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The following letter was written by a volunteer driver for the Bedford Ride organization which is administered by the Central Virginia Area Agency on Aging. It clearly shows the caliber of volunteers that we have in that organization.

"I drive for a volunteer organization that takes persons to various appointments such as the doctors, the pharmacy, to rehab or even to the grocery store. This past week I took an 88 year old gentleman to the doctor. I had driven him once before.

"He has dementia and doesn't say anything or do anything except look straight ahead. He is in a wheel chair which causes me additional work to get him into and out of our van. It does not have a power lift so I do the lifting.......poor me! His wife goes along and talks to him but he does not respond, just looks straight ahead.

"Our first stop was the doctor's office. Of course the doctor was 1 and 1/2 hours late and I was getting antsy. I needed to get home to clean up leaves from our property. When they came out of the doctor?s office, the wife said to me, could we possibly stop by the eye doctor as he had something in his eye that was causing him much discomfort.

"Wow, I thought; they are 1 and 1/2 hours late at the first appointment and now they want me to stop at the eye doctor. Well, I did and that appointment took almost an additional two hours. Finally, they came out and we were on our way home. As I took the old man out of the van and into the house the wife asked if I could help her get him into his chair. I thought to myself, why not, I have wasted most of my day already, this will not take long.

"We lifted him from his wheel chair into the easy chair and as I was leaning over to adjust the wheelchair he reached out and grasped my arm very firmly and he said, 'Thank you and Merry Christmas.'

"I stood up and looked at the wife and tears were running down her face. I said, 'Where did that come from?'

"She said, I don't know but wasn't that wonderful!'

"I turned my head and walked to the door as I did not want her to see the tear running down my face. I said goodbye and drove home. I thought to myself as I drove away, that was the best Christmas present one could ever get. I do not know if I will ever see him again but I will remember each and every Christmas for the rest of my life for what the old man said and wonder who, all of a sudden, gave him the ability to speak.

"Christmas is truly a time of miracles!!"

A Moneta Volunteer Driver

Ron Roseveare


Moneta/Huddleston area of Bedford Ride

Virginia Dare Flotilla For Toys gives a 'Big Thanks'

The weather was clear and the stars were bright as they framed the highly decorated boats that were on parade for the 10th Annual Flotilla For Toys on Dec. 8.

Hundreds of party revelers lined the shoreline of Smith Mountain Lake singing and ringing bells as the Flotilla cruised by.

We would like to thank all the media ( Newspapers, TV, Radio and Magazines ) for the wonderful publicity and coverage for this event. Also thanks go out to all the businesses that served as drop off locations for the children's toys, all the spectators that were at the Bridgewater Plaza and the State Park as well as those at homes along the Flotilla route that donated toys - we enjoyed being your entertainment.

Thanks go to all the volunteers and employees as well. A special thanks go to the Captains of the beautifully decorated boats. Their hard

work decorating their boats is most appreciated.

The Flotilla was a huge success. 18 boats with 250 people were in the parade with hundreds of on-lookers. The Flotilla has collected 1,200 toys and counting.

Many children of need in the local area will benefit from their kind expression of giving at this time of Christmas.

It is gratifying for us to see how the spirit of Christmas lays a warm blanket of giving on our beautiful lake community. We believe that this is what the spirit of the season is all about.

Once again, we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Alice & Lynn Swain

Virginia Dare Cruises & Marina

Enough is enough

Enough is enough.

The election of 2007 is over and the right man won another term as Bedford County's Sheriff. It is time for the incessant whining of Mr. Hackworth and his cronies to cease. They represent the very loud but very small minority of malcontents who just seem to want to spread wrong information and create ill will.

This serves no purpose. As a long time taxpaying citizen, I can say that my taxes have never increased by a dime to support the programs of the Sheriff's Office. And when some Hollywood faces said they wanted to come here and try to help out, they were told it was up to them to pay their own way, and they did.

Bedford County continues to grow as does its need for innovative crime fighting techniques to meet the challenge of an increasingly sophisticated criminal mind. I am thankful that Mike Brown is at the helm.

Chloe B. Dooley


Remember those far away

As we enter this Holiday season and begin to spend more time with family and friends, eat, drink and be merry.

But remember those far away from their families this season fighting to secure our freedom and safety. Remember those who will be eating in the mess hall or on the road between missions. Remember those serving on the decks of the war ships stationed around the world.

Remember those in harms way unselfishly and voluntarily protecting us day in and day out. Remember to pray for their health, safety and safe return home to their families. Remember to pray for those less fortunate in the world.

And above all this holiday season, remember to thank God for the gift of life he gave to each of us through his only begotten son, Jesus Christ.

Happy Holidays.

This is dedicated to Jeremy Smith SSG who is preparing to deploy to Iraq in late December.

Greg Overstreet


Merger of equals: Good for FNB Shareholders and the Region?

Obviously in transactions like these there are many emotional issues.

Misinformation is a conceptual reality in these transactions as both sides have their own interpretations of the facts, but in the end what really matters is how you, the shareholders, the investors - the ultimate owners of the company - view how your investment is being managed. One does not have to look far to see that lately your investment has not produced a desirable return.

As far as illusionary rhetoric I think that management has capitalized on this in its presentation of the facts.

The FNB Shareholders for Progress group wants to "look at the facts and expose misconceptions." Let's look at their first point - a merger of equals.

Robert L. Blake, a Certified Public Accountant, with Blake and Moody, LLC. wrote in an opinion to the FNB Corporation Shareholders' Committee:

"FNB Corporation management has termed the deal with Virginia Financial Group a merger of equals. However, the press release to the Associated Press on July 26, 2007, from Virginia Financial Group states 'it will buy rival FNB Corp. for about $240 million.' Under the agreement, the FNB shareholders will receive 1.5850 shares of Virginia Financial Group common stock. This is a purchase. In accounting terms, the assets of FNB will be recorded on the books of VFGI as assets owned by VFGI. Upon consummation of the FNB acquisition, FNB will no longer exist. This is not a merger."

First of all how can FNB be a rival of VFG when they don't even compete in the same markets?

Secondly, Mr. Blake points out that the only reason management contends that FNB will own more than one-half of the combined company is based only on the fact that there are more outstanding shares of FNB stock than that of VFG. The deal still results in Virginia Financial Group as the surviving entity.

Dr. Vittorio Bonomo, Associate Professor of Finance at Virginia Tech addresses this issue in his Oct. 6, 2007, analysis of the merger:

"Those who would benefit directly from the consummation of the proposed transaction have argued that this would not be a transfer of control over FNB resources and operations to VFG since the combined entity would have a larger number of shares owned by the former FNB shareholders than by existing VFG shareholders. That doesn't matter because the board of directors and executive management control a company. In this proposal, all of the key officers of VFG will stay in place - CEO, COO, and CFO - and VFG will control the board. It is stated that, for a period of three years, the board will be 'balanced' with an equal number of directors from FNB and from VFG. However, it must be noted that Mr. Heath will go on the board as one of the FNB representatives, but he will be employed by VFG, maintain his office in Culpeper or Charlottesville, report to the CEO, and, for all significant purposes, will be a VFG director. Thus, from day one, VFG will continue with its CEO, COO, and CFO, and will have a majority of the reconstituted board."

Talk about illusionary rhetoric, Messrs. Owen, Tarpley and Thompson claim that FNB personnel will hold the positions of president of the bank, director of retail and wealth management lines, head of operations, head of risk management, corporate secretary and other key jobs. They ask, "Where is the loss of control? So much for the dissenters' claim that VFG will be running everything."

My question to Messrs. Owen and Tarpley is this - During your banking careers and the mergers you have experienced in your positions in senior management, how much control did you have after a merger? From my 27 years of working with you and the comments made to me over those years, I would suggest that your control diminished after a merger.

If the acquisition goes through, it is my opinion that the operations center and bank may eventually be moved to the Staunton or Charlottesville area, which is a more central location based on the locations of the operations of the combined entity and the location of the operative management of the company.

The FNB Corporation Shareholders' Committee has said all along that the opposition to the merger is not about the money, but to continue the community-oriented structure of FNB in order to continue its service to the local community and to fulfill its mission statement. Also from the FNB Web site they state:

"Our continued focus on community banking and community service is a defining element of our vision for the bank. We are pleased to take our place among the most outstanding businesses in our region.

"We want you to be friends - and customers - for life. Our products and pricing reward those who do the most business with us. We never forget the people whose patronage built FNB. We are not focused on 'making the numbers' for the quarter, but on making our customers financially secure for a life time."

FNB Shareholders for Progress state that the claim that Davenport made a presentation in February 2007 and "recommended against" the proposed merger is simply false. According to Dr. Bonomo, the company's proxy statement says: "Further, the Davenport opinion is not a recommendation to any FNB shareholder as to how he or she should vote with regard to the merger. Davenport was not retained as an advisor or agent to FNB shareholders or any other person, and is acting only as an advisor to FNB's board."

There has been no mischaracterization of the facts and the FNB Corporation Shareholders' Committee has no agenda other than preserving the community-oriented service that has been a staple in the region for over 100 years.

One thing that Messrs. Owen and Tarpley may have forgotten is that during their careers how many mergers promises have been very short-lived? I would hope that prior personal feelings are not over-shadowing sound business decisions.

We are driving a "Cadillac" now, why would we want to revert to anything less?

Gill R. Roseberry

Former SVP and CFO

Salem Bank and Trust, N.A.

Jesus is God

Believest thou this?

Isaiah 9:6 says, "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given ... and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace."

Why did Isaiah call Him Wonderful? - because He is wonderful. Why did Isaiah call Him the Counselor? - because He is the Counselor. Why did Isaiah describe Him as the Prince of Peace? - because without Him is no peace. Why did Isaiah pen the words "mighty God?" - because he is the mighty God. Why did Isaiah throw us a curve by calling him the everlasting Father? He did not throw truth-seekers a curve ball. The truth is that Jesus is the Son of God as well as the everlasting Father.

In I Timothy 3:16, the Bible reads, "Without controversy ... God was manifest in the flesh ..." The Son of God was not manifest in the flesh - <*U>God<*P> was manifest in the flesh. Jesus <*U>was<*P> God in the flesh.

John 4:24 states, "God is a spirit." The Spirit put on human clothes and came to earth by a virgin birth. Jesus was not just one of may gods. Jesus is the Father and Son in one person. In John 10:30, Jesus said, "I (the Flesh) and my Father (the Spirit) are one."

In I John 3:16, the scripture says, "Hereby perceive we the love of <*U>God<*P>, because <*U>he<*U> laid down his life for us." Who laid down his life? God laid down His life by coming to earth in human flesh and dying on a cross. God did not send His little boy, Jesus was not Jehovah, Jr. The Son of God was the flesh of God. Yes, He was His own father, and He also created His own mother. There is none like Him, none before Him, none beside Him, none after Him. (Isaiah 43:10-11)


Father in Creation

Son in Redemption

Holy Ghost in His Body, the Church.

He is the Father Above Us.

He is the Son With Us.

He is the Spirit in Us.

Jesus is all this and more.

Deuteronomy 6:4, "Hear, O Israel (Hear, O Bedford): The Lord our God is One!"

Pastor Wayne Lawhorn

Bible Truth Tabernacle

Appreciates sponsors

The Sedalia Center Recognizes its generous sponsors. Without the cooperation of Mother Nature, and the support of the following sponsors, the Sedalia Center couldn't bring the quality entertainment season after season to this part of Virginia.

We'd like to acknowledge the generosity of the following individuals, and businesses:

American National Bank & Trust Co., Citibank Smith Barney, Featherfield Farm, SunTrust Bank, Budweiser, Mail America Communications, Centra Health, Bud Light, Catawba Sound Studio, Cecil B. Arthur, Patsy and Jimmy Sexton, Wiley & Wilson, Michelob, Jim Mitchell Auto Group, BOB-FM (Centennial Broadcasting), Aztec Rentals, Marty Leist, Betty Angus, WSET, Bat Masonry & Waytec Industries, Lincare, Owens Service Center, Luverne Mitchell, Farm Service Co., Schewel Furniture Co. and Bill & Annis McCabe.

Also Teresa Zimmerman / Bedford County Farm Bureau, The Olde Liberty Station, McGann Masonry, Linda West, The Country Kitchen, Marshall Cofer, Dennis Martin, Southern States CO-OP, Bedford, Terrance White, Appomattox Ford Mercury, Sue Croft Insurance, Susan Epperly.

Also Charles and Elizabeth Walker, Laughon & Johnson, Angela and Brady Elizabeth LaFon, The Credit Connection, Marshall Wagoner, Michael's Carpet, Bedford Animal Hospital, Mike and Dorothy Reynolds, BB&T Bank, Sam McDaniel, Westlake Pools, The Planet (Centennial Broadcasting), David Morris, Bedford Hardware, Kyle Williams, Scott Insurance, Linda McLain, Duval Auto Parts, Outback Motor Sports, Susan and Freddie Massie, Wipledale Farm Nursery, Days Inn, Ted Counts Realty and Auction, C.R, Holdren & Sons Feed & Supply, Sam Moore Furniture, Amherst Milling, Central Virginia Audiology Services, Spring Lake Stockyard, Nancy, Tim and Dakota Carter, Coleman-Adams Construction Co., Aylor's Farm Supply, Bedford Automotive, Virginia Steel

Hugh Bond, Stewart and Gloria Parnell, Orthopaedic Center of Central Virginia and Phyllis Wilson.

Randee Beckman

The Sedalia Center

In response

Mr. Rivera's editorial sounds just like Sheriff Brown when he tries to answer to the facts. He will not address the subject or give a straight answer. I wouldn't be surprised if the sheriff's office had a hand in this. The terminology is very similar.

My editorial had 10 paragraphs. Again I would like for Sheriff Brown to answer my editorial one paragraph at a time and give the correct answer. I would also like Mr. Rivera to do the same. Only this time I hope he will tell the truth for a change.

Billy Hackworth