Letters 12/19/12

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Prepare to share

    The holiday season of Christmas spending is truly out of hand.
    Families are over-extending themselves for years to come by “maxing out” numerous credit cards for that one day of celebration. Children are being over-showered with too many material gifts that to some are not really appreciated.
    There are those who are blessed with having a comfortable house and financial security, and are able to make a difference in some way with their concerns. For instance, there are many organizations, charities and churches that are in great need of financial support and volunteers. Many shut-ins are longing to be remembered, as are many families experiencing sorrow.
    Fortunately, my parents were able to give me what I really wanted for Christmas—love, traditional gatherings and delicious meals shared with friends and families, as well as a stocking filled with memories for years to come.
    As we prepare for this meaningful celebration of God’s love and the birth of Christ, this Christmas may be a good time to reconsider how we give and pass that legacy on to our children, grandchildren and to others.

Peggy Stanley Schwartz
semi-automatic weapons

    Semi-automatic weapons are weapons of mass destruction, as recently proven in Newtown, Portland, Aurora, Tucson, and Blacksburg. These WMDs are not covered by the Second Amendment; they were not even envisioned by the Founding Fathers. These deadly weapons and the ammunition they fire are frequently used to kill and maim innocent Americans within our own borders.
    Semi-automatic weapons and the ammunition they use should be banned for private sale and use in Bedford County, in Virginia, and in all of the USA. Similar WMDs are already banned, including cannons, chemical weapons, and shoulder-fired missiles.
    We are asking our representatives at all levels of government to develop legislation to ban the sale of semi-automatic weapons, and the ammunition they use.
    Please join us by doing the same.

Brian and Lisa Raub
Thank you

     I would like to say Thank You to everyone who helped make the Benefit Concert for my brother Patrick Johnston a success.  We were all shocked and blessed by the out pouring of love that was shown to our family.  The music was wonderful ~ Tammy Shockley, Stephanie Johnson and Rick Dellinger all did a wonderful job.
    Thank you to the companies and people who made donations for the silent auction: Tractor Supply, Overstreet’s City Services, Sun & Style, Trista’s Kountry Kitchen, Southern States, Scentsy: Tracy Weachter, Celebrating Home: Cindy Lacy, Flowers by Jai, Sam Moore Furniture, Rowe Furniture, Country Gourmet Home: Shelly Clary, and Lyons Jewelry.  The food and bake sale was also a huge success thanks to donations by many great cooks  and businesses Browns Construction and Winoa.  A special thanks to the Bedford Bulletin for advertising space.
    Many people made individual monetary donations and donated their time and energy on Nov. 24. Again I’d like to say Thank You. You are all loved and special to our family.  May each of you have a Merry Christmas and may God bless you richly in 2013.

Angelina Smith