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Helping area students

I remember my first day of school.

I eagerly clutched onto my new book bag that contained my new crayons, pencils, paper, glue, ruler, scissors and erasers and climbed onto the school bus in anticipation of an exciting year. These were the days before we were expected to bring soap, paper towels, tissues and wet wipes to school, so I didn?t have to think about those things. All I could think about was getting to school and meeting new friends and impressing my teachers.

I wonder how I would have felt if I did not have the new book bag with all of the supplies I needed. I doubt that I would have been as enthusiastic about getting to school, where I would have been embarrassed by the stares of the children who had everything they needed. I would have probably dreaded having the teacher ask me to take out my pencils or crayons, only to look around helplessly and hold out my empty hands. I can only imagine how my self-esteem would have suffered and how this would have affected my ability to learn.

While I was very fortunate, hundreds of low-income families in our county cannot afford to purchase the supplies that their children need for school. Without assistance from the community, their children will start the school year without the materials they need to participate and learn. These low-income students could find it very difficult to keep up with their peers; as a result, their self-confidence will suffer.

To address this issue, Bedford County Schools and Bedford Community Resource Center are again joining together to provide needy students with backpacks filled with needed school supplies. Businesses, churches, civic organizations, and individuals are asked to collect supplies or make a tax-deductible monetary donation to the ?Pack-A-Bag? program. The Virginia Legislature has added an incentive by enacting 58.1-611.2; this law makes it possible for individuals to purchase school supplies tax-free on the first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in August.

We will collect donations and supplies at the Bedford Community Resource Center at 403 Otey Street in Bedford during the month of July and the first two weeks of August. Please consider supporting this worthwhile cause. All money and donated materials will go directly to assist students in Bedford City/County.

Please assist us in helping the future leaders of our community get the best education possible!

Karen Hughes

Volunteer Services Coordinator

Bedford Community Resource Center

Thanks for support for Libertyfest

I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest thanks for the community support of Libertyfest 2008. It was a very successful family event. Between adults and children, 2000 were in attendance. A special thanks to all our Bedford Main Street volunteers who committed to help make this event possible. This year a local band, GT Swing performed and was a real crowd pleaser. Special thanks go to LE Lichford Inc., Hickory Hill Vineyards and The Planet for their continued support of our event.

?Ranch Road BBQ? opening soon on N. Bridge St sold a sampling of their new menu. Funnel cakes, hotdogs, Italian ice, Kettle korn, ice cream, burgers, sodas, etc were among the food choices.

Local artists came out and displayed and sold their wares.

Children?s activities were assisted by Nicole and Ian Anderson. Amusements for the children were a big treat. They entertained children throughout the night. Parents could relax with friends knowing their children were safe and enjoying the event too.

A special thanks also goes out to our Bedford City Police Department, Public Works, and Electric Department for assisting with the event. Often times it is taken for granted, but Bedford Main Street sincerely appreciates all you do for the community events.

Our fireworks display would not have been possible without the efforts of both the city and county working together to provide such a fantastic display for all to view. The National D-Day Memorial serves as a perfect location to display the fireworks and special thanks to the Memorial and staff for making that possible for all to share.

In closing, these events are made possible because of community participation and support. We appreciate your support and Bedford is a great town to live, work and play. Thank you to all.

Linda Exley

Executive Director, Bedford Main Street, Inc.

Thank you

The American Red Cross sponsored the blood drive held at Resurrection Catholic Church in Moneta on June 25 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

We would like to extend a special thank you to the staff for their wonderful job they did. The blood drive was facilitated by Maureen Fanelli, Eileen Kennedy and Tami Akin (Parish Nurse for Resurrection Catholic Church and Trinity Ecumenical Parish).

We would like to also extend our gracious thanks for the fantastic job done by our volunteers. We could not have done this without them. A special thank-you goes out to the volunteers that assisted with the blood drive including: Joan Reichard, Del Bailey Sandy Horan, Pat Mignogna, Eileen Kennedy, Maureen Fanelli, Tami Akin, Jim, and Millie Hurlbert. Additionally, we would like to thank the volunteers that provided food, drinks, and snacks for the blood drive including: the American Red Cross, Peg Hinners, Jeannette Chace, Pat Bailey, Joan Reichard, Lois Treacy, Sandy Horan, Tami Akin, Maureen Fanelli, Eileen Kennedy, Pat Mignogna and Barbara Lenco.

A special thank you goes out to the 25 donators that gave blood for a wonderful cause. The American Red Cross collected a total of 26 units, (there were some double unit donators). We also had one first time donor. We want to extend a special thank-you to Elmer Frazier for donating his 15th gallon of blood. He said he has donated blood over a 22 year period. He received a 15-gallon pin from the American Red Cross for his service towards alleviating blood shortages.

Tami Akin

Parish Nurse

Disappointed by Mr. Barnhart

I was rather disappointed in Mr. Barnhart's statement that he was not a fan of President Bush.

It would appear that President Bush is not liked by either the ultra right wing Republicans like Barnhart nor the ultra left wing Democrats like Howell. I believe history will treat President Bush a lot better than either Barnhart or Howell. By not catering to either extremes President Bush has been able to do the impossible.

Winning the Iraq War has been a major success because it was both a war against Middle East Terrorist that are well funded and highly motivated, but also the Atheistic Liberal News Media and Democrats that hated President Bush because he is a Christian. The Atheistic Liberal News Media and Democrats became traitors when they decided to criticize the Iraq War in order to get control of the government. The Democrats have been hypocrites because they promised to end the war, but have passed all the war funding that has been requested.

It pains my heart to think that Virginia elected Jim Webb mainly because Webb opposed the Iraq War and was critical of President Bush. Every person that voted for Webb should get on their knees and ask God to forgive them for voting for Webb and promise to never vote for any Democrat in the future. It pains my heart to think that Virginia is heading toward becoming another Atheistic Liberal state like our northern neighbors, particularly New York and Massachusetts.

The two great successes for President Bush have been the "No Child Left Behind Program" that brought accountability into the educational system and the "Medicare Prescription Drug Program" that brought capitalism into the medical drug business that has caused a dramatic decrease in medical drug costs for most Americans. I believe President Bush had the best programs for Immigration and Medicare reform, but we may never know.

When compared to perfection, Republicans did not look good, but when compared to Democrats, Republicans look brilliant. Without the propaganda support of the Atheistic Liberal News Media the Democrats would look ridicules.

Better to elect Republicans that will govern by Christian Capitalist principles that benefit all the people than to elect Democrats that will govern by Atheistic Socialist principles that benefit mainly minorities.

So long as the Democratic Party is controlled by the Environmentalists, there will never be a realistic energy policy in America.

The major thing President Bush did for Christians was to move the Supreme Court from being a Liberal Activist court to a Conservative Court. It was the Liberal Activist judges that legalized pornography, abortion and homosexuality. If Republicans are elected, the remaining Liberal Activists on the Supreme Court can be replaced by Conservatives.

Republicans have yet to prove to me that they really support Christian principles, but Democrats have proven they do "not" support Christian Principles.

Clifford D. Russell


No to tattoo parlors

Please wake up and put a stop to having a tattoo parlor in Bedford, our clean little town. Read Leviticus chapter 19 all the way through verses 1-37. Verse 28 God tells his people not to put cuttings in your flesh, not paint marks upon you. Marks are tattoos. He say's I am the Lord your God. Exodus 20:5. He says I am a jealous God visiting the iniquity of the fathers to the third and fourth generations.

Please, won't somebody try to put a stop to this tattoo parlor. Please people of Bedford, years ago Bedford was known as the World's Best Little Town, named this by our first radio station - WBLT.

I always think of tattooing as people's first step of getting young people on drugs. Usually it is some shady man who does this.

This is just breaking my heart. We have almost 100 people in our Sheriff's Department; please can't somebody do something to save our children.

We are made in the image of God, and we belong to him. He paid a big price for us on the cross. Please somebody care.

Our children are putting rings all over their bodies - in their eyelids, their navels, noses and in their tongues.

Do any of these children ever hear the word of God from the Bible. Wake up parents. Do you worship a pagan god like people of Africa used to? Do you love your children or material junk? We need to start somewhere, please somebody help! My heart is breaking.

Mrs. James B. Toms


Wrong on all counts

I can accept John Barnhart trashing Obama in his column on 6/18/08. That is his job as a conservative even if he is wrong.

But the absurdities of his biblical comments are absolute nonsense. You can?t find more than 5 percent, if any, biblical scholars who would agree with his statement that the dual Genesis traditions of Yahweh and Elohim are ?fantasy.? And certainly only the ill informed could believe in the inerrancy of the Bible.

Setting aside that God created light (Gen 1:3) before the sun (Gen 1:14) and other inconsistencies in the Genesis stories, the myth of Noah?s flood also contains the same two clear traditions. The inconsistencies and outright errors of the fundamentalist's ?inerrant Bible? bring into question its whole content. One falsehood and it's no longer inerrant.

The universal deluge finds no place in geology. The history of rocks shows no sign of such a catastrophe. There is no deposited worldwide band of sediment. The Great Pyramid of Cheops, which is considerably older than Noah's flood, has no water marks. The peoples of Europe, Asia, and Africa have no flood legends and so catastrophic an event couldn't have been forgotten.

Setting aside the genesis differences in clean and unclean ark animals and the different durations of the flood, all the condensed vapors, melted ice and waters of the earth are not sufficient to cover the earth's mountain tops--5 miles over the entire globe. That would take an incredible six in. of rain/per min. for 40 days. If all the ice melted, it would raise the ocean only 300 ft.--1 percent of the needed depth.

How would Noah have collected the northern polar bears and the southern kangaroos? How could the extreme diversity of races, languages, and cultures have developed from Noah's three sons since 2400 BCE? Since the ark was half the size of the Queen Mary, how was it built when such technology didn't exist until the 19th century? How did Noah collect the estimated 5 to 200 million species? Where did he put them? Where did he store the food? What did he do with the newborn? What did he do with the waste? When the flood was over, where did the water go?

Noah's flood is scientifically embarrassing, but it is also theologically disconcerting. How unworthy of an all-good, all-wise God to heartlessly drown all but a boatload of the millions of species. The flood is but one example of the errors in an "inerrant" Bible. Why should a supposedly divinely-inspired book not plainly say what it means and unambiguously mean what it says? Who knows?

So happy flood voyage to John Barnhart. He is now wrong on two counts. Also he's wrong that ?The doctrine of Biblical inerrancy is indispensable for Christians.? No enlightened Christian believes that. The evidence is overwhelming on that point. Three strikes and he's out. He is related to Noah, isn't he?

David McLoughlin