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City's budget and charities

I'm sure that the different organizations and charities, in these times of financial hardship, still appreciate any funding from the City, even if it was halved for some of them. (Real Estate tax rate article, June 18).

However, the comments, as reported, by Vice Mayor Wandrei, who advocated that Safe Haven and (Bedford) Habitat for Humanity receive nothing at all and that "funding programs that benefit just one segment of city residents is "a misuse of funds," are puzzling to me. Why this bias and singling out Safe Haven or Habitat for Humanity? Organizations such as the YMCA, Bedford Chamber of Commerce, Bedford Ride, CVAA, Wharton Gardens etc. also serve only "a limited number of residents in the city." At least, Bedford Habitat for Humanity, in building new affordable housing on empty City lots, contributes to the City's tax base and I sincerely doubt that the Police Department, School system or the Fire & Rescue Department had to hire additional personnel or buy more trucks as a result of the Habitat houses.

Kudos to those Council members who voted in favor of granting funds to Safe Haven and Bedford Habitat for Humanity.

Case Pieterman


Use courtesy, caution and common sense

With summer’s arrival, visitors and residents take to the water for the multitude of water play and sports available to us. Boating, skiing, wake boarding, tubing, jet skiing, and swimming are just some of the activities that are popular and add to our enjoyment of the lake.

The members of the Moneta Volunteer Rescue Squad would like to remind you that every year there are injuries and deaths which are often preventable, if courtesy, caution and common sense prevail. Whether driving a car, a boat, or a jet ski, alcohol and fuel do not mix. Everyone on a water craft should wear a life jacket, but small children, especially, should never be without one when they are near the water. The wake of even a small boat can knock them over with tragic results.

This Memorial Day weekend was a very busy one on the Lake. The water was extremely turbulent from boats speeding in every direction, the drivers showing no concern for right of way rules, or for the safety of themselves or their fellow boaters . There were at least two boats pulling tubes with small children in the tubes and only one adult in the boat so there were no "spotters." Although the children were wearing life jackets, boats following closely at high speeds would have run over the children if they had flipped out, which was likely given the roughness of the water.

All of the rescue squads around the lake are ready to treat and transport you in an emergency, but we would much rather have our residents and visitors enjoy a fun filled safe summer.

Remember the three C’s: CAUTION, COURTESY, AND COMMON SENSE and have a great time on the lake.

Micki Singer

Moneta Rescue Squad

Time to fix the problem

Several months ago I noticed, while walking my neighborhood in SE Bedford, a number of deposits of slop and broken glass on our streets. I discovered that these were the result of our new garbage truck which tours Fairview Dr., Granite Dr. and Meadowbrook Dr.

Next I learned that, because of a faulty drum, our new truck leaves these six to ten square foot deposits whenever the driver needs to revolve the drum, every few hundred yards. I was told, about a month ago, that the company which supplied the new truck had sent a team to "fix the problem," possibly a faulty weld. The most recent deposit was noted last week in front of 1115 Fairview Dr.

I truly believe it is way past time for whoever takes responsibility for our garbage pickup to visit the streets served by this truck. Thursday may be our "sloppy" day but, surely, this truck is used in other neighborhoods the other ninety percent of each work week. It is bad enough that we must worry about cars driving over the broken glass and pets being drawn to lick the glass laden slop.

A greater worry will be when some child slips in one of these patches and gets cut up. Will the parents get help from the city for any medical bills? Will someone explain to the child why this condition continues to exist? Will we, the taxpayers, have to cover a lawsuit because the responsible people wont tell the suppler to replace this truck?

Bob Terry