Letters 12/15/10

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Not truthful

    Reference is made to the three letters on 11-17-10 concerning my letter of 11-10-10 about Sheriff Mike Brown.
    First, it sounds as if Sheriff Brown is telling three different people what to write as they all have the same characteristic style. One, they’re not true; and two, they try to put the blame on me instead of where it belongs, Mike Brown.
    Ms. Cooper states that I’m using the good name of Alicia Kozakiewicz to attack the Great Bedford County Sheriff department. Both statements are not true. First, I never said anything negative about Alicia, and second, the Sheriff Department is not great.
    Ms. Cooper states that cyber cops rescued Alicia. I stated the F.B.I. rescued her. Ms. Cooper insinuated I got it from a story book. “htt/www.postgazette.com/regionstate/20020105missing/.asp” is the story book (Internet).
    I stated that all felony and misdemeanor convictions carried an additional $10 fine to raise money for the Internet Task Force. I also stated that it wasn’t amy more the responsibility of those who get a traffic ticket to fund this law than it is for Mike Brown and his associates to spend thousands of taxpayer dollars getting celebrities to come to Bedford County and enjoy $40 meals while doing so.
    Ms. Cooper states that I don’t realize something must be done to get sexual predators off the streets. In the first paragraph of my 11-10-10 letter I said exactly the opposite. She speaks of not telling Mary, Alicia’s mother, about my letter, which is good. She doesn’t know how to tell the truth. She also states in her rambling around about Erik Estrada and Miss America that I place blame on the victims and not the predator. This statement is not true and she knows it. She wants to cast the limelight away from the main subject.
    Dean Haskins’ letter is another joke. He titled it well- “same old story.” I’ve never read or heard of any of his letters concerning Sheriff Brown being anything but what he accused me of- ranting. This means “making no sense.” In my writings I get to the subject. Dean avoids the subject, trying to protect Sheriff Brown; but, he can’t do it because he doesn’t speak the truth.
    For example:
    He comments on my statement where Blue Ridge Thunder only arrested six people from 2000 or 2001 to 2006 in Bedford County but brought in 129. He goes on to claim that it’s no more cost to the taxpayer because the Sheriff’s Department and Commonwealth’s Attorney Offices are already in place and the state pays their salaries. I wonder where he thinks the state gets its money. I know where Sheriff Brown got $2.5 million during that period, from the Federal Government. I wonder where it went! Also, the Board of Supervisors gave permission in 2008 to hire another attorney just to handle the Task Force load. Did Mr. Haskins forget this (as he accused me)? He also states that the Task Force is Federal. Under what branch?
    Rick Carrol’s letter is like the others---avoiding the issues and casting blame on me to protect Brown. He says I’d be bitching and whining if Sheriff Brown kept a low profile and that I’d say that the Sheriff had something to hide. Wrong! First, I don’t bitch or whine but I do give the facts—something he and his co-workers don’t do. As for me thinking the Sheriff has something to hide- absolutely! As for my bitching and whining if the Sheriff  kept a low profile—I wouldn’t need to. He’d die from a lack of publicity and wasting money.
    Notice how the Sheriff’s support writers never address the subject on the facts directly. Just like Mike, they beat around the bush!
    It has been said that a little wisdom is dangerous. If true, these three are living very dangerously. Thanks to all for the nice complements they have given.

Billy Hackworth