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Taking care of pets, the county

I have been thinking of the ways you could increase the budget and maybe alleviate the pet (humane) population. I have been a pet owner all my life. Cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, chickens, rabbits. Here is my estimation on how to increase the revenue for Bedford and Bedford County.

Dogs - females that are used to breed more of their breeds - $20 fee or maybe even $25. They do sell these animals for a profit.

Dogs - a female mutt pet $15 or even $20 if spayed a total of $10 per dog.

A male dog not neutered a fee of $15 or $20. A male dog neutered, $10 per year.

This could be monitored by Humane Society and ASPCA recruits.

While living in Staten Island, NY for years, you had 11 months in which to purchase a dog license. Then it would be announced in the newspaper ahead of time that they would be going from house to house to check for dog license. Now Staten Island makes up of millions of people living there. The officer came to the door and identified himself. There and then if you could not produce a dog license, you either paid the officer then and if you didn't you were issued a fine that had to be paid at the court house. You were given a dog license if you paid the officer. You also had to have a rabies vaccination. For those that didn't show up in court to pay their fine or pay for their dog license had their dogs picked up by animal control from ASPCA.

Cats can be treated the same way. A levy tax on a house bound cat, outside cats that aren't spayed or neutered need to be taxed. This would solve some of the problems of unwanted dogs and cats and having them euthanized or trying to find a good home for the animals. These are God's creatures, he created them just like he created you. I know there will be plenty of people that won't agree with me. They are the ones that just have an animal to have one. To those that get an animal and they find out they are allergic to it, first go and be around an animal, you can even volunteer some time to find out if you are allergic to the animal.

Don't get an animal if you are not going to be able to care for it. Designate members of your family if anything should happen to you, the animal will be cared for.

A dog only asks for a good home and love, a pat on the head and told "good dog," food, and a clean place to sleep. They will reward you with love, exercise and someone that will listen to your problems and won't answer back. Now cats are a little different. They choose their owner and domains, but will give you lots of laughs, fun and enjoyment. Thanks for listening and reading my thoughts of animal care.

Lois Dezelich


A heartfelt thanks

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Central Virginia extends a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved with our 9th Annual Heart & Sole Shoe Market, which was held on April 5 at the Lynchburg Armory.

This premier fundraiser sold new, name brand shoes, boots, and accessories, which had been donated, at drastically reduced prices. Due to the generosity of our caring community (sponsors, volunteers and shoppers), this year was the best year in the nine year history of the event.

Because of generous support of our sponsors, all proceeds from the sale of the shoes went to support CASA?s mission.

We deeply appreciate the support of Wachovia and Belvac Production Machinery, Inc., who were our Title Sponsors. A special note of thanks to our Gold Sponsors: Old Dominion Footwear, which donated Aqua Duck and Duck Head Footwear shoes; Consolidated Shoes, which donated Nicole, Madeline, Palladium, Ipanema, Apepazza, and Poetic Licence shoes; and Centennial Broadcasting (WLNI, WLEQ, and WZZI/U). Our Silver Sponsors were Genworth Financial, Sonny Merryman, Inc., Brooks Food Group, and Davidson, Doyle, and Hilton. Our Bronze Sponsors were Hurt and Proffitt, Inc., Dawson Ford Garbee & Company; and Centra Health. Additional thanks goes to the following sponsors: William F. Quillian, III; C. S. Hutter Company; Capps Shoe Company, Kroger, Ntelos, Bank of America, News and Advance, Shay?s Unique Gifts, Elizabeth Arden, The Pepsi Bottling Group, Frito Lay, Tyco Electronics, Glad Manufacturing, Lynch?s Landing, Biscuitville, and Schmokies.

The shoe sale would not have been possible without the help of over 150 volunteers. These dedicated volunteers include employees from Genworth Financial, along with many community volunteers and community groups including, the Rotary Club of Lynchburg, Lynchburg Morning Rotary Club, Lynchburg Fire and EMS, Lynchburg Scout Reach; Amherst Girl Scout Troop 342; and CASA volunteers and board members. Lynchburg City staff also were very helpful in assisting with details of the event. All were instrumental in making this market the most smooth-running event to date. All shoes left unsold at the end of the day were donated to Gleaning for the World.

The revenue raised by the shoe sale provides approximately 20% of the annual budget for CASA of Central Virginia. Support of the shoe sale helps CASA volunteers to provide a voice for abused and neglected children involved in judicial proceedings in the 24th Judicial District court system. Last year, we served 444 children from Lynchburg and Bedford, Campbell, Amherst and Nelson counties. CASA volunteers make a difference in the lives of children and help ensure that they are placed in safe, permanent homes.

To learn more about child advocacy, and how you can become a trained volunteer, please call (434) 528-2552; e-mail christina@cvcasa.org; or visit our Web site at www.cvcasa.org.

Jane C. Francis

Executive Director