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Why not have parade in the afternoon?

In reading about the dispute on when to have the Christmas parade in Bedford, I wondered why it couldn't be held in the afternoon as it was done for decades.

If I remember correctly, it was changed to the morning because of a conflict that year with a Liberty High championship to be held that afternoon. After that year, it was as if no one realized that the parade could be held in the afternoon as usual.

During all the years it was held in the afternoon, the foot race was being run that morning with no conflict that I ever heard about.

Jim Messier, a Centertown merchant, remarked that the 1986 night parade "was not good" and I remember it and agree with him. Also, it was really hard to see in some of the areas it passed by.

Night parades are probably better held in larger cities with more lighting along the path of the parade.

Many parents that run the foot race have complained about the morning verses the afternoon parade not giving them much time to get back and share the parade fun with their children.

Brenda Babb


Disappointed in letter

I was disappointed to read Paul Grier's recent letter criticizing the front page article featuring Tom Perriello and some of his staff working at the Bedford Domestic Violence Services office.

Such volunteer work could be dubbed a publicity stunt if it were a one time event. But in fact, the Perriello campaign tithes 10 percent of its volunteer and staff time to the community.

It's refreshing to have a candidate for Congress who, not only gives lip service to, but actively works for the common good. Tom Perriello's political stances are driven by his faith and values.

Having read his opinions on economic fairness, national security, oil independence, and education, I can't imagine anyone opposing such a decent and forward thinking man. Learn more for yourself at www.perrielloforcongress.com.

Ellen Ashwell


Bedford Bulletin manipulated?

I had to chuckle when I read Paul Greier's letter on the 18th claiming that the paper must have been manipulated ( most likely by a cash payout from Tom Perriello's campaign) by Democrats in order to get front page coverage for their candidate instead of his Republican rival.

The reason this was front page news was that Tom Perriello wasn't making a political speech in front of some group, like most politicians do, but actually taking time to volunteer his services and those of his campaign workers at the Domestic Violence Service office. I don't know if Mr. Perriello served in the military or took any military leadership classes but one of the key lessons taught is that you lead by example.

Mr. Perriello was demonstrating a positive leadership role to all his young college campaign workers and all others that were at the Domestic Violence Office. It demonstrated to me that Perriello is willing to make the extra effort to meet with residents of the 5th District to understand their problems and what they want from their congressman. But if Mr. Greier is still cynical thinking this was just another one time photo op I can tell you I have seen Perriello personally swinging a hammer, along with his campaign workers, in order to help build a house for a needy family in the 5th District as part of the Habitat for Humanities program.

If it will make Mr. Greier feel better I will ask the paper if they will consider placing Mr. Goode's picture on the front page of the paper the next time he writes out a $200 check to charity or speaks before some group like the SML Republican Women. I would also like them to post Congressman Goode's ratings given out by congressional watchdog groups that rate congressman by their effectiveness while in office. Mr. Goode has always rated low for his congressional effectiveness by many of these groups like a major teacher's union which gave him a "F" grade for his voting record on educational issues.

I think the 5th District needs better representation than Mr. Goode is providing. It is obvious to me that Congressman Goode is out of touch with the people of his district as demonstrated by being driven around in a 9 mpg Hummer in a local parade while the rest of us are going to smaller cars to shelter us from the high price of gasoline.

It's time for a change to leadership that is in touch with the community. A person who will take a leadership role in Congress to represent his constituents and most of all leading by example. The 5th District deserves better and Tom Perriello is the man that can make that happen.

R.C. Browne

Bedford County

One year ago

One year ago Aug. 1, '07, we lost our children Amanda Miller, Stephen Radlbeck to a fatal car accident. They both brought such joy to our lives and not a second of the day goes by that we don't feel the pain of losing them.

At this time we wanted to express our feelings of love and gratitude.

First above all, the Lord for His tender love and comfort that has gotten us through the first year. We want to say thank you to the EMS crews, policemen and anyone that helped with the accident; we pray for your safety in your lives each day. Truly we can't express enough how our families, co-workers, pastors, church members and our community as a whole, through the many acts of kindness shown to us in this past year, has touched our hearts and made life bearable.

May God bless each of you. Again thank you.

Amanda Miller/Stephen Radlbeck families

Annual Christmas parade vs. footrace

I have some difficulty in understanding why the entire annual Bedford Christmas Parade has to be thrown into disarray because of a foot race.

I know for a fact that having the parade at night will lessen the spectators as well as the entrants, due to the competition from other area parades.

Why not change the date of the foot race instead, as many would consider it the less significant of the two events.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-athletic as I'm an avid hiker, backpacker, canoeist and I also enjoy an occasional bike ride; but in my opinion, sports are generally far too overrated and get too much priority in this country.

My hat is certainly off to the Bedford Main Street planners as they do a great job in everything from Tasty Tuesdays, to Centerfest and the Christmas Parade. They deserve better than to have the rug pulled out from under them when we're this close to the Christmas season.

Also, while I'm writing, I want to address Mr. Howell and his comment about "Bedford's modern day Johnny Rebs." I must admit, that sadly over the years, I have wasted a few moments from time to time, reading his Liberal Agenda. (I must have been extremely bored!) From it I know that he has no sense of patriotism coupled with the fact that he would defend to his death, his belief that he descended from an ape. I can understand why he might feel envious of others and attempt to bash the pride of those of us who have ancestors who did indeed defend our state and country from foreign invaders, both on our soil and abroad.

I take great pride in knowing that my uncle Billy was one of the Bedford Boys. He made it thru the D-Day invasion, June 6, 1944, just to die in France some two weeks later. When I look up to see that Memorial that he has heckled in the past, I'm filled with pride in my family and my country. That's one reason why an American flag flies in front of my business.

So here's a suggestion to Mr. Howell: Since he obviously has no ancestor or ancestors in whom he can take pride, leave others alone when they demonstrate pride in their heritage. Perhaps he can someday erect a statue of a monkey and then he'll have a memorial to his ancestors in whom he can take pride.

Jay Maxfield


We need foreign aid

During a recent gathering of the afternoon coffee club, it dawned on me while listening to the complaints, and looking at gas prices, we need foreign aid right here in Bedford.

Yes, you heard me right, foreign aid. We are foreigners to the people in Washington, D.C. We certainly don't talk, drive, or act like them. They never invite us up for dinner at the White House, but instead people who I would kick out of this country. I want to see planes dropping food and anything else that we pay for, right here in Bedford County.

There are plenty of open fields for the drops. Just look out for the cows. I want to see people building schools, helping the poor, and boosting our economy. I want free gas, just the amount they waste in a year up there going to work so they can figure out more ways to take our money.

I'm sure no one will have to beg us to be helped, like some countries that try and hide their corruption while their people starve. We have nothing to hide here, so bring it on Washington. Bedford has some great ministries that can make sure the goods get to the needy, without a lot of red tape.

We also need some bike paths leading to town so we can ride our bikes to work without getting killed. So send a Marine engineer battalion down here to work on that. Also we'll need some security to make sure no FEMA people filter through our lines and screw this up.

In closing, don't expect us to be any more grateful than the other foreign countries that help suck this great country dry.

Rod Adams