad Smith, Vice President Gardner Simpkins, Treasurer Dennis Groenke, Secretary Mena B. Stinnette and members, James Falls, Earl Agee, Judy Whitehead, John Blair, Barbara Skinnell, Mark Speake, Terry Stinnette
Christmas In Action of Bedford, Inc.