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Bedford Dept. of Corrections and Social Services

This letter will never be able to convey how thankful I am as a family member for the understanding guidance that your local Dept. of Corrections and Social Services provided to my son.

Problems with alcohol were nothing new to my son's lifestyle. For years this addiction had taken a toll on him in many ways, loss of family, friends and self worth.

But thanks to Mrs. Amy Stephenson and Dr. Robert White, who treated him with respect and understanding. They provided him with the much needed education, the tools to combat the addiction and develop a new feeling of self worth and happiness. He now works very hard, sober and with his personality back to being positive about life.

Much thanks to Mrs. Stephenson and Dr. White for not giving up on him and believing in him even when he didn't.

Bedford Corrections and Social Services has many gifted and caring employees if you or a family member is in need of their help, don't hesitate, life is too short.

B.C. Smith

Mt. Crawford, VA

Watching their speeds

As a resident of Fairview Avenue since 1992 I have walked Smith street between South Street/Rt 43 and Link Road several thousand times, usually walking my dogs.

As a retired civil engineer who has built roads, bridges, and radio stations in many parts of the world where I had to provide accurate directions for those who would eventually follow me into jungles and swamps I have a habit of knowing distances, large and small. I also drive one part or another of Smith Street every day so I have had 10,000 opportunities to check distances between pretty well every landmark along the way.

Smith Street is in the city of Bedford and the speed limit, 25 MPH, is clearly posted for traffic both ways. Yet never have I walked either way along Smith Street without seeing at least half the vehicles passing me traveling at lest 10 MPH over that posted speed limit.

I am very aware that we cannot afford to have speed limit surveillance constantly along the way but I'm told that when it is surveyed a high percentage of the traffic is ticketed. It just so happens that at 25 MPH a vehicle should take just over 14 seconds to pass Essex Ave. and then Fairview Ave., a distance very close to a tenth of a mile. At 60 MPH it takes just 6 seconds to pass any of several tenth mile stretches along Smith Street and that is not a rare event.

Even to take 12 seconds at a speed of 30 MPH might be excusable but, daily, I wonder if so many drivers have thought "How far might my child travel through the air if hit by a one-and-a half to three ton vehicle traveling 40, 50, or 60 MPH? What would be their chances of survival?"

This morning, just seconds after 8 a.m., I watched a black sedan traveling SE, toward Link Rd. cover a tenth of a mile in 7 seconds. two minutes later a small gray sedan heading the same way made it in 5 seconds. I leave it to the reader to get a math teacher to tell them how much over 60 that car was moving.

Robert S. Terry


Appreciates support

As you know I was a contestant in the Apple Idol Contest presented by Apple Ford as part of the television show "Living in the Heart of Virginia" that aired on Fridays at 12:30 p.m. on WSET 13. Although I did not win the contest it was very close, a 10 vote difference. I would just like to thank everyone in the city of Bedford for supporting me and helping me get to the finals.

Terry Day


Serving the area

The Free Clinic of Central Virginia is an established non-profit agency serving the uninsured and underinsured low-income residents of the cities of Lynchburg and Bedford and the counties of Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford and Campbell. It works in a partnership with the Bedford Christian Free Clinic in the City of Bedford. We are very proud to serve the counties and city of Bedford although we are physically located in the city of Lynchburg.

We have provided and are currently providing medical, dental, and pharmaceutical services to hundreds of Bedford residents. We are also supported financially with donations from many residents, churches, and businesses in Bedford. We receive annual grants from the Bedford Community Health Foundation to help us provide services to Bedford residents. I have personally spoken to and am available to speak to the Forest Rotary, Forest Presbyterian Church, and several other Bedford organizations about the clinic. The groups I have spoken to have also supported us with donations.

Specifically, we take direct referral from Bedford Christian Free Clinic, Bedford Christian Ministries, and the Bedford Social Services Office for dental patients. We operate a satellite MedsHelp medication assistance program within the Bedford Christian Free Clinic. Finally, we accept patients for medical specialty clinics as referrals from the general clinics at BCFC.

We are a part of the Bedford/Central Virginia Community! Thanks to the people of Bedford for their support and/or the opportunity to serve them.

Robert "Bob" Barlow, executive director

Free Clinic of Central Virginia, Inc.

Freedoms of the people

Before the time of our Constitution, most intense was the freedoms of the people.

The Bill of Rights, Article I through X were embedded forever in the 1791 Constitution to be changed only by Article V; a Constitutional Convention. To protect the Constitution, a first in the world, the three branches of government were separated with no connection to each others powers. The function of the Judiciary is confined by the people to judgment of the Constitution.

A judge arriving at a new assignment takes an oath. This means he is publicly declaring that his decisions shall be entirely independent from opinions or associations of others or his own. Constitutional law shall prevail; the rule of law over that of men.

The first amendment states, free exercise of religion, the Fifth, that property shall not be deprived. Both of these rights have been denied by the court and further by inaction of Congress. Thomas Jefferson said that should the Judiciary by decision overstep its powers to changing or creating laws, it is a task of the Legislature to correct it. Jefferson as Superintendent of Schools had the Bible read and students sing from the Watts Hymnal.

What specific Constitutional law was violated? None!

In 2005, Kelso v. London, the Court took majority rule away from property owners and gave it to Government. Eminent domain now includes private development projects that will enhance revenue. Again the Constitution, "No person may be deprived of life, liberty or property ..." by government. Liberty means certain freedoms set into law thus becoming a right.

When the Supreme Court forced the removal of the Ten Commandments out of Kentucky schools, Congress did nothing to correct it, nor has the Kelso v. New London decision been corrected. I believe the heroes of the Concord Bridge, the Green at Lexington and George Washington would march on Congress to impress upon them the powers Congress has, to protect the rights of the people.

It is Congress not the Judiciary that can correct so called activist judges. If not corrected, what will be the next right of the people to be lost as written by them in 1791 for generations to come?

Walter F. Heydt