Letters 12/18/13

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Remembrances of the home

    I was saddened to learn of the fire at 719 Longwood Ave. 
    It was my father, John Bibb’s family home from 1906 when he and his twin sister Josephine Bibb were born in the house.  Josephine lived in the house until she died in 2003. 
    John (1906-1981) & Josephine’s parents, Ellis Brown Bibb and Elizabeth Bush Bibb, AKA “Miss Lizzie,” bought the house in 1906 before the twins were born because they needed more living space.  They already had 4 other children: Helen Bibb (1889-1986), Louise Bibb (Wharton) (1891-1968), Eula Bibb (Lowery) (1893-1981) and Ellis Bibb, Jr. (1895-1971).  Josephine taught English at New London Academy, Bedford High School and Liberty High school until she retired in 1967.  She and Helen lived in the house together until Helen died in 1986.
    I lived in Richmond, and went to VPI (VA Tech) from 1960 to 1964, and many times friends and I would stop by on the way home for a delicious fried chicken dinner cooked by Helen with help from Josephine.  Several times since Josephine’s death, my wife and I have driven by to look at the old family home, and once we were given a tour by the new owners.  It was a pleasure to see that the home had been somewhat remodeled and was being lived in and appreciated.

Jack Bibb
Indialantic, FL

Poor Rick Howell

    This is with regard to Rick Howell’s comments of Dec. 11, 2013, “Poor Sarah Palin.”
    The first rule of thumb I learned many years ago is that those who stoop to name calling are generally those who by their insecurities, ignorance or other mitigating factors find themselves placed below those who they seek to criticize. Rick Howell seems to be no exception to this rule.
    In the second place, being religious AND conservative should not afford putting one’s self in a position to be ridiculed by heathens or whatever some liberals wish to classify themselves as.
    This comes back to the liberal standard of “if you aren’t in my camp, you are not worthy.” Too
bad for them that in God’s eyes we are all equal, even the hypocrites.
    …  Christianity is still “in” in the USA. … As for ignorance, how about the professed ignorance of Mr.  Howell’s “anointed” leader who was unaware of all the faults and failings of the sacrosanct ACA, or going  off politicking while men are dying in a foreign consulate, or failing to aid the revolt in Iran when it burst on  the scene several years ago instead of trying to prevent the production of a nuclear bomb now? Ignorance being “publicly displayed,” by whom?
    Then too, we all are aware of MSNBC, Chris Matthews, and the late Mr. Bashir with his filthy, disgusting comments railed against Mrs. Palin. I gather that in approving of the likes of MSNBC, Mr. Howell also lowers himself to that standard of performance. As for performance while in office I do believe the record will show that Gov. Palin handled, satisfactorily, more legislation during her term than Mr. Howell’s fave leader did during his time prior to being “elevated.” ...
    As for Liberty University and their standards, Christianity is one of them, proof in being the number of students attending and applying to attend. Mrs. Palin appears, by any standards, to live a good, Christian life-style. Mr. Howell should try the same, starting with, “Thou shall not bear false witness”. I’m proud of the fact that Mrs. Palin never “came back” on MSNBC in the manner they treated her. Christianity in action.
Ed Mucha

Healthy and lean

    The New Year is coming.
    Most folks think of a new year as a time of new beginnings.  The goals usually center around becoming more active and social, but what tops the list for most is to be healthier including weight loss and eliminating stress and addictions (be it drugs, alcohol, food, worry etc.). 8 Weeks to Better Health can be the beginning of a new you.
    This very successful, non-denominational, health education program, now in its seventh year of blessing the community, is a gift from the Seventh Day Advent Christian Church; 10802 Moneta Road; Moneta. No cost. It is truly a gift that can change your life. Classes will be held at the church at 6 p.m. beginning January 6.
    There will be weekly health screenings, weigh-ins by choice, vegetarian food tasting, recipes, lectures by health professionals delivered in every-day language, exercise routines, games and lots of laughter. Quoting the 8 Weeks to Better Health brochure “We believe in developing the whole person: physical, mental social, and spiritual. Population based research continues to show that all these areas help a person feel better and live more free of disease.”
    Its reputation as the area’s most fun weight-loss competition is well-documented.  The total weight loss last year was 182 pounds speaks for itself. Great record considering not all are there for weight loss.  Many are there for health education and the social aspects.
    Another great benefit from the program is the inter-faith participation. It’s all about “accentuating the positive, eliminating the negatives and not messing with Mr. In-between.” (1940’s song.) Some of us who are not Adventists return often because we’ve made friends and know from experience what a blessing these events bestow. It has been documented that the SDA life-style promoted better health and longevity. 
    Erase the winter doldrums by taking advantage of this gift that keeps on giving. All are warmly welcomed; no one feels like an outsider for long.  You can start late, attend when you can, see results, and no final exam.  Call Pastor Danny Poff’s wife Ronda at  1-540-352-2702 for more information and a free brochure.

Barbara Scott

Support of the Charity Chug

    A hearty “Toot of the Whistle” in thanks to the folks from the Smith Mountain Lake and surrounding communities who turned out to support the weather-shortened “Charity Chug” -- and through it the “A Child’s Christmas” project of Lake Christian Ministries.
    When the Smith Mountain Lake Model Railroad Group decided six years ago to open a few layouts to the public and donate proceeds to LCM, we didn’t dream that the “Charity Chug” would become a Christmas-time SML tradition.  It is you, our giving, caring community, who have made it possible, and we thank you!  To be able to get enjoyment from a relaxing hobby and share that enjoyment for the benefit of those in need is a rewarding feeling.
    And, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the media, both print and TV, who have given us exposure and brought us visitors from literally hundreds of miles away.  Bless you!

David R. Phelps, Coordinator
Smith Mountain Lake Model Railroad Group

Keep the Christmas Station in mind

    Bedford Community Christmas Station has just had the pleasure of serving 325 low-income families on December 12, 13, and 14.  We had a wonderful time hugging and shedding tears of joy and hearing words of gratitude from the families that received children’s clothing, toys and teen gift items, household items and food.  We are very grateful to terrific donors who provided funds and merchandise for our families.  We appreciate the compassionate, friendly volunteers who made sure our clients had an uplifting experience.  We are especially thankful to Mr. Earl Childers and his family, who made it possible for us to have a permanent home from which to serve families.
    As we serve last-minute referrals and prepare to pack up the Christmas merchandise, we ask the community to keep us in mind throughout the year.  As resources allow, we would like to provide emergency food boxes two days per week.  We would also like to add projects at Easter, back-to-school, and Thanksgiving.  All of these projects are dependent on the donations from the community, so we are asking for your help to make these wishes a reality.  Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Bedford Community Christmas Station at P.O. Box 1353 Bedford, Virginia 24523 to help us respond to the needs of the community.  Because of the generosity of Mr. Childers, we do not have building expenses, so almost all donations go directly to serving families in Bedford. 
    Food Drives and collections of gently used coats would also be greatly appreciated!
    For more information about our program or how you can get involved, please call 540 492-0382 or visit our website at www.bedfordchristmas.com.
    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Karen Hughes
Board President